Letter Series Styling Upgrade?

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16 minutes ago, IH Forever said:

Speaking of a #8 Dr. Evil.  When I was 8 my Grandpa moved to town and was going to sell his '41 H. I asked if I could buy it but told him I didn't have much money. He sold it to me for $200 and threw in the #8 2x16 plow.

I plowed a couple acres of stalks with it an had to stop and unplug it many times each round. Told Grandpa if I had to plow an entire farm that way I would have sold it and moved to town.

Ha-Ha....  Was fall of '63 or '64,  About 2nd weekend in November, Nice sunny breezy Saturday,  was going to get up to 45-50 degrees.  Was done picking,  Dad cleaned the grease off the better of his two 3-14 #8's,  and about 8:30 AM we headed over to the other farm, 80 acres half mile away. No time for chopping or disking stalks,  just going to plow them under if we could.  Half mile rows,  just counted over so many rows and turned down the field, dropped the plow in, went about 30 feet and plugged solid,  kept unplugging and trying again,  after about 2 hours got to the far end of the field,  had worse luck coming back to complete the round, was about 12:30 PM,  late for lunch and still had 400-500 feet to go to the end of the field.  We'd adjusted everything, nothing seemed to help.  Dad told me to raise the plow and just head for the headland.  We went about 100 feet and the plow gatherec up a huge pile of stalks and tripped the hitch,  the hydraulic hoses unplugged and went flying in the dirt.  Dad said, "Just keep going, I'll come back with the loader and carry the plow out of the field."

First, Last, and Only time we tried fall plowing with a #8 plow.  Neighbor talked Dad into trying Case plows, much more trash clearance than #8's,  5-6 years later we're fall plowing corn ground untouched and rarely plugging up.

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On ‎10‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 3:52 PM, 560Dennis said:

Have to give the designer"S" , a standing oh, on all the tractors🚜👍👀🤓 IMO , oh to be able to sit in the corporate broad room s when these guy made there presentations ,that would be priceless ,wow! 

I personally think that Cockshutt 20,30,40 and 50  are outstanding also 


I like those Cockshutts as well. a piece of trivia? Raymond Lowrey designed the 550,560 and 570 Cockshutts


My vote goes to the Letter Series design with the white accented 450s close second. despite being the same sheet metal the 400s were not as appealing as the 450s IMHO. 

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