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Found 5 results

  1. What are they? Stationary engines

    I need a stationary expert. I think the first one is an LA. Not sure on the second. What kind of money do these bring today (not running) when they are all there? I know it depends on the crowd and the day at an auction but does anyone have a ballpark guess?
  2. 303 combine tires and rims worth

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy some tires and rims for my 303 combine. I'm going down to Indiana to pick some up and I'm going to post some pictures of them. I'm buying all four tires and rims. They want $450 for them all and I'm wondering if that's a fair deal. Thank you!
  3. 18.4 x 38 dual rims

    I have a few sets of 9 hole dual rims and one set of 10 hole that I've bought at auctions last few years. I don't know why I keep buying them other them being so cheap. I've paid between 10-30$ for each set and of course the rubber on them is no good. Someone I know has asked if I'd sell a set of the 9 hole dual rims and dual hubs and I might would because he's a great guy that I've done some horse trading with in the past. I know somethings only worth what someone's willing to pay but what is the average price that any of y'all have seen for the dual rim set with bad rubber. I'm not trying to get top dollar from him or even any cash at all, but he has something else I'd like to have and would be try to do some trading. Just wondering what a fair price would be for the rims with bad tires? Thanks for any/all input.
  4. Wartime Farmall Emblem

    I bought a wartime farmall grill emblem, it's in good shape but quite cruddy looking, I can't tell what color it was supposed to be, I don't see them being chromed, if the idea was to save resources. We're they painted? Powder coated? Also, not that I am going to sell it because my 42' needs one but what is a wartime emblem worth?
  5. IH D301 Engine

    We have a very clean smooth running D301. It is for sale, but everyone wants to steal it. They all say well how do we know it`s any good, what if we have to overhaul it and nobody wants one anymore. Of course they do. We have it, they want it that is why they call right. Anyway, want your honest opinions on what it should be worth. Thanks, INTERNATIOAL 1466