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Found 2 results

  1. Were there any trucks that had the C263? If so, what transmission did they use?
  2. While digging around the Net last night i ran across the following list of belongings in the estate of a man who passed on in 1751. Not included here was a list of about twenty persons who were to be paid various debts owed to them by the deceased. The detailed list below really hit me. How long would my list be. I will never be rich, but do I ever have STUFF. Thinking my list would read like a set of encyclopedias The contrast is astounding and how much of my STUFF do I really need. Was this man wealthy during his lifetime by the standard of the day? An inventory of all goods and chattels of................................................ in province of Pennsylvania: Horse saddle and bridle 1 grey mare and colt 2 cows and calves 1 heifer and 1 sheep 1 sow plow and gears 1 cutting box and knife 1 small stack of oats 1 chest of drawers 1 fether bed and furniture 1 chaff bed and furniture 1 fire shovel and tongs 1 box iron and heaters grindstone 1 looking glass and a pair of shears and 3 bottles 1 tablecloth 3 napkins and 2 pillow cases 4 small bells 1 saddle and bridle 1 drawing? knife graining? knife 1 paring? knife and sundry small things 6 pound of wool and some yarn 1 chest, table and three chairs 1 old hoe Last item is most likely a garden tool. Charlie