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Found 1 result

  1. Farmall Regular head bolt

    So im finally getting back to Grandpas Regular. Some might recall i was working on it last spring and found a few suprises with crank jornal. Well time and budget kept me from doing much more till lately. I had pushed piston and rod up too far when inspecting and polising the crank and couldnt pull it back down. Yep top ring poped out. Didnt even know that was possible with head on but it is. So a month or more back i pulled the head. While doing so one head bolt was loose. Must have erroded over the years, was broke off with just a bit sticking out of block. After some attempts at getting it out i drilled it. Ended up a bit off center but didnt worry me as i can usually take a center punch and cave left over chunck to center and work it out. Didnt realize it went into water passage and had sum kinda sealer. What did they use back then? Any way after some careful warming with torch i got it out. Ordered a new head stud and gasket set from Rice Equip. Nice guy. Slowly cleaning up parts yesterday and today with hopes of getting mostly togather today. What would you use on stud threads? Permatex? Some kinda loctite? I admit i dont usually deal with studs going into a water passage. A bit new to me. One thing im a bit worried about i did get into trheads just a bit. Not bad but a bit. Im leaning torwards more of a loctite product but need a bit of advice from those more experienced. Any body have any torque specs for a regular head and or rod bolt?