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Found 21 results

  1. Was wondering what you guys think a running engine out of a 1952 TD9 would be worth? I have one that someone is trying to buy from me so was not sure what I should tell him I want for it. Was thinking somewhere around $750.
  2. sted 15 hours ago ยท I have a td91 with a drott loader which the tracks & sprockets are completely shot. I have been looking for the parts for several years (every time I find some the deal seems to fall through or there on the other side of the US) this past week I located some like new for a very reasonable price. I was so excited to finally find the parts didn't check into them to much & when I got them home yesterday I realized mine has long tracks & these are short. My question is can I just add links to get the correct number? The other problem I have is mine being completely shot as in the bushing wore through and tracks are riding on the pins, does anyone know where I can get 12 links (I believe) if that's how to make these work. Thanks
  3. Well guys I couldn't wait to get it home for the family to see and I gotta admit I've been pretty anxious since I saw it the first time last week (side effect of the red fever) but I feel I had to share my new addition with yall.. My new addition to the family 55 td9 has new undercarriage sat in a storage container several years so now it has fuel system and possible head issues. Planning on rehabilitation this winter depending on money, parts availability and time.
  4. Just a quick question for you all since you have way more experience and some of you were around when these tractors were truly running the farm. What are some of the best improvements to add to these tractors for field work? I specifically am restoring an ID-9 and am just looking to see what is worth spending money on, and what isn't.
  5. Hey I am wondering if any one has any good ideas for loading a TD9 that does not roll with out wreaking the pads or tracks. It will be going on a flat deck semi so up a good slope I will have a winch on the truck but and maybe a tractor to help. Thanks
  6. Guys, I'm seeking advise and gearing up to dive into Rex's engine issue, which I believe is at least a spun bearing. As I mentioned in my post awhile back, I was working Rex and developed a horrible vibration/shaking at my feet on the main frame. I immediately lost oil pressure and engine started to lope heavily before shutting down. All the other gauges read in the normal range at the time. I tried to turn it over with no fuel one time after the shut down, and the vibration was present on tune over. To my knowlege this 282 has never been rebuilt. The engine case is intact from the best I can tell. I've looked over the archives for posts on lower end issues and didn't come up with any matches. I welcome any links or advise on this issue. I've never been in the D282 engine on this machine. Is this something that be done in frame or does it need to come out? What are the main points to look for and the nessary steps I need to keep in mind? Thanks in advance, Nick
  7. Hi guys, had a bad weekend. Just got my 56' TD9/91 out of the shop with rebuilt steering clutches, steering brakes, main clutch, lots of work! Anyway...ran about 1 hour and the engine started smoking, lost some power. I was thinking it was a fuel problem, so I was making my way back to the shop when it died. I went to restart and the engine would not turn over! Checked oil, water ect, everything was fine. I pulled the floor plates and used a bar to turn the engine at the flywheel. It was a little hard but got it to turn. Started it back up, NO OIL PRESSURE!! I shut it back down and checked everything again, I just assumed it "must" be a bad gauge. I started back up it seemed to run fine. I started to make my way back to the shop when I could tell it was laboring. I released the clutch and went to Idle down when..wham, the engine just locked up! Then things went from bad to worse, I tried to bar it over again and...I broke the nose cone off of the starter ... real tears. I can't figure out what could have happened, why it lost oil pressure. I took the oil filter out, looks clean. I have to get one of my other machines down there to get it to the shop so I can pull the pan. Any thoughts on what the cause of the failure was??? Hopefully I will be able to get it to the shop on Saturday, any advice would be appreciated! Thanks~
  8. Hey, was wondering once I get my TD-9 back to work what is better to run with or with out a thermostat because I was told that it might not be a good idea to go with out one and I was not sure what to do because it will only be used in the summer and I do not want to chance running it hot if something goes wrong with the thermostat and I don't notice it. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Hey guys I'm new to the page, thanks in advance for any help. So recently my dad picked up a WD 9 and a TD 9 originally he thought he could get the TD 9 going without swapping but that was an epic fail the head is cracked leaking anti freeze into the oil quite a mess so we're on to plan b. We've never worked on one of these before we've been given so pointers on what all needs to be switched over but any input is appreciated. Dad is in the process of trying to remove the crank shaft and crank shaft pulley but this is giving us a run..... Can anyone help us out any pointers or walk me through how to get this apart? The nut is off heat and an impact but the rest is at a standstill.
  10. Went to drive the td 9 and it would not go into gear would just grind took the cover off and it looks like the clutch is not releasing all the way is there any way to adjust this or is something else wrong. Thanks
  11. Started up my TD-9 ran good and smooth on gas but when switched to diesel has a loud knocking noise from the back of the engine any ideas what this could be. Thanks
  12. Am trying to start my 1940 TD-9 on gas and can't seem to get any spark the mag is working so there is power going to the distributor but don't seem to have any thing after that the points all look good, clean and dry but it will not fire it is getting gas because you can see some vapors coming out of the exhaust. What am I missing. Thanks
  13. Does any one know how hard it is to pull and Injector on a td 9 and is there a tool that can be made to make it easier I thought I saw one on here before but can not seem to find it. It has to be pulled because it is leaking around to base where it goes into the head. Thanks
  14. Was wondering what the right weight oil for a TD 9 trans that will only be used in the summer. Thanks
  15. Hi, I am looking for a Generator and mounting hard ware for my 1940 TD-9 Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Hi, I am looking for a rad for a 1940 TD-9 with the tin grill on it.
  17. Hi, Everyone I am new to this and this is my first post so here goes. I have a TD-9 and am in the process of putting an engine from a WD-9 in it because the TD-9 engine seized and was leaking antifreeze into the oil. So I am looking for advice on the differences between the engines. I know that the oil pumps are different and that the fly wheels are along with all the mounting brackets and the fuel filter brackets (the one on the TD-9 sticks out from the engine more) is there any other things that are different that I am missing? Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Hey everyone, looking for some advice here. I have a 1974 Dresser 175C that I have owned for about a year. A few weeks ago when I was driving it the left track started slipping a little bit when under a real heavy load (internally, steering clutch). I probably should have looked at adjusting the clutches at the time, but I tried to use it for some lighter work for a couple days, and then it got worse. I shut it down with the plan to adjust the clutch the next day. Next day I started it up just to see if it was just as bad from cold, and the left track didnt want to move at all. Right track was fine (would drive and steer), clutch pressure was fine, so I assumed it needed an adjustment or the clutch was worn out. I took off the rear covers to inspect, clutch packs had plenty of meat left on them. Tried making adjustment to the clutch, and it still wanted to slip, even when i tried to over exaggerate the adjustment. Had my wife push the clutch pedal so I could ensure the forks and spring were working properly. Everything appears fine. So I am at a bit of a loss! Hoping to get some advice from you guys. I've done some searching through the site for a while, but haven't found anything exactly like whats going on with my crawler. Are these clutches fully mechanical, or are they hydraulically assisted? Any ideas why one side would be slipping like this?
  19. Looking at a TD9 gas start diesel. Guy put a D335 engine out of a generator in it and had it going, then it quit. He thinks it is the inj pump. Said it ran on gas not on diesel. Good undercarriage, ex army rig. Original motor is with it, in parts lying out in the open. Guy has another tractor with what looks to be the same engine in it....locked up he will sell with it. He said replacement engine had good oil pressure when it was running 5 years ago. Any ideas what its worth. I can get all of it for 1300
  20. Will a piston from a T9 fit a TD9? I'm sure I know the answer I'm just hoping beyond hope. that it might work. I have an old new set of OEM pistons and rings for the T9 but the TD9 needs the have No. 3 cylinder rebuilt.
  21. I hit the top with a hammer putting it back in and think I broke something inside the nozzle. Part "A" now turns just a little too far to tighten down and when it is tight the bolt holes don't line up I think I may have just figured it out explaining it... I think there another o-ring in part "B" and it spun. I'll go kick it in the pants again let ya know what I came up with