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Found 9 results

  1. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    Guy has a 710 or 720 plow for sale - isn't sure of model? Thinking about going to look at it sometime - thoughts on there models? It's a 4 furrow. Price is right if it is in decent condition. I am very sure it will need new wear parts, couldn't imagine buying a plow and not having to replace wear parts - who could be that lucky! Are they a heavy enough plow for sod or corn stalks? Anyone find they plug up much? Was told the Super Chief bottoms were best because the wear parts are cheap to replace?? Appreciate any input. Thanks
  2. IH equipment being auctioned

    Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who may be interested, I found a 710 toggle trip 5-16 bottom IH plow(appears complete) and an old 622 cotton picker for sale on GSA auctions. Wish I was smart enough to know how to paste the link. I think the plow is a little over 100$ now. Hope I don't mess someone up on here that may already be bidding on it but I haven't heard anyone mention the government surplus auction site before.
  3. IH Little genius plow

    I have just aquired a Little genius 2 bottom trip plow, i tried plowing with it the other day, and the plow would drop into the ground nicely. But the plow would not raise back up! They guy that sold it to me thought it might be a bearing, they do have some play in them, i was wanting to see if anyone had any info or suggestions! Plan on pulling the wheels of and replacing the bearings. Is there anything else i should look for? Thanks for the input!
  4. IH 720 plow

    4 furrow 720 plows, decent plow? How many of you guys use them? Are they being dumped for an easier pulling European plow? What are they talking about when they mention in the description "toggle"? Is that the old terminology of "vari-width"? What's the normal HP requirement per furrow normally (depending on soil type)? Starting to see more and more "off breed" plows - what's up with that?
  5. Local estate sale had this plow on it. I knew the fellow that owned it & he had told me where it came from originally. 8 yrs ago another local used this plow at our local plow day. Up until that time it had been stored inside its whole life so it was in real nice shape. Shortly after the plow day he parked it in his yard along with the many other implements etc he had for yard art. When I heard about the sale I went & looked at it. 8 yrs sitting outside took a toal on it. The furrow tire was missing and the rear was flat. I made them an offer which they took. Put a spare tire on it & aired up the others & pulled it home. Now to clean up the rusty moldboards & get ready for a plow day! Model 70 5-14
  6. Part needed - Model 60 Plow

    I need a part for an IH Model 60, 3 Furrow Moldboad Trail Plow. Plate Assy, rear bellcrank pivot. Number 38 in ATTACHMENT picture. Old part number 527095R11 Can anyone help me?
  7. Getting IH 700/ 6-16 on land hitch plow ready to go to work. Decided to try the poly mold boards. 1/2 the price of earth metal. Real pain to instal. Ate up the savings in labor. Took about 2 hours per bottom to get them on. Will have it in the fields sometime around the end of May, plowing for pickles. Will get some shots then. Haven't decided whether to pull it with the 7130 or get the 1256 out for a good work out. Guess we'll just have to wait and see! Jerry
  8. #60 or 70 plow parts

    Anyone have or know of a source for either new or good (!) used frogs to fit the IH #60 or #70 (should be same frog) plows? I don't believe Shoup sells the frog unit. Just "in case" you might be asking.....the frog is the mounting device bolted at the bottom of the beam to which the moldboard & landside are attached. If a plow has been run without landsides or run with completely worn out landsides, it will cut into the bottom of the frog & ruin them. Got a plow that needs some new ones. Thanks
  9. Gauge wheel tire size??

    I was working on my 311 fast hitch plow over the weekend replacing wear parts and came to the gauge wheel. The tire is totally shot. The tire that came on it is a 6.70x15 (27.4") I do not know if that is the original size or not. I have the plow manual but it does not talk about gauge wheel tire size. It does give maximum tire size (tractor) for clearance between the rear tires and the gauge wheel on various tractor models. I have 16.9x38 rears and that is listed as the maximum rear size to not have clearance issues. I seem to have about 1.75" of clearance between the two tires. I would like to put a 7.00x15 (29.2")on the plow but I think the tire size difference will give me problems. Does anyone know what tire size would have come on the 311 originally? Here are a few pics with different sizes I had around here. 6.70x15 G78x15 (27.7" with full tread)