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Found 14 results

  1. Dogs and Kids

    If you like kids and dogs this post is for you. I got this via email and just had to share.
  2. 756 Serial Number 7546

    Found this last night on my nightly rounds. The serial number got my attention. But the listing didn't have any pictures so I emailed asking for some. With a $5900 dollar asking price I personally expected something quite a bit better than this. I'm not affiliated with this in any way shape or form. I just don't understand how people can treat equipment like that. And it's to bad with such a low serial number. Anyway just thought I'd share some pictures of the 46th 756 off the line. So sad. 😢
  3. State IH Show Iowa 2014

    Was looking at some pictures yesterday and decided to share a few. I'm trying to abide by the new FORUMS RULES someone posted about wanting more pictures.😀 Well here's three pictures of a couple loads of tractors I hauled to the State IH Show in Belmond, Iowa in August of 2014. The feature was H's, M's, and 06 series. These tractors are owned by several people so I'm going to give descriptions of each. I want to give credit to those who need it. These are NOT all mine. I just had the pleasure of hauling these babies. The owner of the 450 in the second and third pictures said it looked impressive when we arrived. So forgive me please if this gets long winded. I'm a sucker for details and I know some others on here are to so here we go. Picture 1 from front to back. 1944 Farmall H with a Heisler 9 speed transmission serial number 153395. Then a 1949 Farmall M with a Heisler 9 speed transmission serial number 209450. Next another 1949 Farmall M serial number 209408. And on the back a 1966 1206 with a serial number of 12348. The front two are owned by RED TRACTOR FEVER. The back two are owned by NEPOWESHIEKFARMALLS. And if you noticed the numbers on both 49 M's. There pretty close. We'd been wanting to get them together for awhile. When I found out the feature was what it was the game was on. I played mobile tire repair man to. 209408 had bad tubes. They were leaking chloride and wouldn't stay up. So the afternoon before hauling them up red tractor fever fixed tires for nepoweshiekfarmalls. And one more thing. These two M's live 27 miles apart. Pictures 2 and 3 are obviously the same load. I'll start up on the deck. That's my dad in laws Super MTA serial number 63135.. He bought it in 64 when he started farming. If you look closely it's got a dry element air filter on it. I think it's M&W. I've only ever seen one other. It was for sale on Yesterday's Tractor for $50.00. Don't know why I didn't buy it but I didn't. 😠Next up is a 450 serial number 619 with factory spin out wheels. It's owned by some great friends of ours. The next one is what we call GRANDPA'S MTA. My wife's grandfather bought it new and it's still on the same farm. It's got M&W pistons in it. It's a horse for sure. The serial number on it is 65382. And on the back is my 826-13344. A Louisville Super M serial number 6521 was supposed to go but I ran out of time to get it ready. So the 826 got to go. And it turned out to be a good thing. An older gentleman was there that sold his 826 many years ago and regretted it everyday since. His son asked me if his dad could sit on mine which of course was fine. I wish we could've gotten a picture of it. However we were on our way home with the first load when it probably happened. So in the end the 826 needed to go. Everything happens for a reason. Hope you guys have enjoyed my ramblings.
  4. 1939 farmall rims

    Looking for 36 inch rims for 1939 farmall h close to Ohio thank you
  5. One of each series

    Well I am getting things put away for the winter so I thought I would line these up and get a picture. I thought it was like of neat to have one of each series from the 560 on. Not pictured are another 560, another 706, 3 more 1086's, a 186, and a 3588. All of these still earn their keep around the place.
  6. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    A selection of exhibits at the Half Century of Progress, Rantoul IL. Lets start off with some Red. BK
  7. Hi Guys well we all love pictures, here's a few i took of some good old red iron at our local antique tractor pull last weekend.
  8. Local show/drive today

    We had our local festival today on the town square kicking off the county fair. There was a tractor show on the bricks and a tractor drive following the show put on by our Farm Bureau Young Leader group. It was hot! The temp on the truck thermometer showed 103* at one point during the drive. No mechanical breakdowns and a good attitude from all the participants made it a success. I didn't have the time to get mine ready to go so I went along in a chase truck. I think we did around 40 miles. Here's the pics. 560D owned by one of my neighbors and purchased from another neighbor. He restored it but it spent its working years about 2 miles from my house. Another 560D belonging to a different neighbor of mine. Super M-TA belonging to one of our fellow forum members. Super C Super H CaseIH 75C 706 gas 1466 with duals and cab. I believe this one has been in the family since new. 504 gas. This gentleman drove here from KY to go on our drive. WD45 diesel Oliver 60 Oliver 1900 with the Detroit power plant Oliver 1800 gas JD 4320 AC model C
  9. Thank you!

    Thank you,. I just put on my first photo in the coffee shop with out help from anyone, straight from my phone. No issues at all,. Click "add media" and poof there it is!!!!! Thank you Red Power Forum Team.. Matt
  10. Finally figured it out

    So I have been along time lurker reading this forum daily. I have tried photobucket and other apps and wasn't happy with any of them. Well I finally figured out away to resize and post pictures from my phone. With that being said here are some random pictures.
  11. Vintage farm ads late 70's

    These are some adds from 1977 and 1979 that I thought you guys would enjoy. They are from the Wallaces Farmer magazine.
  12. Snow Moving Day

    Had a bit of a blizzard here yesterday. A foot + of snow and 30mph wind! Some pictures of our day of moving snow.
  13. I wanted something a little more heavy duty for trail/off road use on the back of my Scout. It had to be heavy enough to hold up the whole rig and also have at least one tow point for recovery and tie down purposes. I know you all like pics so here it goes. The first bumper I made. It was done in 15 minutes, painted, and thrown in for a next day trail ride. This one worked but wasn't as nice as I wanted it to be. (The tube is an Allis Chalmers planter frame) After a visit to the local welding shop for supplies. The goal was to sleeve heavy wall tubing into the frame and build off of that. First step was to mark and cut out the portion covering the open box end of the frame.
  14. I was grinding Friday and what I thought was some pretty pictures of the MD putting out a little smoke, in the pictures you really have to look for it.