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Found 8 results

  1. MD not starting

    Hello I am new here and new to the old tractor world. I have recently bought a 1951 MD. When I first got it the gas side and the diesel side worked flawlessly then one day I went to start it on gas to unload it off the trailer it cranked and cranked with white smoke before finally starting. It now will not start or run on gas. I managed to get it started on diesel and tried to switch it to gas and it quits. I checked for spark and it seems to be a white spark not blue, plugs look ok. I'm at a loss......I just got a manual but it doesn't seem to go over this particular point. I have not yet checked linkage adjustments, I was hoping someone has been through this before. I bought this MD because I'd never seen one before and I thinks it' the coolest tractor out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. David
  2. This thread is showing my process of troubleshooting the issues I have run up against in getting my TD9 operational... I was given this TD9 by a neighbor who had left it sitting for over 7 years. My location is Southern Oregon where we do get a fair amount of rain. Another neighbor helped me push the TD9 down to my property to work on. After getting it here, it sat for another 2 years until I was able to get working on it. I ordered 3 books from; these are copies of the original books. 1) Operations Manuel TD9 (1949) 2) Service Manuel and parts catalog "International Diesel Injection Pumps" 3) Service Manuel: "CHS-2 Crawler Tractors"
  3. Farmall 504 Diesel Questions

    I am currently looking at buying a 504 diesel and was wondering what problems, if any, these tractors were known to have? Or if anyone had any advice from their own personal experiences with them. Anyway to get some more ponies out of a D188? It's going to be pulling sled for the rest of it's days while I own it! I currently have a 504 gas burner and haven't had any bad problems with it. Anything is appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Farmall 400

    I have a Farmall 400 diesel that I just completed an engine rebuild. Have got it up and running switches from gas to diesel and back very well, so far everything has worked great (thanks to this forum I have gleaned a lot of info) Now I have a question, on the "B" series injection on the very bottom cover of pump about 2" back from the drain plug there is a line connection that fuel is dripping from and I can't figure out what line hooks to it and where it would go on the other end if I did put a line on it. My research tells me that the "A" series pump did not have this line or connection. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
  5. 806 Loud transmission and click

    My 806 transmission is very whiney. If im sitting still the whine noise is constant and gets louder as I rev it up. If I push the clutch in the noise goes away. What does this sound like? Having a cab doesnt help much either.....The tractor has had recent mcv pump and clutch work. Is something not right or is it just wore? Also when I shift the tractor into the low gears all 4 of them make a CLICK as im moving. Chipped teeth?
  6. IH 756 Hi-Clear

    We just recently picked up a 756 Diesel Hi-Clear.....does anyone know the production numbers on these? Just wondering how many were built, as I cant seem to find very much info on them....Thanks!
  7. Farmall 504

    Hello all, I am still looking for a hand pump, part number 382924R91, for A 504 diesel. I believe the 404, 2404, and 2504 have the same part. Our current part catches when turning to the right and is cracked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. 504 hand pump

    Hello, i am working on a Farmall 504 diesel with the adjustable wide front end. on the way back from the Christmas parade the steering started to catch when i turned to the right. So we took the hand pump off and sent it out and were told it cant be rebuilt because it is cracked. Also it seems like i cant find any replacement hand pumps for sale, so I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions, thanks.