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Found 3 results

  1. SN: FA29416 Completely cleaning and rebuilding housings and brakes both sides. Need help with the felt washers and bearings. There are six felt washers per side. From the inside out: 3 Countershaft Housing felt washers, 2 Ball Bearing felt washers, and 1 rear wheel felt washer. Do these go in dry or after soaking in oil? For the Countershaft ball bearing and the rear axle ball bearing, are they greased, or do they get lubed from the lubricant in the wheel carrier? Finally does anyone know where I might get the three gaskets? 15110DA (rear wheel carrier gasket), 15059D (rear axle hub cap gasket), and I think there is one between the countershaft housing end and the rear axle carrier plate? or should I just use Permatex? I appreciate all your help.
  2. Forrest City Do-All??

    Does anyone have a Forrest City Do-All manual around that could give me some information on the bearings at either end of the center mounted baskets? I picked up some today with a project in mind but the bearings are all gone or junk and I can't find numbers on them. Thanks And since we all like pictures I got a nice rainbow tach thrown in on the deal. That makes this IH related, right?
  3. "M" transmission

    I have a 1939 Farmall M. and yes the numbers match that I can tell. FBK955. My question is this. On the back of the constant running gear there is a bearing. I have only found one dealer that has this bearing(IH), and says it will cost $110. Is ther any alternative? and can a newer gear and carrier(i.e. different bearing) work? In the parts book it lists 69 767D as the bearing part# for FBK 501 up FBK72451. next line lists43 357D. It also states that 69 696D will work for 43 357D. Any thouhgts? Thanks