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Found 2 results

  1. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Finally ended up with a 6588 after looking for one for a few years now, tried to buy a few over the years and nothing worked out. This one came out of Iowa and is a good starting point. Lots of older 2+2's around but I wanted the later control center on the 6*88's so it limited my choices. Well, search for the tractor is over, now the search for parts starts.
  2. 6788 2+2

    Hi All! I've been using this site a lot, but this is my first post. So I grew up running the 2+2 tractors as a kid, and now have a 6788 that I want to restore back to its original paint, tires..... I bought this tractor in Montana and the history on it says it came from South Dakatoa. The tractor is straight and runs good. It needs a new seat and I want to make sure I replace it with one that looks original. From all I can tell, this is the original seat, it is grey, and the the rest of the interior is Western. Is that right? (see pic). The other question I have is about the steps. These steps look more like the 3588 step. All the other 6788 tractors I have seen have the black step that looks more like 5088 tractors. Was IH using up old parts? I know its a lot of questions, but where is a good place to buy new decals and the black vinyl over the back of the cab? Thansk everyone!