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Found 5 results

  1. 303 combine Ignition switch

    Hi Everyone! I'm working on the 303 again and I bent the starting switch (long story) and I was wondering where I could get a new one if anyone knows of any sites or a specific switch to get. I was looking at Steiner Tractors parts and they have a few, just didn't know which one would fit on it. Any help would be very appreciated! Jon
  2. 303 combine tires and rims worth

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy some tires and rims for my 303 combine. I'm going down to Indiana to pick some up and I'm going to post some pictures of them. I'm buying all four tires and rims. They want $450 for them all and I'm wondering if that's a fair deal. Thank you!
  3. IH 303 combine tire size

    Hi everyone! I need some help. I am unable to check the tire size on my 303 combine (long story) and I'm wondering if anyone knows the standard size of them. I have an early model 303 combine. I'm going down to salvage yard to buy new ones because I just don't like the rice tires I have on mine. Any help is very appreciated! Thanks ~Jon
  4. 303 combine engine problems

    Hello gentlemen! I was the one who posted about the cab a few weeks ago and we got it to the farm safety! Looks like she'll go on fine. I'm having some problem with the engine however. It starts right up and gets into first gear just fine, but when I switch it into second or third gear it stalls right out when i release the clutch. It seems just like it doesn't have enough power to get going... I'm only 21 and my father and I are going to take a look at it this summer when we can. Any ideas on what it may be or what we should check for? Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks ~ Jon
  5. 303 combine

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a cab for my 303 combine. The one I bought is an early model with the circle emblem. The cab I bought was on an older model 303 with looks like a factory cab. I just thought about this and I havnt had time to check out my combine at my grandfathers farm yet. Just wondering if anyone knew if this cab would fit perfect or if I'm gonna have to modify my cab platform a bit to make it fit. Any info will help! Thanks! ~ Jon