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  1. Deer season opens today...

    First day in pa is like nothing you can imagine with maybe 2 million hunters open up high power rifles at 7am
  2. Got ingersol rand two stage compressor . Went to use it today and it trip the breaker twice after resetting. I call IR ,they told to check compressor to see if turns free ,to leak down tank ,and restart to test ,tripped . Took the screen off tested the compressor it turn free. Took the belt off to check motor . Turned in on and the motor started but did not come up to speed and made grind ing noise started to smoke ,shut it down . i see from your tube that this 5 hp 230volt motor is a capacitor start ,centrifical switch and capacitor run .. I was told by my electric motor shop it was shock if it smoked . To get another motor ,they did not rebuiEd them .I want to tear it down to see if the solder is throwing .Got to look at it cause if if it the capacitor or the switch like to see why . I got to discharge the capacitors i think the grit from sandblaster tanked it , stuck the switch . Anyone had their motor act like this one ? Anyone work on electric motors L
  3. Deer season opens today...

    First day of deer camp ! πŸ‘πŸΉ
  4. All of a sudden the bladder tank is making noise . Sounds like girggling when the pump shuts off ? Any ideas ? About 15 years old
  5. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    I turned power off to well pump . Closed the valves ,put a hose on the pressure tank drain valve and drained the tank water. I put a tire gage on the tank and it only had bladder 25 psi . So I put the portable compressor on it and filled the bladder to 38 psi . Turn the pump on and filled the ank back to 55 psi water pressure and the pump shut off ,no noises , just quite . Hurrah ,. Now I want to know where that pressure went. So I'm going to repeat the procedure in a month and see if the pressure is dropping. .
  6. Help me out!

    Share your vision with the audience that you have in video your presenting. . Tell us about your tractor and the detaching machine . It's a start
  7. Dad passed away

    So sorry JD , may he rest in peace
  8. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Here are some pictures of run and start capacitor , the start capacitor has this gray salt crystals on the lock ring and plastic case , testing this only came to 14 suppose to be 230 to 280 that's a fail , but I can't be sure my meter readin is capable of testing that high I don't see any surface defects on the run capacitor , testing only a came to 40 suppose to be 50 +- 5 % that's a failure ,right that if my meter is calibrate still not sure without book on meter
  9. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    I got. A meter at work and set to -| (- symbol the metal 50 uf went from climbing 40.00 then flashed 40, beeping the 230 280 uf went to 14.15 and stopped both tested on ohms to 40 mU like im new at this so not sure , no manual for the Kal 3001 multimeter so I don't know for sure what to conclude
  10. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    I'm a rookie what's a megger ? Thanks
  11. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Going to guess ? Metal can is run capacitor and the plastic is the start ? rght or wrong ?
  12. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    What the procedure to get this motor apart , ?
  13. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    No local shop so , the one I have said they don't work on ph1 any more , to buy a new one . also the temperatures in unsheathed garage was habit 35 f
  14. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Yes the compressor is working hard to sand blast ,I worked it hard ,so hobbyist and the point of crossover to professional equipment is a line F drawn by funds not a good match . But that's that , I will tried to fix it with your help . The sandblaster needs to be moved out side to eliminate dust in the garage , so I hope that I can save valuable parts and rebuilds the motor ,I can't afford the new Quincy ,
  15. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Momentarily it smoked up ,I was concerned about possible fire , but I'm Sure when I get apart I can find solder through.
  16. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Yes single phase , too late and rainy to get the pictures to post , I personal I should at leat try to see if it will correct the issue , the motor is a Emerson for ingersol rand part number is on the tag 54421193
  17. I want to mention this just to be aware . With the new Amazon drivers and strange vehicles in neighborhoods. September ,I had these parts in a Steiner box in the truck to take to the farm to in stall on Farmall C . But I was in a hurry and one September Saturday night I left the truck door open. I got taken for these new items IHS 474 6 volt rear light in Steiner box IHS 351 R 6Volt new in box IHS 2349 Farmall Alternator mounting bracket Remanufactured SI 10 GM Valucraft alternator #7127 converted to 6 volt that same night the neighbors lost a old sthil chainsaw and the other neighbor door of his garage was ajar. So I always say it's someone close that does it . That know the hit. So in the post ing so take note of these new Amazon drivers (always someone new) ,they now know that the lay of the land so to speak and have easy access in and out , speaking out just to be just aware. Not saying it was them but it very unusual for theft in neighborhoods but it does happen once in a great while ,easy opportunity a raised such as us. The deptuy said it probably went to someone will sell it on eBay ? I been looking , I have not found it . I didnt post,, to delay the all clear for the thefts to post . It , hasn't worked but I wish I could catch them . With your eyes maybe you can spot it. Thanks again I'm sure it was someone that knows us and our habits just take more whose coming in and driving down the street ! And delivering , get there name and license number just in case , sorry but be aware
  18. Poor UPS service

    Speaking of Amazon ,they like have there our private drivers delivery here , not ups ,so far so good but every driver is different ,I make it a point to get there name and I'm going to get there license number .
  19. I can't find any numbers yer , but dose it go to a cub super C ? Got it at the auction , can't use it , don't want to scrap it but I can't make it here at my house me got to many orphans
  20. Poor UPS service

    Must be the area , cause we have had good service in the 44024 zone , what zone are you ? What zone did the product come from ,maybe we can target a zone and boycott it , that will change, asap.
  21. ❓What is this fast hitch part for ?

    Where should I get rid of it ?
  22. Tillage radish pictures

    Look s like an elephant tusk 🐘
  23. Hey Santa.....

    A 50 T baler ,just dreaming!πŸšœπŸšœπŸ‘€πŸ€“ more realistic Santa a choke shaft to a 161 Farmall C carburetor πŸ‘πŸΏ