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    All Machinery in General , Passion for Farmall's, 560 Diesel , Farmall C , Restoring Fordson Model F ?? Year . Fairbanks Morse hit miss 1919 . Would like a Farmall M and H someday .

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  1. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Extra! , Extra ! ,read all about it!
  2. Farmall C alternator frozen, literally

    The neighbor use cut an inter tube and slide it over the magneto on his M that was outside, you could try it over the alternator!🚜👀
  3. I see that TCS has the combines on Clearence , and a lot of them ,I thought they were high !
  4. safety shields

    I total agree ,must have
  5. What's your favorite snack

    I like saltine crackers stacked with one a butter knife peanut butter another cracker with my favorite jelly Butter knife sloppy . Make sure that you put enough on. Sandwich together. Cheers Let know that f you like it , I can eat but don't a sleeve of saltines.
  6. Farmall H with Cultivator

    Priceless , really like it , dressed for work . It is to me !
  7. Hand (crank) starting the H and 4-Series

    This is one bad exiperence cranking the Farmall C with a set of SC Fire creators Pistons. The C stalled on flat land , this crank did not have a roller handle ! I crank 360 rotation with fire craters ,MISTAKE! It kicked back so bad it ripped the calisis off the palm of my RIGHT hand ! I had strips of skin where my calisis were. I cryed end ,it hurt so bad ! 1. DO NOT CRANK WITH THUMB OF HAND AROUND CRANK . IF KICK BACK, THE CRANK WILL RELEASE WITHOUT THUMB IN WAY , THE OTHER WAY THE THUMB GOES WITH THE CRANK ,OUCH , 2. DO USE A CRANK WITHOUT A ROLLER HANDLE , UNLESS YOUR POSITION THE ENGINE FOR TIMING. MUST HAVE THE PUSH BUTTON OFF POSTION. IF YOU DO AND IT KICK BACK IT RIP YOU HAND FROM THE FORCE. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE 3. DO NOT CRANK MORE THAN A 180 DEGREE ON A FARMALL ,PULL UP CCW FROM 180 to 0 (top) ! No 360 rotation ! 4 . Keep your FACE out of crank rotation , expensive mistake , my brother reminds me his friend cranked our hit and mis engine and the crank spun off and slit his forehead open , my Mom was sure mad at my brother . Or worse yet , the people at hit mis enterprizes told me he knew a guy that had to have a lot of dental work done cause the crank , it hit him in the jaw, DONT CRANK HIT AND MISS ENGINES Moral of the story , 560Dennis does not reccommend cranking ! Safety first always
  8. Super M ignition points

    Thanks , interesting
  9. Hand (crank) starting the H and 4-Series

    ME TOO,! got so I catch the paint can that covered over the muffler from rain. The exhaust blow it straight up and if it timed it right i caught it . Didn't have to get off the tractor to pick it up ? Bonus points. Thunder! Farm kids have so much fun ! See you had to catch it or if it fell to the ground the tire would run over it and crush it. Dad would ask what happened to that paint can over the muffler? I HAD TO CATCH IT ,IF I WAS TO LAZY TO TAKE IT OFF before Did the hill start i think I had the Farmall C in high for best receptions. Coach use to say throw the football anywhere in my direction and I would catch it! He did know how I could do it ! but it was easy from Farm Practice LOL no problem had to maneuver a 3500 lbs tractor going in high gear and catch a can in the air ! lol ,in one hand lol thanks great memories, cranking a tractor all bad,memories all bad for me , forget it , I won't let the kids do , i had the farmer up the road teach me to use my leg to cranks those Allis Chalmers silage blowers . They were notorious for kick backs, and breaking arms. . Rocky said use your leg has way more power to crank with. And took the energy of the kick back or really reduce the kick back I use to crank the Farmall sc with My leg ,put my foot on the crank stand on the wide front if no hill available . Crazy i dont recommend cranking period !
  10. A Lost IH "gun" in Italia

    Wow , ! I did not know they made that ,but why not during the war everybody made something. Sicily ,have to look to find it if I can go !
  11. Hand (crank) starting the H and 4-Series

    Park it on a hill and release brake and put in gear pop the clutch when get speed up . To many close calls hand cranking , never wrap your thumb around the cranks. Kick backs are violent. The generators cost way less than e room visit . Good luck
  12. Bushings for 'C' starter

    I have not done it so I. Don't know the size but you can look into eBay , the brushes and bushings are pretty cheap ?
  13. Fuel tank restoration

    I had Tracy @ classic gas tank do my Fordson in gillford ,ill. Also did my Farmall C https://local.yahoo.com/info-83962093-classic-gas-tank-gifford i have use a product on the smaller tank sold by hit n miss enterprises that's like a ceramic when it drys and it works great. Called gas tank restorer . Sells for $35 a pint, 👍🏿 pour it in and slush it all around and por out the rest back in the can .
  14. M, what oil in rear?

    90 wt mineral oil gl-1 no additives ,they seLl it at TCS one source , there are others warren oils i used it cause the differential it has bronze bushings. The other oils have to much sulfur additives ,that attactment to bronze . I have to drained out 80 /90 out of mine , photos show results from using . I called my oil jobber ,they filled me in on why the bronze chips in the oil . The additives in the 80/90 attach to the bronze and under pressure and heat it is tearing the flake of bronze as the shaft rotates . My oil was the ugly pea soup looking stuff ,I knew something was wrongs so I research the cause. When I drains the oil out I was shocked at all the bronze chips in sludge You will find a lot of sludge in bottom of differiential that come with age of oil . Best to have cover off to imspect it too ! Good luck That's my advice ,and take on it from my an experience I had.