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  1. Old working equipment in Decatur TX USA

    I think it's history in action , l like it , good pics
  2. Terrible day! Pictures!

    Wow , congratulations
  3. Thanks for sharing M , I know it will work out.
  4. Deer season opens today...

    We went out this morning , me ,grandson and granddaughter, raining we saw some track and follow them . Don't get close to see them . Had fun , kids they ask the funniest stuff , I almost fell over laugh to hard ,but they got to learn . They set it up , we had rope duct tape and light sabers .
  5. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Starting side red and black LEDs ohms 0.L
  6. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    I still got try to get motor apart , since no exiperence doing the e motor tear down , I move slow. It doesn't seem to want to slide out off armature shaft ,with out breakdown and ,well like taking part an mi garand part for the first time , don't want to break more . Trying to do what you'all suggesting, but always something that is a delay like the motor not coming apart easy I should meter out motor first might save all the hassle i put the on continueeity meter on the four field wires coming out of the one at a time to case and it was zero , so the fields and not grounded , i want under stand ring out better 1 is run side capacitor wires red and orange side 2 is starter side capacitor red and black wires I got 1.4 ohms between run side1 red and orange i got zero side two starter side red and black
  7. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    I just got an email from IR and they want almost 600 for a new motor ,so if it got a lifetime warrenty that s an option . Or get a new compressor. Or put a 350 Chevy on it like red green
  8. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    I just hope my experience helps others , cause I had high hopes of sandblasting ,air tools and painting equipment . The fact is I'm sandblasting at max ,the compressor is on as long as I blast for. That could be for 30 minutes or more with short breaks . I thought if it was an IR it would take a beating for as long as I'm around, But guess not , I really wish I never got t hat sandblaster cause for all of good I get out of it seems . Disappointing but Just saying better to hire sandblasting to pro done . By the way I contacted IR distributors about a motor to replace mine . Sent them a picture of name plate on motor . I haven't got a quote yet. Anybody recommend a motor , Lesson ?
  9. Deer season opens today...

    First day in pa is like nothing you can imagine with maybe 2 million hunters open up high power rifles at 7am
  10. Deer season opens today...

    First day of deer camp ! 👍🏹
  11. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    I turned power off to well pump . Closed the valves ,put a hose on the pressure tank drain valve and drained the tank water. I put a tire gage on the tank and it only had bladder 25 psi . So I put the portable compressor on it and filled the bladder to 38 psi . Turn the pump on and filled the ank back to 55 psi water pressure and the pump shut off ,no noises , just quite . Hurrah ,. Now I want to know where that pressure went. So I'm going to repeat the procedure in a month and see if the pressure is dropping. .
  12. Help me out!

    Share your vision with the audience that you have in video your presenting. . Tell us about your tractor and the detaching machine . It's a start
  13. Dad passed away

    So sorry JD , may he rest in peace
  14. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    Here are some pictures of run and start capacitor , the start capacitor has this gray salt crystals on the lock ring and plastic case , testing this only came to 14 suppose to be 230 to 280 that's a fail , but I can't be sure my meter readin is capable of testing that high I don't see any surface defects on the run capacitor , testing only a came to 40 suppose to be 50 +- 5 % that's a failure ,right that if my meter is calibrate still not sure without book on meter
  15. Air Compressor Electric Motor Tripping out Breaker

    I got. A meter at work and set to -| (- symbol the metal 50 uf went from climbing 40.00 then flashed 40, beeping the 230 280 uf went to 14.15 and stopped both tested on ohms to 40 mU like im new at this so not sure , no manual for the Kal 3001 multimeter so I don't know for sure what to conclude