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  1. Jack there is a drive shaft from the clutch to the transmission in the torque tube . The U joint is made of rubber . One corner may have let loose letting the drive shaft spin around out of round and scrape and hit on things making the noise
  2. You said pull type as in trailer plow then I dont think so. Not enough wieght or power.
  3. WD40 vertical head starting valves were leaking upon return from machine shop so Im grinding and lapping them myself. What I need is a method for checking my job . I did the starting valves first and poured kerosene in behind the valve. It didnt leak for a few hours but then some began to wick out. I think its a lot to ask for a metal to metal seal to hold indefinitely but it has to be as good as possible. These are new valves. How can I check for sure? Thanks Kevin
  4. Miller tire did have new ones made dont know about their stock now. I have some but they wont be a match . The option to look into would be to redo the cutoffs to a more popular size like 34
  5. I'd say an F30 stuck from no use for years but complete and on its wheels should be worth a grand. The usual things to look for are a shot gas tank rusted thru rims and radiator core and the manifold. Many times rings and a valve job will get them running
  6. In my experience two rows bring way more than four or 6. It seems like $800 to be average
  7. I have 60 bottoms in Mich frogs
  8. Its an Orchard standard. Not the same tin as on a regular Orchard. Not many of them made around 800. Should have a different steering column and platform than a W6 and a hand clutch
  9. Their pricing is always thru the roof . I cant believe they ever sell anything. Ads with the same stuff appear for years.
  10. Like any thing else maintenance is important maybe a little less forgiving than a normal 2wd.All the components dealing with the front wheel drive are expensive to replace and cant be ignored without multiplying the problem.Always wanted one myself and two years ago bought one. Its fun but has been an expensive ride so far . Only a couple thing left to fix including new tires. It only runs a couple hundred hours a year
  11. The rubber coupling between engine and propeller shaft gave up . Parts book shows 2400 bucks for a new one. Lots more than what I want to spend is there another way around this like putting a u joint there and changing the prop shaft or anywhere else to get a coupling? Thanks
  12. maybe a potato digger
  13. It did have a suction hose blow . Flushed the entire system got a new dryer and valve. Pump built lots of pressure before on high side but nothing on low side It was plugged with what looked like dirt.
  14. thanks
  15. 3788 has been converted to 134 according to the fittings but didnt work because of a clogged metering valve. I'm cleaning everything and want to change oil on the class pump to be sure it has the correct oil. The question is do I have to take the bottom off the pump to do this. There doesnt appear to be a drain plug or fill plug. Thanks