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  1. 1206 prices??!!

    OK, got the JD thing off my mind and will contribute my brief 1206 story. September 1969, I was in charge of getting a vehicle to pull our JR class float in the homecoming parade. Got a classmate to do it but he had to cancel at the last minute. Clock is running, remember the neighbor I helped in the summer just traded his 806 off for a new 1206 at Fountains IH in Beresford, SD. Drove out to the farm where they were cutting silage--1206 in shed, 4020 on cutter! Yes, he said, go ahead and take it to town, and what a sweet ride that was. Got her hooked up to the float but I was in the marching band and couldn't drive it so my buddy got a quick shifting lesson and away we went. Still trying to find a picture of that tractor all shined up with 2 hours on the meter. By the way, the 806 was bought back and I put many summer hours on both of those tractors.
  2. 1206 prices??!!

    Cough, cough...the bit in the JD book about the 5020 replacing crawlers out here in the PNW is pure BS. There was and is NO two wheel drive tractor that could manipulate these hills equivalent to a track layer. That's my opinion and I'm not humble about it.
  3. 3 point plow settings

    As you can see in the picture your offset should be rotated 180 as was mentioned. Definitely lose the chains.
  4. Plastic gas tank repair

    PTex? Light well away from the tank, blow out, then smear it on.
  5. 3 point plow settings

    Changing the offset will increase or decrease width of cut and plow will not draft correctly. I would buy or make two adjustable links. I have one of those plows and it works really on my TO 30 for garden work. Need files of the manual?
  6. 56 series diamond cab vs 66 series cabs

    You could order a 66 series tractor with the custom cab. A neighbor had a 1456 with that cab, traded in 1972 I believe, for a new 1468 and got same cab. I preferred it for vision,doors and the steps. It was real easy to add AC to those, been there done that.
  7. 1066 using 1 gallon of coolant per day

    This won't answer your coolant usage question but pertains to a similar heating problem. JD 466 combine engine--changed thermostats twice, then belts, then both hoses. Finally swapped out the reman water pump that was replaced before harvest started and end of problem. Tore down the "old" newly reman pump to find the impeller was slipping on the shaft. Coolant loss was out the overflow tube. Are you having any loss there?
  8. Tinnitus

    "If wives know you have a hearing loss they talk quietly so they can complain about you not hearing them." Boy Dennis, 10-4 on that. I bought $1,700 hearing aids from Costco and I still can't understand what she says most of the time.
  9. Help engraving my stove door?

    "what is the purpose of the upright gate valve shown in your 2nd picture???" --Ether injection port for startup!
  10. This set up is someone else's fix for the dusty conditions out here in the Palouse. I'm going to go back under the hood and not use the precleaner cup if I can. I bought an 856 housing and pipes but found out the early 856's used the same single stage set up as the 806's. I might be able to fit this Donaldson under there. Dad put a Turbo on his 856 and was pretty happy with it. Back in the day just about every combine in our area had a Turbo precleaner.
  11. 12 fires in Montana

    MTO and others, get on a PNW fire map and see what else is going up in smoke. It's not just Montana but all over this area. Here south of beautiful Juliaetta, ID we had the worst air quality in the nation for a couple of weeks. We have been getting it from Oregon, WA, BC and east of us out of the Bitterroot Mtns all the way to Missoula. Normally dust and smoke did not bother me in my younger years but lately Mr.Inhaler and inside living have been my friends. Mader, praying for rain for all of us. Last one here was the first week of June. Agree on the enviros--don't have a clue. Was in Seattle last week and read of more efforts to reintroduce grizzlies in the N Cascades. Good deal, the weekend city hikers will make good feed for them. Putting my complaints aside, we have not burned, flooded or been blown away this year here in the Lewis-Clark Valley.
  12. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary and DD, I don't know why I wrote 24 instead of 18---KoO schooled a lot of us on "duals rule" years ago. Thank you for the correction. I didn't have much time to look around and talk with folks, we caught the tail end of the day. If there is a next year will plan better. Article in the paper hinted there may not be a next year.
  13. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    This past weekend was the Whitman County Threshermen's show at the Colfax, WA fairgrounds. The stars lined up just right (through the smoke) and my granddaughter and I got to see the tail end of it. I wasn't able to get the shots I wanted with a four year old in tow and quite a bunch of horse powered equipment moving about, but you can get an idea of what was going on. You more experienced folks feel free to call out brands and models if you recognize them. Wes Stationary rack and crew to feed the conveyor. Machine was a 22-28, brand unknown. Mules pulling the sling Case, I think. Model? Granddaughter getting tired, Poppa not done yet! Another Case? #36 and TD4? Pretty nice 18A and 14A behind it. The Cletrac in the background was especially nice. Another of TDs 18 and 14A Going for last load--sorry, didn't get a front shot of the outfit. It's soft white wheat being cut. In general, harvest has been over for a couple of weeks but there are many acres of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) still not dry enough to run. Nice team The Binder finds it's special purpose. Hill in the background was lentils and is a good example of the terrain in the Palouse.
  14. John deere 6620 trying to clean wheat wheat

    X2 what Dale said. What condition is your grate--bars sharp or worn round? Without a tach I think I would wind it up tight and keep a close eye on the tank sample. If that cleans it up you can drop down until you get white caps and then re adjust so it sin't cracking. If your making flour you'll see it in the stream when you unload. We don't have much for humidity in the Palouse and only rarely have this problem, sometimes it's the variety. If your crop is damp that's another story.
  15. 826--Cat 2 or 3 hitch?

    I figured that was the case and will see what he wants to do. Thank you all for your replies. Axial, had any rain there? I was back three weeks ago to Sioux Falls and Miller. Getting pretty bad up at Miller, BIL's corn is toast, might make silage. They got an inch or so in time to perk their beans up. Hope you are faring better.