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  1. Great point WL, will know soon, when I get it opened up. Thanks for the reply. Nick
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was working Rex at the time of the issue, pushing dirt and all of a sudden "pow"! I was up about 3/4's on the throttle and not sure if there is a limit I should of been maintaining, doesn't have an RPM gauge! Grabatire, is my 282 considered a 660 series or? I'm currently soaking the parts motor, due to it being stuck and hope to pull its crank as a fix. Nick
  3. Well now that its over 110 degrees here, I thought it would be a good time to handle some iron! I got Rex up on the slab last weekend and pulled the pan and MM your correct, I have a two piece crank at the #6 bearing. That explains the heavy shacking at my feet. I made the decision to pull the motor and do it right. If you remember the engine was the only thing that we didn't touch during the restore, so going to bring it up to speed. If you have any suggestions moving forward, I'm all ears. I do need a good reference on parts for bearings & possibly the engine rebuild kit/part #? I dug out the later spare 282 motor for parts and need to look at the crank and head. Will the crank part #'s be the same if the engine block #'s are the same? I remember reading a topic on the later heads having bigger valves. I'm thinking of swapping out the heads, being the engine part #'s are the same. I will post to that conversation to share the info. Thanks, Nick
  4. So whats the verdict JC did you find the parts? FYI I have the manual for the 9K3 if every needed! Nick
  5. Looks great, send work pics? Nick
  6. Nice dozer TG, your talking to right guys, keep us posted & good luck! Hi boys, hope all is well and glad to see guys are popping back into RP life Nick
  7. Ron, much agreed on the rest start, I think I got of lucky on not getting any new inspection holes in the block. It was a workout for the Ford 4500 backhoe to herd Rex back to the shop. Its was like Chihuahua pushing and elephant in a deep sleep and the corners were a bear! MM- I'm think'n your suspicion might match what I felt in the main frame. I'm glad I took your advise and purchased the parts machine for a rainy day . I definitely have a new years resolution/project to fulfill...... Nick
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. Need to free up some garage space and get a look at it. Maybe I didn't put enough emphasis on the vibration, it felt like the engine was trying pass through the clutch compartment. One of those moments that brings all hands, ear's, & eyes on deck, and you say "That's Not Good" . What other possibilities could it be with the loss of oil pressure, that's why I was leaning toward the bearings? Nick
  9. Guys, I'm seeking advise and gearing up to dive into Rex's engine issue, which I believe is at least a spun bearing. As I mentioned in my post awhile back, I was working Rex and developed a horrible vibration/shaking at my feet on the main frame. I immediately lost oil pressure and engine started to lope heavily before shutting down. All the other gauges read in the normal range at the time. I tried to turn it over with no fuel one time after the shut down, and the vibration was present on tune over. To my knowlege this 282 has never been rebuilt. The engine case is intact from the best I can tell. I've looked over the archives for posts on lower end issues and didn't come up with any matches. I welcome any links or advise on this issue. I've never been in the D282 engine on this machine. Is this something that be done in frame or does it need to come out? What are the main points to look for and the nessary steps I need to keep in mind? Thanks in advance, Nick
  10. Good to here from you and welcome back to Az.Tom. I was at the property in Skull Valley last Sunday and went through P.V. looking for you place, where are you located again? I have plans to cut a driveway into the property, which has a few challenges due to the slop and 60' grade difference from the road to the property level. I purchased an angle blade for Rex, which pins in place of th...

  11. Hello, are you still kick'n?

  12. R59 just checking on how are things coming on the 12, and I hope work is good for you.


  13. Updated the web contacts list today, not sure if you have seen/used these contacts: Greer Aftermarket Parts Jon-602-541-5971 (if you have a part #, make & model h can find it) Roberts Farm Equip. Ohio 800-367-8751 flyer says over 4k dismantled mach. www.ROBERTSTRACTOR.COM Nick
  14. We hope all RP useres get use out of it and share what we've missed . Nick
  15. has not set their status