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  1. IH 68 front mount cultivator

    I know a guy that has one it was on a 1086 but I think it would fit. Let me know if you are interested and I will ask him. It has sat outside for some time
  2. My 67 706 German diesel
  3. This number one at the farm progress show
  4. Farmall Regular

    This one was at the farm progress show
  5. IH history

    These were at the farm progress show in Decatur Illinois first 1460 built and last 5488 built
  6. Rantoul reservations made

    Yes the museum is closed.
  7. Rantoul reservations made

    Yes you can rent golf carts. You may want to go to there web sight and get the number to reserve one they go fast
  8. trouble with F20

    My 37 F20 starts good runs smooth at idle or full throttle but when under a slight load it will run bad sounds like it is back firing though the air cleaner. Are the valves out of adjustment or is it a timing problem or a carb isue? Thanks MD7140
  9. It works pretty good but when the snow gets deep it is hard to throw the snow very far the one on the grader will do better at that and does a good job when you want to widen the roads out. MD7140
  10. This is what I use at least it's no green! MD7140
  11. Give and take word game

    corn stalk
  12. Give and take word game

    pie pan