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  1. Also, important to most of todays applications of these tractors, with the single rib fronts the tractor is a whole lot easier to turn with less tire to ground contact on these big boys!
  2. I'm guessing here that "hool" should have been "tool". In order to get the right length for your particular tractor, while sitting in the seat with the hitch lowered, just twist around with tape measure in hand and measure down to the release point and you will have the length you need. I know for a fact that the larger tractors like 706, 806, etc require a longer rod unless you have really, really long arms.
  3. Excellent pics from AKw; just wanted to add the rod diameter is 3/8 inch.
  4. Will the rims from a 2000 something Dodge dually fit on a 1968 IH 1300 one ton truck? Or will some other rim fit?
  5. Ok. Thanks for the info.
  6. Where is the build sheet located on the 1961 thru 1968 half, three quarter and one ton IH trucks? I know it is located on the back of the glove box on the '70s models, but is it the same place on the earlier models?
  7. Yellow paint, black colored emblem and headlights in grill. I'd say an industrial model. Can't say I've seen another, but that would be my guess. Better buy it at that price!
  8. If anyone is wanting a factory 2 pth , 2 row IH corn planter, model C-251 I believe, I know where one is. PM me if interested with your phone number and I will call. Located in west Ky.
  9. Prices on 2pth equipment should be comparable to 3pth stuff. I can help you out with some 2pth equipment; reply to me on this forum or post your phone number and I will call you. I'm located probably no more than 40 miles from you.
  10. The cylinder should lift the end of the blade about 30" give or take a little. It will not lift it straight up; never designed to do so. After the cylinder does its thing, you have to lift it and fold it back over the machine by hand. Remember, when lifting the blade, put your open palm against the guards and never wrap your fingers around anything if you value keeping your fingers. It seems your machine is not lifting high enough; you will have to trace down where the "slop" is to determine the reason.
  11. Thanks Ron. I appreciate you replying.
  12. Saw your earlier post about USA made, (good quality, I'm assuming) regulators being available now. I too want good regulators on my generator equipped tractors. So my question is: What companies/ Where available are the USA made regulators? Thanks.
  13. Wow! That is a neat bunch of orchard tractors!
  14. SAM86, forgot to ask you this question in my previous post. Yes, I agree they did not carry the orchard models over to the super series, but I have seen 6series orchard tractors with disc brakes. Just curious, do any of your 6series orchard tractors have disc brakes?
  15. SAM86 is correct in his posting. The "D" in the tractor designation does stand for "diesel". Not sure about the other two letters; have seen a reference in a place or two indicating the "OS" is "orchard special".