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  1. It's a D-19 diesel. The sides of the hood are much taller than a D-17, due to the turbo. Plus, the size of the rear tires, and the spacing suggest axle mount duals, and the D-19 and D21 was the only ones of the D series that had through axles, as opposed to drop boxes. And I think we can all agree it is not a D-21.
  2. That would look good in my 674.
  3. By God, that is one of the most profound statements I have ever heard. Thank you. And I will steal it to spread the word.
  4. More than likely, the first and reverse gears are straight cut, or spur gears. They do this for strength, and to reduce thrust on the transmission shafts in those gears. 2nd through 5 are most likely helical gears, which are much quieter in operation. read this explaination:
  5. What are ya askin for it?
  6. At 5MPH, that's close to 2 acres a minute!
  7. Mine might have come from your dealership. I think I am the third owner, and the other two were from up around Bardstown (Cox's Creek), where I bought it. I wish mine had the row crop rear axle. Mine has the hub mount steel centers, with row crop front axle.
  8. Cool pic of the old Ford.
  9. They have everything you will need.
  10. There is only ONE TDC-- When piston is at the top of the stroke on Compression. TDC stands for Top DEAD Center, dead meaning nothing is moving. On the exhaust stroke at top center (no dead here!), as was mentioned, both valves are moving-- exhaust is closing, and intake is starting to move. Since the cam rotates at half crankshaft speed, if you aligned the marks, it is fine. They only line up every 2 revolutions of the crank. That's why they have the marks, to make sure the cam and crank are in the correct phase. If you are getting smoke, you are close. Pay attention to the advice regarding pump timing and fuel system bleeding.
  11. Good luck on your restore. Here is one I rebuilt a couple years ago.