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  1. Vintage Ads

    One of the more popular Versatile products in this part of Sask. was the 400 self propelled swather. I believe it was their first hydrostatic drive model. They sold a lot of these as well as the model 10 pull types. From a 1972 ad.
  2. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    True, unless you go back past the 1970s when JD had centre mounted cabs and the engine in back of the grain tank. Like the 55, 95 and 105 models.
  3. who all grinds feed still?

    Yes, my "pets" like their oat chop so I grind a few loads of oats every year for them. Old school of course with a belt driven ancient IH hammer mill run by the Cockshutt 40 or 50. I know there are more efficient methods out there but its what I've got and it works so I'll run it til it breaks.
  4. Vintage Ads

    That is a real prize to have in your possession. A lot of the old brochures were just thrown out. I'm lucky to have saved a few over the years including this 1977 Versatile calendar showing some of their machinery available at the time.
  5. Mel Tillis

    Old timers will remember Mel Tillis. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/country/8039477/mel-tillis-longtime-country-singer-and-songwriter-dies-at-85
  6. Vintage Ads

    -5F here this morning. Hopefully everybody has their Marvelube 5W oil in their engines ready for this cold. I don't recall my dad ever using anything lighter than a #10 in the tractor and car. But I do remember sometimes they would not start either. It got a lot lower than -5F as well. This ad from 1953.
  7. Vintage Ads

    From 1951, an advertising magazine I have. Its all Allis Chalmers obviously. Interesting to see a bit of history in the background as they work on building a dike to hold back the flood waters of the Missouri near Omaha , Nebraska.
  8. Vintage Ads

    This Bolens-Huski reminds me a bit of the Gardenaid ad that U.C. posted above. This one is from 1948. Quite the little two wheeled tractor but, judging by the size of that engine I'd bet less than ten horsepower.
  9. What to do with old tires ???

    We had a scrap tire collection site here in Sask. for a while where you could haul your collection in for free. It was a government funded program which unfortunately ran out of money and has been ended last I heard. I hope they can bring it back as I missed out getting rid of my collection.
  10. Veteran's Day

    Every year, 11th of November we gather in the little village hall where the legion puts on a remembrance day ceremony in honour of those who served. Including my grandpa in WW1 and my dad in WWII. I'll just throw in this pic of my dad (at left) taken during training at Camp Shilo Manitoba 1941. He mostly talked of his good memories and friends from the war years but he also saw the death and destruction of real war. And lived to tell the tale.
  11. 23 F🌡👀🤓burr this morning @44024

    All those temps would be an improvement on what we had yesterday. -5F at my place but I heard there was a record low set somewhere in the province. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/cold-weather-recors-1.4394761 Today the temp is better but with 50k wind gusts I think it will feel worse than yesterday. Wind chill factor is always the determining factor between nice and miserable days.
  12. Help me start my channel!

    All I have ever used is what came with the computer. Windows live movie maker. There are probably better programs available but this one serves my needs for now and best of all it is free.
  13. Carlisle tires

    I have a couple of Carlisle combine and baler pickup tires (400x8) and they seem to have stood up pretty well. I'm finding some new tires really are poor though. Got some labelled "Eastone) on the cultivator and the sidewall split in a short time. After the 1981 Goodyears had been on there for 25 years or so. Not sure but I think the replacements are Samson so I will see how they last.
  14. Help me start my channel!

    You've got a great subject there with the old garden tractor but you could use a little editing. Try cutting out the stuff where the camera is out of focus or just aimed at the ground. Throw in a few clips of different camera angles to keep it interesting. A little narration or at least sub titles can help explain what you are doing too. I don't claim to be any authority on making videos but I've seen what works for others. Its a lot of fun and also a lot of work producing a video.

    I got a good close up look at one of these hawks about 25 years ago when one flew into the window of the house and was killed. Miraculously the window did not even crack. We don't see a lot of them here. Mostly the big broad tailed ones that soar on the thermals of summer days watching for rodents. What they call sparrow hawks here are actually Merlins, a small falcon. They nest in the evergreens around my yard every summer.

    That looks a lot like the Sharp Shinned hawk I've seen here. They are a smaller hawk but bigger than a sparrow hawk (Merlin). http://www.hawkmountain.org/raptorpedia/hawks-at-hawk-mountain/hawk-species-at-hawk-mountain/sharp-shinned-hawk/page.aspx?id=575
  17. Vintage Ads

    Really nice but I can't see myself ever paying that much for a brochure. Wish I'd known years ago how much they would be worth eventually. I'd have picked up all the free stuff I could. Here is something I do have. Likely not worth much but still interesting. Remember the Ford "unibody" pickup trucks? This one from 1961.
  18. Time change

    Time change? What time change? Sorry but I can't resist. As someone whose day begins and ends based on daylight, than it is by the clock, I really don't see any point to changing clocks twice a year. Glad we don't have to.
  19. 2017 crop pics

    I'm sure the new ones are light years ahead in comfort and performance compared to the old machines I drove. But the price of them turns me off. For that kind of money I can buy a decent comfortable vehicle (with a heater) to drive. We got our first significant snow last night. Could be up to six inches in sheltered areas. Light an fluffy snow but I think any field work is finished for the season.

    We got our first significant snowfall of the season last night. Guessing maybe 6 inches of light fluffy snow. Temps in the low 20s so it was dry enough to take the Merc out for a short snow drive this morning. I put the first hay bale out for cattle yesterday as there is not much left to eat out there and today it is under snow.
  21. Vintage Ads

    I sure do remember the Case A6. I think it's last year was either 1966 or 67 when we had a September snowfall that laid the wheat crop down bad. My uncle had come to help out and he was driving the "new" Massey Harris 60 while dad was on the old Case A6. Having to cut low to get the down wheat was it's downfall. Working at night with the meagre lighting systems of the old tractors it was hard to see what was going in the header. A big rock went through and broke the spike tooth concaves on the little Case and I think that was the end of it's combining days.
  22. 2017 crop pics

    I really don't like the look of any snow machines built in this millenium :-) Guess I'm just stuck in the past. Its going to have to be pretty ideal snow conditions before I get inspired to resurrect the vintage 1977 Kawasaki Sno Jet packed away in the shed. So far its still trike driving conditions here but supposed to change over the next 48 hours.
  23. 2017 crop pics

    Sure been a good fall for catching up on jobs we couldn't do during the past decade of mud. I've filled in a washout or two, burned numerous bulrushes and worked up the sloughs, much like everybody else in the area. Little dusting of snow but hardly worth mentioning. More predicted for the next few days. I don't think the ground is froze much if at all. Too dry to freeze in most spots. Here is a pic of the old Case 730 I was using to blaze a trail through the woods. Shortcut to the junkyard. :-) Its old and small with only a 7 foot blade but still beats using an axe and grubhoe.
  24. Vintage Ads

    This Case model A pull type combine (or one just like it) was my dad's first combine. He bought it new about 1950. Not sure but I think the price was about $1800 which was a lot of money for a small farmer in those days. This one in the ad appears to have hydraulic table lift. Dad's only had lever lift and I'd guess it was a pretty heavy lift when he had the drum type pickup attachment hanging on the front of that header. Even though it was only six feet wide.
  25. Vintage Ads

    Get a two year subscription to the Country Guide and Norwest Farmer plus this quality stock knife. All for just a dollar. Seems like a dollar bought a lot back in 1937. The sad part was that there were not many dollars around. 37 was one of the driest and poorest crop years in this area.