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  1. I dare you

    People are like sheep, more and more. One does something stupid and somebody else wants to try it. No phone, no problem. Mines been turned off for several days now.
  2. Vintage Ads

    This is an interesting and different method of baling. In a 1953 New Holland ad they appear to be baling from a stack of either hay or straw. Using a model 77 baler powered by a Wisconsin V4 and without a tractor hitched to it.
  3. New to me snow blower

    A friend of mine has the same blower bought in mid 70s. Yes, built by McKee. He converted his to front mount. Driven off the front pto on a 3020 JD which , if memory serves me, is 1000 rpm. It worked well and he later converted it to mount on the 4020. Runs the tractor engine at reduced speed which gives some very low gearing for the deep snow drifts.
  4. Vintage Ads

    Very few of the roto balers around here as it was mostly New Holland territory. I've heard of a couple of incidents of operators getting pulled into the newer big round balers too. One survived, one didn't. I'm usually thinking about those incidents whenever I get out to check anything on my New Holland 847. Here is a rare one. An Oliver baler from 1950. Engine drive although I think that series Oliver tractor already had live pto.
  5. Vintage Ads

    Interesting baler and it seems to make a nice bale of straw. Sounds like the pulleys are a bit loose on it. I bet this IH 300 with TA was real handy on that baler. Slow down or speed up without clutching. Not sure on the baler model but the ad is from 1956.
  6. hard on cattle

    You beat me to it. I'd much rather see mine standing around on frozen solid ground than ploughing through mud up to their bellies. Shelter stays dry (frozen) and facing to the South its nice and protected in the sunshine. I think we got up in the minus teens today (farenheit) and everybody looked content. That freezing rain last Tuesday was a little out of the ordinary and unwelcome but we soon got back to normal.

    I've never watched the show but do recall reading about the mystery way back in the 1960s. Might have been the Readers Digest edition. 50 years later and they still haven't found it?
  8. The Sears Roebuck catalog

    Sounds familiar but here in Canada it was Simpsons Sears and Eatons catalogues for this kid growing up in the late fifties and sixties. Christmas editions usually got worn out here by the time 3 boys were done with them. I've got a stack of them saved from the 70s but no Christmas editions. I think my oldest is an Eatons from 1952.
  9. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, those are some great vintage Farmall ads you posted there. I don't ever seeing them before but just little before my time. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this old McCormick to start up. It has two ahead of it in line. The 53 Merc sedan is in the only decent winter working space right now and the 49 truck sits near the door outside. (Hopefully next). I took this sundog shot over the M68 truck this morning. So far it is just a lawn ornament that I have to cut grass around but I have hopes of it moving under it's own power one day.
  10. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Ice on the steering wheel of the McCormick Deering in my yard this morning. A bit below zero with enough wind to put the chill factor right up in the discomfort zone. The sundogs and ice fog were out for a while. Last night's freezing rain covered everything in ice.
  11. Vintage Ads

    Yes the old Case baler from 1949 was pretty open and easy to service from the looks of it. I don't think they sold many around here. This is another ad of a slightly newer Case from 1951.
  12. Vintage Ads

    Engine drive on balers was popular when tractors did not all have live pto as standard equipment. Looks like Case went with the V4 Wisconsin back in 1949.
  13. whats worse wind chill or cold temps?

    No question for me, its the wind that determines if a day will be ok or miserable. Sunshine, blue sky and -20F is workable if there is no wind. But I've come close to hypothermia standing around at an auction sale at 30 degrees on a windy damp day. Could hardly turn the key in the truck ignition my hand was that stiff from the cold.
  14. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Got something here for the old tools category. My grandfather might have used this Goldenrod oil can to oil their McCormick 15-30 or the Huber threshing machine way back when. I have no idea how old it is. Seems to be in good shape though. Made in Nebraska. Hopt this picture does not come up sideways because I set it up right on my computer.
  15. Vintage Ads

    Yes, the W series tractors were really popular here. You will still see the occasional one show up at a farm auction sale. Here is a 1955 ad showing a couple of satisfied Saskatchewan farmer customers praising their WD 9 and 6.