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  1. That thought crossed my mind as well. I'd actually like to own one of those brochures. They would be worth a bit now. This 1938 Cletrac ad came to the surface while I was looking through my ads so thought I'd post it as they advertise it as a farm tractor.
  2. I guess they did better where there were more straight lines and open country. I used to see the ads in the Country Guide for cats farming. Like this one from 1952.
  3. Back in the days before big four wheel drive tractors were available, the alternative was a crawler tractor. And IH had a good selection to choose from. I don't think crawlers ever caught on for field work here but they were popular in road construction and land clearing. Not sure what model this one is but its from 1950.
  4. That would be the 9501, the last pull type combine John Deere made. Good machines but they came along at the end of the popularity of pull types and never sold in numbers like the older ones did. There is a nice 9501 coming up for auction right here in Sask. this summer. I get the feeling I've already posted this pic but here it is again. And here is an ad for the older 7701 back in the late 70s.
  5. Nearly a month to go til seeding time. Back in 1950 this is the type of seed drill we might have been pulling if you lived near an Oliver dealer. Surprising to see steel wheels still available in 1950.
  6. I remember that Massey commercial and song as it was a regular sponsor on the Don Messer show every Monday night here in Canada in the mid 1960s. And yes, Dinah Shore did the Chevy commercials,. I think 1955 or so.
  7. Notice the auctioneers don't stop their truck in front of the swathers when they go to auction them . Just in case the driver is not familiar with the controls. I'm going to throw in this other 7721 combine ad just because it is in the file folder . It was when the 7721 was introduced to replace the 7701. (Which had been advertised as the world's biggest pull type combine).
  8. One that sticks in my mind from nearly 30 years ago is "Chevy and GMC. The trucks more people lean on". I actually found it on youtube. Way back when I dubbed some pics and video of my own trucks into a copy of that ad and it was pretty amusing at the time. Still like the ad . (and the trucks) :-)
  9. An interesting offer from Case-IH in 1985. Assured availability.
  10. Yes, another section from the same ad flyer shows a 2wd 7120 demo for 59,900.
  11. I've read about in some of the older manuals but I've never done any of that. Ant freeze and winter diesel have always got me through the cold weather.
  12. Anson, you are right about the snow covering up a lot of imperfections. There has to be something good about it. The music in my video was Gary's rendition of three waltz tunes. The Missouri, the Kentucky and the Tennessee. Thanks again for the use of the tunes Gary. It makes the video more interesting for sure. I'll throw in this vintage photo from the old family album just in case that might be an IH one lunger engine powering the pump on this very early , home built crop sprayer. Yes, that is a cattle water tank holding the herbicide and there is a team of horses up front for power. The year was 1947.
  13. It was a long way to a Gleaner dealer here so they were not as numerous as JD , CIH and Massey. Now check out the sale prices on new CIH equipment here in February of 1990. $64,900 for a 7130 Magnum. It does not specify but I'm guessing that is for a 2 wheel drive tractor.
  14. Right, no insurance at all. But even insurance can't replace an old family vehicle with years of memories in it. It can just help you buy a replacement.
  15. Yes, a 1927 IH truck plus 40 other collectible vehicles and tractors were lost to fire in Olds, Alberta last week. I can't get the video to play but here is a link to the story. http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/antique-car-aficionado-loses-multi-million-dollar-collection-to-fire-outside-olds-1.3321341