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  1. Camera

    I like my old Gopro Hero camera that I have had for several years. It takes good stills and videos and is very compact. You can buy various ram mounts to set it where you want. I have a suction mount to stick it on a glass or smooth metal surface (side of a vehicle). Also a clamp on mount to attach the camera to various locations on a machine. It has a time lapse feature you can set to take a photo automatically . I took this picture with it today. It needs a little editing with adobe in my opinion but that is no problem.
  2. Hey Loadstar My member name is yesteryear boy. I am new to this and need all the advice and asistance I cann get. I found an old post of yours on this forum and hope you remember it and can help me. I just purchased a Cockshutt 40 here in midwest Wisconsin. It is in really good condition. Engine is tight with plenty of compression. Transmission is good as well as the hydraulics.  Got it a great price and Im very happy with it. To my point now. The post had to do with getting a 3 point hitch on it. You said it can be done and have a parts/manual to help with it. The manual is " Repair Parts List for Hydraulic Lift System for Cockshutt 40 Tractor. I am very happy with what I bought, but if I could spread a little more iceing on the cake why not. The post was back on July 15th, 2009. I realize that this is a good ways back and not to get my hopes up. If you remeber this and by some slim chance still have that part list I would live to purchase a copy from you. It seems every implement needs a 3 point hitch and hunting down the old stuff is really tough. My uncles tractor mechanic would do the build while I assited him. Figure I should watch and learn and not just pay. If you can help me that would be great. Let me know price and whether you can mail it or email it, that is of course you still have it and can find it. Thank You for your time loadstar and I hope you dont mind if I come to your for more advice when I need it.


    Yesteryear Boy


    1507 20th street, Elk Mound Wisconsin 54739


    email and text and this forum is best for me. My left side vocal cords dont work. Voice kind of weak

    1. Loadstar


      Yes, I still have all the Cockshutt tractors and manuals. If your 40 has hydrauics then it has the brackets for the rockshaft for the 3 point hitch. I can scan and e mail the pictures of the 3 point hitch from my manual. 

      I'm having problems with this laptop and sometimes it takes forever to get it to start up. So I will try and get scanning at my first opportunity. 

      My e mail is alfg@sasktel.net and that is where I will likely send the images from. 

    2. Yesteryear Boy

      Yesteryear Boy

      That is terrific. If I run into problems with it it ok to contact you? Would prefer on this forum or your email?

  3. 2017 crop pics

    I think those stats can figures are a bit optimistic. I'm not giving up on $12 canola just yet. We got a good 6 tenths, maybe 3/4 inch yesterday morning that will be great next year and pastures. I've still got a small patch of late seeded wheat in some wet land to cut once it dries up but basically I am calling it done. Just can't clean up and put away the combine til I do that patch. Got the oat straw bales hauled home and the cattle let into the oat field so they will be happy now hopefully.
  4. Vintage Ads

    I remember this "flexi tooth" from when I was a kid. The Esso (or was it New Holland) dealers handed out a free sample which we thought was pretty neat. I remember experimenting with it seeing how it would melt when pressed onto the lid of the wood stove! Crazy kids! This ad from 1963.
  5. Can a Bent Grain Auger be fixed?

    Wow! That is a serious bend. I was going to say yes before I saw it. My dad bought an auger that had been bent and repaired many years ago. We never saw how bad the original bend was but the seller had it fixed by cutting out the bent section and welding it back together. I'm still using the auger today. It rattles a little when empty but has moved thousands of bushels of grain for me over the last nearly 40 years. An old 7x33 Sakundiak.
  6. Vintage Ads

    This one I have here is not a brochure, just an ad from the 1957 Country Guide that I scanned.
  7. 2017 crop pics

    You must have got some real rain to add that much moisture. I was combining after a shower Thursday evening and although the straw was thick and unbroken enough I could have baled it, the canola seed still tested 6%. We have had no more than light showers here this week. Barely enough to make the oat straw damp so I can bale it. Actually had to quit by late morning as the old Holland chain baler would not start a bale in the slippery oat straw. I finished up canola last night and put together a bit of video of the harvest. Lost most of the best video due to a camera malfunction .
  8. Vintage Ads

    Thanks for keeping this vintage ads thread from fading into obscurity Urs and Redturbo. I've been busy with harvest the past 2 weeks or more. Finished up last night near midnight. I was thinking as I turned up the heater in the CIH 1660 just a bit against the cool night air, would I still be out here working near midnight if I was on the open Massey Harris 60 my dad used to run when I was a kid? I used to ride along on the ladder, or in the grain tank sometimes but only recall steering the combine once. I don't have an ad for a model 60 handy but here is the big model 90 Massey from 1952.
  9. 2017 crop pics

    Definitely cool here too. I've needed the heater in the cab the last few nights. Clouds and no rain but it was just possible to bale some oat straw this morning. In the afternoon I finished up the canola swaths which pretty near wraps up this year's harvest for me. Got a small patch of late wheat I need to swath.
  10. 2017 crop pics

    I was pretty concerned about field fires too but don't think there were any locally. So dry and windy some days that if fire ever started it would be a real challenge to get it under control. We have a water sprayer in both the combine and grain truck. Also a shovel in the truck. I was glad to get done wheat and into canola stubble. Don't think canola stubble would carry a fire. Harvesting flax was always my biggest worry for fire. Came close a few times but got lucky. Smoke coming out the feeder house on the 7721 sure got my attention in a hurry. No flax this year and I won't miss that part of it.
  11. 2017 crop pics

    Thats a nice shot with the dark sky and sun. We got about that same amount of rain here but no sun after it hit. Hardly any dust behind my 1660 in the canola swaths after that. I think it would have gone through ok today but my truck driver had to be somewhere else so I found other jobs to do. Only about 100 acres of canola left to do anyway. Not much crop left to do in this area it seems.
  12. 2017 crop pics

    Rain? I wish it would make up it's mind to rain or not. I got shut down about 6:00 by a rain shower that did not amount to much. After unloading the truck I thought I'd try it again. Canola swaths went through a little noisy but the seed still tested good and dry. Big problem with the straw as I have no chopper on the 1660 and that canola straw was coming out the back like flax straw. I'd have to bale it or pile and burn if I kept going. So did a hopper and quit for the night. I could have finished that field by early next morning but not now. Seeing some wind damage on some of the swaths on the high ground but nothing major. Canola is yielding better than expected after almost no rain all summer. Its so dry the moisture tester won't even register that low.
  13. 2017 crop pics

    I don't know what pigeon grass is but I spray my oats with MCPa for broadleafs, Good and dry here although the straw did not break up too bad. Think I can bale it. Finished wheat and on canola a couple of days now. Better than expected considering the dry year. Rain coming Thursday. I won't be finished.
  14. Ready to swath

    I leave mine later than that. I like to see a few black seeds showing in the pods when I open them. Otherwise they will stay green even after swathing. Green content ( I think) will drop your grade if it is over 2%.
  15. 2017 crop pics

    Very frustrating when you have paid big money to have it fixed and still have to go in and do more work. I had my hydro in to Provincial Hydraulics a few years ago for a new spline coupler and they did ok with it. Had a little trouble getting the lines re-sealed but ok. I finally replaced the 18 year old Interstate Workahaulics on the 1660 today. Been having abnormal readings on the voltmeter lately so figured the most likely suspect was the batteries. Not sure but I think it has improved. Got a new alternator on order just in case. I've had to swap the one from the 7130 Magnum onto the combine before. Those Bosch alternators have given me a little trouble over the years. Straight header went on today and I got in a good half day on Brandon wheat. Got a few green kernels but its testing 13% so I'm hoping its ok. Hot at near 30C degrees so I'll have to watch it in the bin.