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  1. 504 , no ta.

    should be able to put everything across from one tractor to the other, You will need to pay attention to the pto drive system, I think they will both be live or Independent pto but they might have different ipto gears depending on clutch or planetary pto? If ipto tooth count is different hit back on this site and someone can help you through it. The constant mesh on the TA output should be same tooth count. if its NOT the same count you can exchange it at a rebuilder for one that is correct. If both tractors have hydraulic pumps in the center or TA housing you have the live or independent pto driveline. Just match ipto ratio and you should be good to go.
  2. T/As' and Red Paint

    I have only dealt with Allied for the last 10 years or so and I put them right up there with the best we know of!! Have been great to work with! AND We are closely related to one of Ag Parts largest distributors and set one fence row apart and that puts Allied at a disadvantage on the "normal" drive line parts. Like you said they do amazing work on their custom builds! and we are pleased to sell their products. Both company's come with a wealth of experience, and both have good products; we are able to pick and choose which units to sell, promote and or have built to our customers specific need.
  3. RD501

    Dick, I thought you might like this project . Let me know if you found your bearings ed
  4. T/As' and Red Paint

    Hope its ok to jump in here, I enjoy reading these threads. There is a lot of similarity's in the three top rebuilder's out there and at the same time there is a fair amount of difference in products, We now sell primarily the Ag Parts TA's for field use. And for pulling we sell the Allied TA's and clutches etc. Some of the units are built by them to our desired specs. They both use the big Renould sprag and our experience is that the other options for the low side lock up are not even close when it comes to strength or longevity. We were using the wide Renould in late 1988 which was several years before anyone else and were rebuilding the TA's in house at that time, Seen a lot of changes and unique situations along the way and still run into things we never saw before. If any of you wish to talk with us about differences in products or what will work best for your individual application, send a PM. a text or an e/mail.
  5. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    called that a top breather kit and it was available to add to the older 400 series engines when they got overhauled because the newer style piston rings allowed more blowby. You ask any used IH parts yard for a top breather kit for a 400 series and the will know what you are talking about. I think the factory support for that kit is long gone but some of the aftermarket people were making something available. seems to me "Toms Agri Diesel" had something but they are now owned by someone else and we don't deal there anymore. BTW does that tractor have the DT414 or the DT 436? Been told some of the latert 1066 Hydro's were shipped with the bigger engines.
  6. New to me 1066 Hi Clear

    You must be talking about Mr. Bohnert? The one we had at the redpower winter convention at the Host in Lancaster, Pa. many years ago is in collection in N. Jersey owned by Mr Don Scheese
  7. Iron Bull Canopy

    Thanks for the recommendation Steve, here is some pics of the pieces that make up the setups we have been selling. our Weather Guards are built correctly. Pictures were just quickly taken from a setup on a storage pallet, but you can see the quality in the work. The bolt kits are grade 8 hardware. And I can say that we have looked into certification as well. At the time it looked very expensive and nearly impossible to achieve for a small company.
  8. 706 narrow front

    stay away from the 656 which is the same as the 460 if you can. they have much lighter spindles, hubs and bearings than a 560 or 706. ed
  9. 7588 #501 selling this morning

    If Mr. Swensen bought all three of them I am pretty sure they will stay in his possession for a while. He is a smart buyer when it comes to rare tractors and very few people know much about his collection but what you see him sell are generally culls if they are truly rare. Deals in a lot of out of the ordinary tractors for sure,
  10. Contemplating a '58 IH 330

    Always thought they were a neat little tractor and there are not many of them around any more. Build numbers were little over 4000 and I think a fair amount of them went into a loader backhoe combination that was marketed with Wagner components. Those were a stripped down version, usually no pto, no ta and no hitch. The ag version when fully loaded is a really nice addition to a collection. One of my employees completely restored one as a senior class project and when finished (20+ years ago) sent it to a Polk auction held here in MD/Pa border area and it sold for $10,000. Haven't hear of any big prices on them anymore but they are a cute little rig ed
  11. 766 Coming Along

    Good looking project, that is the weatherguard (2 post and canopy ) you bought here isn't it? Didn't take you long to put that one on! Would like more pics when its finished. ed
  12. 656 gas hydro starter issue

    Not sure about part numbers etc. on the new starters but I have seen rebuilders, partsman and even the company send out starters on that small frame hydro with the wrong bendix gear and or the wrong nose cone on them. Did you put the new starter next to the one you took out and compare it? If still around that would be a good place to start. because most likely the problem is in the starter. The ring gears difference in 132 vs 133 (think thats correct count) is almost impossible to mix up because the inner diameters between them is different. In other words you can't put the wrong ring gear on the flywheels. Incorrect starters have been the problem most times in situations like yours.
  13. 3688 issue..............

    Both company's use the wide Reynoud sprag, IMO the only sprag worth installing in a red tractor. Be sure to buy the TA with the extra disc on the high side, We sell for both company's and they both have good quality and a product that will holdup.
  14. Elwood axle 06-56 series

    The one i've seen up in Susquehanna County had the Coleman on it, not sure if it would be the same tractor or not? They drove it in to pickup equipment at an auction we handled near Nicholson a few years back. Supposed to still be in the area.
  15. 886 repower

    internally those two motors are different in bore and stroke, but externally very similar. You should have all the parts on your existing engine to transfer and slide the truck engine in there. probably need to exchange oil pan and suction tube (make sure the suction tube matches the suction port of the tractor front cover) as well. your front cover, rear plate and flywheel off of the tractor should go right on the truck engine. oil filter base should cross over as well I think, but make sure it matches where it goes on. Like Matt said if you stay with the truck fuel pump and get a governor installed or adjusted in the fuel pump you will have lots of power.