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  1. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    I am on my second rebuild of a 806 L.P. 301 after I I/2 hours of operation. First time machine shop did all machining and provided the parts ( Reliance) We built the engine. This second time they did all machining, provided parts ( Reliance again after I suggested other but they said Reliance is their supplier) and I insisted they mic everything and build me a long block ready to go, Which they did , I have an hour on it so far and it sounds about as before, Not good. They Ate most of bill on this second go around, with no argument , so they must know something I don't. I am hoping to get it on Dyno tomorrow weather permitting. I am almost afraid too because last time it went 15 minutes before knocking so bad we thought #5 was coming through . lol. Scored the sleeve, piston shoulders gouged into sleeve, too tight and metal got to every cylinder and crank. Tony
  2. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Happy to finally see a shovel ready job beginning. Been wanting to do this for a few years . Decided last Oct. it was time drew plans ,put deposit down and headed to the County Office for a building permit . 11 months later we have it in hand. Had to go over some heads to get action but here we are. This will be a 40 W x 85L x18 H Steel butler building cement floors . Two drive through doors ,two man doors , and a drive through door connecting existing shop to new shed. My existing is 40x75 x 12 New one will be 20ft behind existing. Tony
  3. Dad passed away

    JD , Our prayers and thoughts with you and your family at this difficult time. Tony
  4. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    I am thinking I should have a barn raising BBQ and party sometime next fall , When all is done and invite anyone interested in a Few old Red Girls , to attend. Tony
  5. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Getting very close to being done. Just need three man doors and all the trim for old shop new door. Predicting rain tomorrow and guys finished out side , Gutters etc. JFYI , Cal Fire requires building 20 feet apart and Cal Fire requires water source in case of fire . In my case this irrigating pump yields more then they require so they let me use it as fire suppression in an emergency. Hopefully , My intentions are to gravel the area between buildings and park working equipment there and eventually if fertilized & watered properly, I expect the roof to grow over that area little by little . Power will come a little later. Update pic's Tony
  6. June of 14 I came across this 66 Binder 6 cylinder ,4speed ,torsion suspension front and no frills. Being the first vehicle I drove to school day after receiving my drivers lic. was my Dad's six ,4speed International p.u. I thought the price & condition of this one was to good to pass up. Few pictures of driving it around after buying it. In Oct of 14 decided to paint it Red to go with my I.H. tractors and after seeing the amount of work and commitment decided to go for a car show Binder and parking next to a Ford or Chevy we are going to have to make it compete. Year later we are this far
  7. Spark plug Question

    Fellas , Was sent champion D15Y for my 806 L.P. with electronic ignition . Its not running as smooth as it should ( Everything has been done to this motor ) Today, I decided to go to AC or Autolite but my parts counter guy recommended GNK AB6's says champion d15y subs to it . He says they sell so many of them to Ag that they are thinking of discontinuing all the others. ? Looking for your opinions or experiences . Its a 301 L.P. engine in a 806. Tony
  8. Spark plug Question

    Thank You Gentlemen for all the great input. Tony
  9. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Yeah , Like I have said before Never done snow and THEY WOULD PROBABLY FIND ME BURIED IN IT THE FIRST MONTH I LIVED IN IT. I worry a lot about Antifreeze both for freezing and engine maintenance. I saw the big engine crack on Dad's new 55W hay baler back in 56 I was 11 and I have never forgotten, I am anal about anti-freeze. Jerry, we all have our crosses to bear; I DON"T HAVE TO WORRY MUCH ABOUT WHAT YOU MENTIONED . HOWEVER, YOU DON"T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL OUR BS TO BUILD AND DEAL WITH FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR FIRE PROTECTION AND PAY OUR HIGHER TAXES FOR EVERYTHING. My biggest cross is the Embarrassment of listening to our Governor and His Minions spew stupidity . So , Jerry, are we even on CROSSES ? with our Governor perhaps I may have more. Tony
  10. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Took Them one and half day . However, they missed a day for a finish up on another job. Crew of four guys none are slackers. Its interesting to watch them work each has his job and they all coordinate with minimal talk & intervals. They have three roll ups & two man doors on new building and one roll up cut out and frame on old building & also man door. The plan is finish building get final inspection , Then pump co. will come in and do electrical ,finishing electrical, builder will come back and finish interior with the lite white sheeting. Then we have the drive way and dirt work for easy access year round for drainage and minimize mud & dust. Tony
  11. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Stripped down the Cat II Q.H. and took frame to blast & prime . Have to make some pins , Took them to machine shop to duplicate . Tony
  12. Hi Fellas, Yesterday Bob & I started my 806 L.P. restoration! As you may remember I purchased this Old Cotton Girl fresh out of field from Anson Texas. RPF Member Twostepen2001 gave me the heads up on her and John A who recently passed away checked her out for me. His assessment was she is a WELL USED Honest old tractor not abused and he was right. I purchased it in spring of 2014 it was delivered June of 2014 and she has waited patiently while the SMTA ,S.C., Dyno, 300 U cut in line ahead of Her . But now its all her. BTW drained coolant pure clean Antifreeze, Rear end oil smells like Hytran with no visible metal or junk in drain bucket. Air cleaner had inner & outer Old but clean. Will drop hydraulic filter next hope no surprises. Only leak or wet spot on rear is from right torsion shaft. Engine oil did not have contamination ,will pull filter next.
  13. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Finally have a roof , as of today 11/10/17 few pic's Tony
  14. Spark plug Question

    Going to go back and start over , Using you template. Tony
  15. Retirement

    It boils down to your sentiments totally ! These retire communities sound and look beautiful, but IMHO, they are stifling ,unless all you like is doing what everyone else there does, Play Golf, cards & tennis. At 72 I still like Grease, dirt , noise , and not have to be politically correct 24/7. Not my cup of tea. Tony
  16. Retirement

    Been planning for retirement since 2008. Just retired last April 4 of 17. In my case I set priorities. I-2-3 etc. & my wife set hers'. #1 Knew I wanted live in the Country, After living ten years in town after a divorce, and having lived three years in a HOA . Unless you have no toys , do nothing but bow to the board members of the HOA , want to blend in and not be noticed , and not have much say in your everyday property decisions , STAY AWAY FROM HOA's #2 wanted still to be tied to my lifelong Industry of Ag in some way. Which I Still farm 20 AC of Almonds here on Home Place ,With help and hire services , Don't want to work too hard. #3 Wanted to maintain certain passions in hobbies. #4 Wanted freedom to leave and be gone. Like to change scenery , weather it be a Motor home or house or cabin in a favorite place . Now in THIS case of having a home else- where , A HOA is perfect because they have security, & let you know of problems , and being its a get away you don't want anything there anyway. #5 Consider future! If your main place is conducive to" live in's " for medical help or at what point do you want to go to "The Home" If your willing to go to "The Home" then making your home " OLD Person Convenient, not as important. In my case wife and I are working on our current home trying to make it safer, more accessible , and trying to make what was the guest bed room more conducive to live in help if ever needed. Carol & I Have a Motto of ; "The only way we are moving out of our main home , is when the Hurst comes to pick us up ." #6 Stay active with what you like or is a passion, Don't set yourself up to get old before your time. Look for Social out lets. Lot to consider . Tony
  17. Bergdahl court martial acquital

    I'm afraid your right . Tony
  18. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Roof is on ! as of this evening. Tony
  19. Spark plug Question

    If it works and would work on these old girls , and you willing to sell it , I'll worry about the shipping. But must have a manual or you need to teach me how to use it. lol. Better yet , I know your a propane expert . You deliver it and show us how to use it and diagnose our problem . I'll pay for the service call. Not Joking if it fits your schedule. I notice your from Zumbrota MN. **** you and Danny can do a service call ,when the weather gets bad back there. Need it running good by Feb of 18 or sooner. Tony Tony
  20. Spark plug Question

    Thank You ,that's what I am looking for ! Could not remember the name ,Thank You ! I think its the way to track this down. Hate to say this out loud but its starting to sound like it did after the first re-build . The first time around machine shop did all work & provided parts. We built engine. This time They re-did all the work provided parts and built the motor themselves supposedly mic everything going in. They were warned that reliance parts can be iffy and I specifically asked them to re- mic the cam. They are noted as the longest operating & best machine shop in town. I am starting to shake in my boots. Tony
  21. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    Always enjoy your posts . Its amazing how those steps look better and better as the years go by. Tony
  22. Spark plug Question

    Well Guys. Plugs, Coil, Wires made no difference. Engine is sounding worse the more time I put on it. Next on the agenda will be to re-run valves again and check valve train. Then replace L.P. regulator. Wonder if this is possible ? May try it any way and that is ; Putting a gas carb on it and feed it with a nurse can to try to isolate problem. See if it runs better on gas then propane , Then we know its a fuel problem. Another question ; Anyone know if there are older engine monitors available that would monitor engine functions with out a computer ? I searched internet but everything I find is basically to monitor engine codes and plug into computers. This engine has been a stomper ! Tony
  23. Spark plug Question

    Thank You guys . In old days I used D16's on everything with no problems. Then from about 1977 forward we Farmed with all diesel , never thought about plugs much. Started these restorations back in 2005 and every time I ordered plugs along with my protronix ignition & wires I was sent A C 3116's. Of the 10 propane & gas restorations only had problems with three so called hot Coils. Have had three new Coils be bad when hot or pulled down on Dyno. In this case I am not sure if its Coil , Plugs, or Regulator. Today Bob and I will start process of elimination . First we will replace plugs NGK AB 6, if not perfect ,then we'll replace Coil, If still not happy then attention will go to propane regulator & carb . They were both rebuilt by Welters Equipment ,they have done all 5 of my propane regulators & Carbs, never any problems. As for engine If you follow Restorations page , you'll see everything that's been done . We have run valves three times , we have Re- torqued head twice after run ins' Distributor is rebuilt and we've been using the timing light for setting . As apposed to some others when we just use ear method. Will let you guys know what happens today. Tony
  24. Midwest storms

    I wish we could get some of your rain. We were promised rain last weekend but got three drops. Its beautiful cool weather feels like fall but a little liquid would be nice . Well , maybe after they put the roof on my shed . Wish you guys the best with your weather. Tony