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  1. Possibility of a 51st state

    Yep , Can't wait ! Only thing I would like to propose is that Calif . Have a ACMOC playday and bring all of the Cat Bulldozers and lets just push San Francisco & L.A. into the ocean. Really the blue areas are pretty average with Central valley and Upper North are very conservative. They better hurry because even a town like Fresno is becoming more liberal every year. As a Life long farmer in this area IMHO ,I think what's left of older values predominantly Ag is Fresno County, Kings County, Tulare County, Kern County, Colusa County. There are good pockets of AG communities but the urbanites are taking over and the sad thing is these people move to more rural areas but bring their liberal policies or values . Same I would think with those moving out of Calif. Cities , I suspect they want their Ca. values with them. Only problem I see is that I'll have to go to across state line to go to Pismo ( I'll miss my steak at the old Hitching Post the Santa Maria Vegetable farming area) or Santa Margarita Ranch tractor show, or the Paso Robles parade. Darn , Have to go out of state to go to Justin winery for my Cab wine. Seriously, I think the pendulum will eventually swing back but a lot will go to H*ll before . Very many unhappy people in Calif . We cannot belief the crap Sacto . pushes and everyone goes along. This is not politically correct but when most of people work for government in some way and those same people have roots along with most legislators from L.A. to Southern Countries either by marriage or by chain migration , How the H*ll do you think the will vote and legislate ? No loyalty to the USA. Would love to see the draft re- instituted ,would make men out of snowflakes . IMHO. Tony
  2. What's your favorite snack

    YEP ! That one measly letter took it from refreshing to GAG ! Thanks for pointing out , Perhaps I should correct it. Got a lot of similes from Mader656 Thanks . Tony
  3. Hi Fellas, Yesterday Bob & I started my 806 L.P. restoration! As you may remember I purchased this Old Cotton Girl fresh out of field from Anson Texas. RPF Member Twostepen2001 gave me the heads up on her and John A who recently passed away checked her out for me. His assessment was she is a WELL USED Honest old tractor not abused and he was right. I purchased it in spring of 2014 it was delivered June of 2014 and she has waited patiently while the SMTA ,S.C., Dyno, 300 U cut in line ahead of Her . But now its all her. BTW drained coolant pure clean Antifreeze, Rear end oil smells like Hytran with no visible metal or junk in drain bucket. Air cleaner had inner & outer Old but clean. Will drop hydraulic filter next hope no surprises. Only leak or wet spot on rear is from right torsion shaft. Engine oil did not have contamination ,will pull filter next.
  4. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Yes , Used to enjoy starting day with our local paper and cup of coffee. Our paper went to Sh*t years ago ,was getting it just for O'bits . then we dropped it ,totally. Now start my day at my desk with my P.C.& radio news and cup of coffee. Tony
  5. Nice looking rig. Looks to be normal to today to me ,Not old school. lol. Tony
  6. What's your favorite snack

    We always have a bowl of whole natural Almonds on counter . Grab a hand full several times a day along with a protein drink. But sometimes nothing but something sweet will do.! Tony
  7. Oldtech and Farmerboy3

    Happy Birthday OldTech & Farmerboy 3 Hope you have great one ! Tony
  8. Repainting metal 101?

    I take my pieces to a professional blaster , He uses the proper media for the item being blasted. Then he applies a etch primer which buys us time before surface rusting. Then body work is done to the level you want ,then primed and use a QUALITY Poly -Urethane automotive single stage paint. Tony
  9. Winter Tractor Show

    Seems you have many more tractors there this year John ? Very nice tribute to your Dad , Thanks for the pictures , Pretty nice to do something like that, I don't think it would work in our Mall , Doubt any male over 20 visits that mall . lol. Its packed with kids. lol. Tony
  10. Transmission pictures.

    Good to hear We have missed you here. Looking forward to see this latest project on track. Tony
  11. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Still working on odds and ends on the 1456, 1468, 806. Having trouble downloading pictures from my IPhone to P.C. say P.C is full ? will be working with It to fix problem. I found a Sun Oscilloscope old school trying to learn this thing. lol. Tony
  12. Welcome JK1206 , I hope you will post your restoration here and let us follow along and help of needed. Tony
  13. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Just plain Awesome ! Tony
  14. IH quick hitch

    Looks nice , High lights working parts and keeps them free of rust. Tony
  15. Happy Birthday Gonzo

    Happy Birthday ,Gonzo, Hope all is well . Tony
  16. 2017 crop year pictures

    Congratulations ! Great line up of well kept equipment ! We love to see them still earning there keep. That pick up belt on the harvester ,reminded me of a Black eyed bean harvester I had back in the 70's , Was a Gleaner C converted to Black eye harvest and I had a draper pick-up much like yours. JFY. Tony
  17. X2 It hurts to hear this and imagine the horror evolved. Only by the Grace of God go I , Got knows I v' done so much that could of ended in disaster. Prayers for His family ! Tony
  18. 1/16 IH 1456 Gold Demo

    Brian , You never seize to amaze me with you talent as it pertains to these I.H. muscle tractors. Great Job, Tony
  19. Getting old

    These stories are heartwarming and we all pretty much smiled and knotted . I have become so hard on myself , at 72 and having a pace maker for last five years , I forget, look at projects and think no problem ,until I get to them! Need MORE light for everything, Doctor took away my welder ,because welders and pace-makers don't play well together, I look for a creeper chair for everything in shop , the cheater bar is so long now I can hardly lift it, everything is harder then it looks, Tractors all have K&M steps with forth step. Getting down in shop work , then up takes a few minutes and MUCH concentration. Four legged chairs are strategically placed in shop for breaks, Pillow is always out in shop office for a siesta . Worse of all ,it seems everything I send out for repairs takes forever ! Is it that young people are working slower or is it me thinking I want it now , which appears to be a malady that most of us old farts suffer from, after all, time is running short . All in All, getting old is NOT for SISSIES but we keep swinging away and we get- er- done, eventually , between aches and pains and Doctor visits . You know, I hope we are all still struggling to get things done when we are in our Nineties and blowing up the garbage barrel, (That was funny right there) or putting dents on the tail gate of my pick-up or even the Motor Home cussing at the wrong the wrench size I picked out of tool box and complaining about how everything now a days have become so DARN heavy ! Some days , Bob and I are pathetic in shop both looking for the part we just picked up and set done and its no where to be found. Thank God ,for the privilege to be able to do these crazy things together and laugh about it. I want to think its the "Country Boy's" RIGHT OF PASSAGE ! and a good one. Tony
  20. Red Power Round Up 2018

    GUYS , GUYS ! B.J. is going to hammer you BECAUSE THAT IS JUST PLAIN", RED COTTON PICKER PORN !" You just cannot be showing these rare I H. cotton pickers, looking showroom new, that are not all rusted and bent up, Makes some old cotton farmer some where out West depressed Tony
  21. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Come to think of it ,My Doctor told me my levels were elevated recently. I wish ! Tony
  22. Red Power Round Up 2018

    My goodness ! That will give a Cotton man erotic dreams ! Tony
  23. Me 25 yrs ago

    Great Memories ! Like others have said keep those pic's safe. Country life is great , and much of this tractor preservation is linked to those great memories and attachment to our family members. Tony
  24. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Randy, We are sure planning on it . God willing and Creek don't rise ! We have our camping spot reserved (,I hope ) ordered my two 314 pickers at Des Moines , Today ordered golf cart. Are there any real 314's one could order? Carol would KILL me Now, all I need is to get Motor home serviced and get through my show in Tulare on April 20-21-22 of which I am Chairman, then Get through the Pismo Ca. Car show with the I.H. P.U. 1st & 2nd June and head to Alabamer straight from Pismo . Leave P.U. in trailer here, take it home when we get back. At least we'll be three hours closer to you from Pismo. If we leave on third or fourth we should arrive before RPRU starts . Hoping for arrival by 12th. Gee, I am huffing and puffing already, BTW, hope Jerry, Danny and others can park close by , WE need RPRU Coffee before show every morning and Very important board meetings after. Usually Brady Boy chairs meetings but last Year 2 + 2 guy was interim chair .He Did good job ,We consumed lot of Cali. Red wine, B.S.ed till the cows came home and tabled all business indefinitely. Tony
  25. What would you recommend ?

    I have had a P.J. low- pro for five years . Love it ! 20 x10 dove. Tandem duals . Handles great behind my 09 2500 Duramax . We do not handle round hay out here but I know guys that haul three wire squares on theirs regularly with no problems. Tony