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  1. I feel same way ! Walk right by . My theory ;don't humor them ,maybe they'll go away or get the hint. These guys appear to be Charlatans IMHO , When I was shopping for a SC they had one listed for 15,000.00 wide front F.H. said it was totally restored and professionally painted, "cannot find a better one." I research it hard and heavy all the rubber knobs were old with overspray including gear shift lever . Axle bumpers were old along with drag link boots, Steering wheel had cracks along with lot of other inadequacies for a totally restored professionally paint job with a 15000.00 price. If the cheap cosmetics, that complete a nice restoration are overlooked, I would have hard time trusting the expensive stuff that one cannot see. Tony
  2. Ah, the good old days...

    Lot of wisdom ,there ,12_Guy ! Yes , up to age 44 thought I was indestructible, Then I learned how precious life is, when I lost a 9 year old son in 1986. I totally left me feeling crumbled. At my age now,I think of life everyday ,as a Gift! But it does make me feel" weak" and "vulnerable " Sometimes ! Thanks , Tony
  3. Happy Thanksgiving Every One

    Thank You Tim, Happy thanksgiving to all of you here. Much to be thankful for, Tony
  4. Ah, the good old days...

    I have my own theory based on what I have witnessed in my 7 decades . In my own circle as people grow up and move away from their roots in the country, and society imposes more safety rules ,regulations we tend to get softer, less common sense, less able to coop, and depend more on Government agencies telling us what is okay and what is not. Can You imagine that add running today ? Yet , I remember the excitement of kids (me included) getting their first BB gun then their first shotgun. They were a staple on a farm. An example also of myself; Growing up (Late 50-60's) I looked forward to shredding cotton after school with a Farmall 400 single front , no fenders, no PTO guards, no ROPS. I ran that thing 4 th gear wide open, on ends their was usually a low spot from irrigation pipes front wheel would hit that with a little bounce ,I would slow down very little hit the brake and spin her around and back in the next two rows. Point I am getting too is; Fast forward to 2009 Had not driven anything similar since 1976 . I restored a Farmall 400 got her running took it for a spin before finishing and putting on fenders (that we never had in the day ) and in 5 gear down road I thought OH crap I HAVE NO FENDERS OR ANY PROTECTION ON THIS THING, MAN I AM CLOSE TO THOSE TIRES. BOY I BETTER NOT SLIP. Damn, I realized I had started my journey to becoming a snowflake. Because we are dependent on safety Equipment and what others say we can or cannot do. Yes, in todays world , that add would explode lot of heads . Perspective from 72 years, Tony
  5. Custom decals

    Not Yet ,Jass1660, Looking forward to it, perhaps next year , Hope its that sparse ! I love the pictures of Montana that I have seen here ,from time to time. I bet there is some kind of custom signs outfit . Tony
  6. Know this John Deere fan?

    Dude is Sick ! Sorry J.D. Even you do not deserve this face.
  7. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    Those are sexy looking tractors and not many restored or at shows. Show it with your Reds and you'll be surprised of response. Nice, Tony
  8. Custom decals

    Out Here in Ca . we have a privately owned franchise outfit called;" Fast Signs ." They are fantastic in working with me on custom decals . Take them a picture and few details and they will make it for you. You must have something similar in Montana. Tony
  9. IH mounted cultivator id help

    Without looking anything up, just off top my head. We had a Farmall 400 with a mounted # 465 I think was the number. Cultivator was purchased new in 1962 or 63. Looks much like your pic, However ours had the rubber gauge wheels like in the SMTA pic. Tony
  10. Was looking for one foe a 1456 and hit same wall . Think the best is salvage yard then have it powder coated shinny black. I recommend Brian At Bates Corp. Stiener has one that appears to go on 1468. Tony
  11. Sad night for a good guy...

    So Sorry to hear this Todd . First and foremost ,He has Carol & MY prayers and thoughts for piece this Thanksgiving. Second, I will inquire with some J.D. guys around to see what we can turn up. Let us be thankful that He & family are safe. He will rebuild and perhaps come out even better. Best to You and Your family At this time, Tony & Carol
  12. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    We are in good shape Twostepn ! I still have a" Cook Plow " which was an updated version of the Gram holm . I believe ours is an 8 ft Hydraulic, pull unit, still in good shape , Used it with our 560 in the day, was perfect for tearing out alfalfa. used flat wide sweeps and it slid about 10 inches deep sliced all roots. Tony
  13. Spark plug Question

    Rather then count calendar days , They have been on for 5 hours of operation. I am wondering that also ,will report later when we get more time on Her. Tony
  14. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    Love it and Jass1660 's reply . I ask them to give me their # and I will call them back at their dinner hour and my Indian/ neighbor will be calling and be able to speak their language for me . I usually get a F you and hang up . Tony
  15. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    This one is being done for the 806 . Its Cat 11 Tony