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  1. I've never pushed snow, However, If I had too , think I would go after that one. Tony
  2. Concur Ron. In my simple mind the C-172m is the =SH, 182= Sm, 206= 1456 as far as their durability & workload. N80079er, Tony
  3. Yes! We called them the Forked tail Doctor & lawyer killers. Reason for that moniker was that mostly Doc's & lawyers could afford them , then with minimum hours they had their training but no experience and being they were educated in other fields they thought they did not need as much as average guys. The V tail Bonanza is fast & sleek very little parasite drag ,plane would get ahead of pilot, if he was not on it and he would loose it. When I was training back in the late eighties my friend had one and we were both farmers , WE would fly Fresno To San Francisco for clam Chowder lunch and back to work . At times it would get kind of squirrely ,he would back off on speed. It liked to yaw front to back like weather vane . He sold it and I just continued to fly a Cessna ,till 1/07 when I figure I had a good run & lot of enjoyment but not flying enough hours to consider myself current enough. Sold the plane to my son. Tony
  4. Update; Machine shop says crank out and being machined. Block sleeves are going to be bored here shortly & custom made pistons ordered. Subject to change depending on how much needs to be bored . Tony
  5. Congratulations B.J. ! Nice looking trailer. I am sure you will love the hyd. dove . I have had mine four years and I appreciate the hyd. dove more each time I use it. I agree with Driver1, for what you and me haul I think the ratchet binders are the most user friendly. Tony
  6. Reichow 7120 Out here in Cali. first & second & 7 th cuttings usually did 52-53-54 TDN if it was clean and cut on schedule. Third cutting to 6th, buyers called it summer hay , So, I made sure I gave them summer hay .I would irrigate twice between cuttings and let it go 30-32 days between cuttings and it would test 47-49 TDN and it was used for dry stock and dry stock price. I am suspect when no one was looking it went in front of milking string. Cheaper price per ton made it okay. The feedlots also wanted it in the 47-49 range as they were supplementing it with grain. Don't know how much its changed, as my last commercial crop of Alfalfa was in 2000. Tony
  7. Congratulations ! Great job. Tony
  8. Hi there Tony in Ca.  I'm Mandi from FL. I'm a 34 yo Residential Painting Contractor.    I noticed some of your postings and am delighted, and think there is much info to be shared!!!   First off,  Shout out to my Aunt Sally in Cali, Ms. Caglia, also in Fresno (recycling)


    Next in the extraordinary news of the day, my Great Great Great Grandmother was Lucy Virginia McCormick,  the daughter of William Sanderson McCormick.    


    The mother of my paternal grandmother worked at her Uncle's Chicago Tribune.


    There is a foretelling autobiography of the Life of William Sanderson McCormick,  that conveys intimate details of the story of the McCormick reaper's early development,  including the life of Cyrus Hall McCormick. 


    I hold my family lineage with much pride, and just wanted to reach out to you and say Hi.  I admire your live for all things IH.

    P.S.  I have an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe in every way but the hair, boy could you imagine That kind of photo shoot?  On a side note,  I was planning on painting my Aunt's home in the very near future.  Anyways, an interesting concept if anything.






    1. Mandi Trapka

      Mandi Trapka

      ...btw. regarding the 2018 promotion shoot you mentioned about your tractors.  


      Pardon if I digress

    2. Mandi Trapka

      Mandi Trapka

      Before it was named the International Harvesting Company, it was invented as the McCormick Reaper. 


  9. Very nice line up . Agree with others, tragic he did not enjoy them more in retirement. Thanks for the sharing of his life & pictures. Tony
  10. Happy Birthday Todd ! Hope you have a great day. Wishes for many more! Tony
  11. Portuguese . My Dad came over from Azores Islands in 1920. Mother born in USA but her parents immigrated from Azores Islands also Tony
  12. In April before loading for Tulare Show , I hired a photographer to take bunch of pictures of the girls so we can perhaps use some of them for Promotion of 2018 Show, of which I'll be the chair. So Armando the photographer was put on a hydraulic Orchard pruning tower and lifted to new heights. My computer crashed but before it did it went nuts so I have had everything redone ,so lets see if I can post a few pic's . They are off a DVD that Armondo did. The first is all my herd minus the reverse loader 350 that we are working on. Second ,is just my Red girls & Eddies NOS 806 peddle tractor. Third is the 806 L.P. before we found the engine problem . Fourth, is my Neighbor, Eddie, He & His Son have found me lots of I.H. stuff I never knew I needed ! Thanks to them the shop is full & pockets don't jingle anymore. Fifth, is really a picture of my friends that help keep me motivated to keep going. From left is My employee Sal Jr next His Dad SAL Sr. Sal & I are retiring together ,Jr still has a business to run. Next my brother from another mother Stan , He is my B.I.L. and a trucker who never leaves me stranded. Right of the 14 is Me, Then My partner in Crime BOB , He is a self employed retired Mechanic that repairs all the mistakes I make. Last but not least is Eddie ,His weekly visits to Bob & I in shop puts the motivation back in us old farts. Last , The 806 running with a little slight miss that we had not figured out yet. The Model on weights is a replica of it that Bob Had custom made for me for my 70th B/D ,Bob & Sal Jr Tony Tony
  13. Its Poly Urathane ,Valspar, Top grade Automotive . It was blasted, primed, two coats of paint. My painter buys in in five gallon pail and tints it himself. Tony
  14. Thank You B.J. ! I would be a big failure on this forum without B.J. pulling me through from time to time. ( I owe you some Almonds ) I think I have my P.C. going now . Those are only two pictures I have so far. First they did the backboard panels to attach upholstery to , Now they are trying to design upholstery to fit the spaces & panels & compliment truck. He is working on other door ,two kick panels , back of cab behind seat. But his challenge, He says, is going to be the headliner to tie into rest of design. HUH . After all upholstery is done then seat comes out for the rug install, which he says will be made in panels also like the old cars use to be, with the same strip of leather as seats being used as the seam on rug. This has been a HUGE learning process for this old dirt farmer. Tony
  15. Test