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  1. Oops ! Had not though of that Rails will give . Castings will break. we'll give it consideration . If I haul I am usually tame and use ratchet binder but with big trucker , he uses big off center binder and the tighter the better. tony
  2. Thank You Brian, You have been my inspiration to pursue these . These will go on 1456 & 68. I thing I have the Cat 2 only, spotted for the 806. Some time back you posted parts that needed making and I believe you said you might have some for sale. If there are any parts you sell , let me know , either by P.M. of here. Tony
  3. These rims are 8x15 Tires are 11L-15. She originally had 750-15's on 4 or 5" rims. Yes, I need to learn about this sealer. lol. Tony
  4. Your right Twostepn , I have her on 38" centers which was our cotton settings out here when she was new. She is ready to run the lilliston cultivator in cotton if need arises. Tony
  5. You are right Jerry, However , it is such a clean way to hang front chain hooks and keep weights away from grill for cleanliness. I am willing to deviate in order to keep from wrapping towels on front axles every time I haul it. I have those blocks on the 1456 & 68 its so nice to have those hooks for tie down. & they are hardly noticeable. Tony
  6. Tractor Therapy Wed. 2/22/17 Productive day in shop. Received most of the off color powder coated parts that David had to paint. Most important the front rims ,Got tires mounted rims mounted so we could move tractor to get to ride side rear tire because new tube had valve stem detached and tire was flat and we unable to reach it because to close to wall. Tire company out with new tube all is well. We bushed shifter & shimmed to delete free play. David repainted front weight bracket & spacers & chain hooks. We mounted the full set of 75lbs suit case weights , Mounted painted screen on Grill Had to tap rivet holes and replace with screws. taped hole for front emblem and mounted . Remounted Hydraulic clutch bracket. Tractor is ready for rear weights next week . We will be mounting two sets of split weights per wheel. WE cleaned shop and started on first Quick hitch restoration. Going to tear down ,Blast ,paint ,decal . the big job is going to be sourcing parts. This first one will go on Goldie. The skinny on the head is first head defective ,second head does not hold pressure on two cylinders and I am waiting on third head coming from Texas. Tell me if this sounds plausible or not. Second head came from a reputable co. Guaranteed 90 days, I told them will not hold pressure , They asked if I hot Tanked it ? I said yes , they said that's the problem . Repair shop puts a sealer on before welding but hot tanking destroys sealer . Never heard of such a thing but you guys know more then I , are they me? Sounds like it, because you would think heat of combustion would damage sealer also. Few pic's from today. Tony
  7. Santa arrived yesterday with these two. Both are Cat #3 I.H. quick hitches. Tony
  8. These pic's are from the Ag Expo taken Feb. 14-15/17 . This was Tractor Therapy Week ! Met so many fun people. The 56 &68 strutting their stuff among their new cousins. Last pic ,is our RP forum member Zack Grant That I had pleasure of meeting . second from left. L to R My cousin Jerry, Zack, Me, Roger; Ca. I.H. collector #14 president & Richard #14 Board member. My B.I.L. Stan & his 73 cab over Pete. Tony
  9. Here you go Lorenzo . That's the owner and its a 73 . If you need more info i'll need to ask him. Tony
  10. Hey Dukester ! , Good to see your post , Have not heard from you in a long time. Be glad you left Cali. years back. Agree with your sentiments above, Nice tractors, Tony
  11. Very Nice Pair ! Great to see the H with cultivator. Originality like these have their own beauty. Tony
  12. There are many ariel applications being made by fix wing Or helicopter . They are booked solid usually have to wait and when you wait you get sprayed at less then optimum time. Air is good if your too wet or can't get in But ground is the gold standard . We are going @ 2mph and 100 gallons water for maximum air displacement and coverage and the air application is 15 gallon ride. Much more concentrate for sure however , some of these trees are 30 ft or more tall so lot of obstacles to catch droplets as they fall through tree. We will use air if we can not do it, however, as a Almond grower this is something we try to always be ready for. Tony
  13. My tractor buddy neighbor , Even though he is an Oliver man at heart , He knows I.H. and I may be rubbing I.H. love off on him. Eddie, found a cat 3 I.H. Quick Hitch for me to follow up on which led to me finding a second one. Today they arrived both I.H. cat3 one is newer style then other. all parts there but the need restoring. I have searched high and low for these and hit walls all the time except for this time. I may have found a Cat2 I.H. for the 806 also, Will take a little while to be certain . These cat 3's will go on the 1456 & 1468. I am so tickled it was Santa arrived again! These things are much larger & heavier then they look in pictures. I had only seen I.H. quick hitch once at one of the RPRUs Sorry for quality of pictures but raining all day so just tucked them under tractor to get out of rain. Tony
  14. Good to see yesteryear pictures. Yes ," the after useful use auto muffler" Saw many of those out here also .lol. Thanks for pic's ,John, Tony