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  1. Black suburban's pulled in today after air force one landed at Fresno airport and this what showed at my shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took Danny & Bob to see the Binder. Tony
  2. Your Right , New guy, I love socializing with people Sometimes visit too much ! With tractors or Truck I prefer talking to people who do not have or do not think they can have , Can't afford or do not have the talent , Because I was that Guy until 2007 when I started little by little with much help and school of hard knocks . Never thought I would have the time or the money to do this , yet it happened . So my message to them if I could do it , You can do it. At this point its about people more then the tractors or truck , Tony
  3. I have no hopes of being a beloved car guy, Don't want to ,I am a tractor guy. ****, I've had my problems with tractor guys, I was told twice that my tractors should not be at a show because they are too shinny ! If They can't plow and be hosed down and brought to show they are no good ,I was told tractors were not made to be shinny. All I said to Him after his tirade was," If I catch anyone hosing my tractors down I'll kill them"." After they are painted they never see water except if it rains on them" . "They are wiped down and waxed each time they are cleaned." lol. He and a few others shook their heads and called me an idiot, Which I will not argue with. Guess what! the people that told me that, are gone and I am chairman next year of the show they wanted me banned from. Clubs suck ,tractor or other wise . When I was Cycling , Those ass**es were the worlds worst, But I did it for 10 years , was doing it for myself. I appreciate what you and Jerry are saying and you are right . However, If I can hitch a ride on Rob's shirt tail , I don't think many snobs screw with him, because he has done their cars at one time or another. I just want to try to put a "Binder" in front of those guys, if I can, while its fresh and with Rob's help. Tony
  4. Yes , Good Lord has blessed Me & I give thanks every nite as I lay my head down. Well , I invested the kids inheritance so I think I am making them money Troy follow this logic, being we put the money in rental properties , well, this motor home could of bought another house , so, we did use the motor home money to buy another rental and we put this thing on a 20 year note. In twenty years, if I am gone the kids get the rental house and a junk Motor home. Tony
  5. Well !, You know now the old folks are on a FIXED income , Got to economize Thanks, Tony
  6. Great ! would love to meet you both! Tony
  7. My dream would be to get an enclosed trailer & take the Binder to RPRU or then the little 300 U or the H . Need Danny to come pick up my heavies to take ., Tony
  8. Yes, I am looking for the prominent spot. Tony
  9. That is the Classiest steel wheel Farmall I have ever seen ! Dam !You have some talent ! Or did Dale & Boomer do it for you ? Tony
  10. I am going to steal that darn thing and bring her home to ca. Mine won't run . We F***ed up ! Tony
  11. Good thinking we'll show them what I.H. is all about ! Tony
  12. Thank You New Guy ! We already had the airlines booked & rental car & motel booked way back . We had to use up the airline miles that I had from restoring the 806 .lol Little too soon to go across country want to get more comfy with it. As for a ROCK STAR, I WISH I FELT LIKE ONE. But indeed I do feel like a fossil ! Tony
  13. Thank You John, Yes , Jerry got me set up with the fella I registered with him . Hopefully ,We are all together , Tony
  14. Thank you all for kind comments . I never thought I would get to this point . Farming and that ranch was my life I thought I would do it till I died but in recent years here in Cali. the rules regs seminars to attend and constant changing hostile environment towards the farmer I just got a belly full. At 71 last thing I want to do is sit hours at meetings while some idiot tells me how to farm and save the air, environment, whales , lizard's , everything but me. I walked out and said to myself , I am done there is more to the rest of my life then wasting the last few good years the Good Lord has given me , listening to these Jerry Brown Spawn B*stards. The guy that bought me has 15000 acres of Almonds and has a office of people for every regulation bullSh*t thing the government wants. Thank God We got to live & Farm in the best times I think anyone could of lived in. BUUUT ! I still have 20 ac of Almonds to farm , so I can still think of myself as a farmer & I got a Farm Credit operating loan on it . I told the loan officer I been borrower here since 1967 I can't stop now so give me a line of credit on my 20 ac. Never know when a tractor may show up at auction and need little extra cash ,you know ! Thank You guys , Hope I meet lot of you at RPRU's, Tony
  15. Delta , Went to visit my step daughter in Lincoln Ca. just above Sacramento . She lives one mile from a huge casino . They gave us 72 hour security patrolled pass to park in there lot . I wanted to dry camp first to see if everything worked . No worry I got up in Am told the wife this ,I CAN DO , Lets leave for Rantoul now . lol. Yes safety is paramount and I plan on getting a CC permit to aid in safety on the road . Never know when you will pull into bad part of town and need some cold steel in your hands. Thank You DD Tony