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  1. They are after the Almond Growers out here in Cali. for" Fugitive dust" during harvest caused by harvest equipment. Tony
  2. Great to hear the good news, Bill Tony
  3. From My Connor of the world , He seems very acceptable . I understand He is a Farmer Also or at least has practible experience. Praying that this administration accomplishes what he has promised. I am very excited for tomorrow , Hope we start a new ara of pride in our country and I think in long run will be good for us in Ag but in Short run may be little shaky in markets due to renegotiation of treaties and strength of our dollar. ( I am thinking crap I went though when Reagan won. but we survived and learned a lot from it ) Like I told my accountant ,If I vote my pocket book short term as a farmer I would vote Hillary . ( Never made as much money as during Obama Administration) However , I have to vote my values, so, I have no choice but to vote Trump, Most of what he espouses mimic my thoughts and values. Even though we made money under Obama we spent it on regulations, taxes , and here in Calif . on every liberal concievement known to man! Here's to a new future tomorrow ! All the best to all of us! God Bless America & Donald Trump! Tony
  4. Homemade Vanilla. But I can't eat that stuff but once a year . Along with giving up youth at old age , I have to give up all the good stuff just to keep from gaining more weight and trying to keep active . Thank God for old Red Tractors they do not cause weight gain on my person or in my bill fold, which help me walking without all that weight in the wallet in back pocket. Tony
  5. Our was a wire Baler , The missed ties were less frequent but still a pain. I think Allied's mechanic Bill Thompson spent more hours riding that thing then he spent in their shop. lol. Its funny I hated that thing then , but it looks nice now ,that I only have to look at it. lol. Tony
  6. Check the Single/double acting adjustments on the valves . When restored mine we had problems at first and realized that valve setting needed tweaking. Tony
  7. The best advise I got when my Dad died ,I was 19 , I was the oldest of four kids. Was : from an old timer, He said to me, " You are the darling now keeping all in tack ,But protect yourself because after all is settled and you have sacrificed your self & family to help everyone else , They will forget it and in time they will want their part of what you sacrificed for ,You will be the looser". My , I've seen that happen so many times . Everything I did with family was on paper and signed at the attorney's office and recorded. As for family and divorce, I never thought that would happen to me but it did after 30 years marriage , Lost a Son on Ranch and all h*ll broke lose after. Only by the Grace of God I had established a Chapter C . corporation not thinking of divorce but to expand and bring my kids in . Well , The kids never came in and a divorce occurred, instead ,and the chapter C corp. made the divorce equal to a dissolution of a business enterprise and it took all the typical divorce crap out and instead it was a business transaction which was fair to both of us and kept the farm going to now & no heart feelings we act as business persons. We are still farming & nothing was lost. Protect yourself, Good luck, Tony
  8. Word from Machine shop : Pressure test no leaks , However rear of head has taper may be cause of light water . The big thing is that first three cylinders show lot of corrosion ,they blast & grind clean and in a day rust flakes appear . Along with when we were running it . At operating temp. applied heat gun the first three cylinders were always cooler the rear three. ? So , I am going to go with another head. Tony
  9. Nice Video's, Thanks, The 50 was a bit older 55 was basically same baler with lot of updates . Tony
  10. Congratulations ! I know your feeling of exuberance , I bought my three children Peddle tractors when born and did the same with my Grandkids. My daughter & son are grown now but they still have their tractors. My second son, I lost when He was nine, but I have his peddle tractor stashed away and am happy to see it once in a while and remember him riding it. Now my daughter has her peddle tractor and her two children's peddle tractors up in the garage rafters for safe keeping. ( She is 44 & her kids are 16 & 12) Its about what represents you at this time and makes you happy & proud and what can be a keepsake down the road and it does not have to make sense at the moment. All the real necessities Mom, Grandma, Aunts & Uncles can buy. Dad's & Grandpa's get to buy the" frivolous stuff "&" pay for the necessary stuff ". Have fun proud papa!, Tony
  11. Hi Guys, Therapy tractor Wednesday 1/18/17 ,Boy!, it sure was a therapy day ,seems like months since working on old girl . Had the Crud, spent several days under the weather & dealing with Dormant sprays etc. We have no word yet from Machine shop on the head. So we backfilled , Installed fenders, measured and trying to fit buggy umbrella brackets ,bought unit from the umbrella people. However, I hate the universal mounting brackets so going to discard all those clamps, rods, etc . The stand attached to axle cut it to size and weld flat piece on end and use another set of fender u bolts to hold them on with heavier walled pipe to keep from vibration. ( Hopefully). We finished the rear lights ,and installed the master switch, and while we are waiting on head, Decided to remove all pieces that I had powder coated trying to save time and gain more durability , However ,when we had her out in sun last week I could see definite difference in red shade . So we removed and will paint them instead. Pieces were front rims, front suit case bracket & hanging tie down hooks , steps on right side , K&M steps on left side, battery lid. I have been able to get away with it on others however , powder coater started using a new batch of powder & its enough off to be noticeable in sun. Few pictures of today. Tony
  12. I would say ,You got a good deal. SMTA's are a little more special . I have had to eat my words of NO MORE TRACTORS several times now. There always seems to be something that will fit in the line up ,when you least expect it. Accept the ailment learn to live with it and start planning on more shed storage capacity in future. Don't ask how I know! Tony
  13. Beautiful Job! I have to agree the 56 series is pretty special. Looking forward to seeing it in Iowa. Tony
  14. Hey Fellas, Little update on the Binder today,1/17/17. Engine wiring done , Grill , Radiator, electric fan ,done ,Air conditioning installed. The hoses under fender well is the Air Cond. Hoses. Men were working on exhaust system . We decided to bring them straight back and tuck them under before bumper. They will not be seen but will be CeramiKoted. They reworked tail gate with buffer. Rod and I today decided on wheels ,be about 6 weeks for them to be built . they are billet two piece and wanting to emboss I.H. on center. I included a pic of the one we both agreed on. It is concaved as my preference. May Have grey or gold paint insert . Depending on Upholstery which will be 77 chev. buckskin in color. Rear will be 10" & front 7" Few Pic's, Tony
  15. My SMTA L.P. had gear reduction starter when I bought it . It was a nice," period in time piece" . However, the reduction part was pretty bad shape and getting parts was difficult so I went to a standard drive 12 volt starter and no problems at all . Standard Spins that L.P. engine like nothing. I think ,not positive, that the gear reduction was used in 6 volt applications to spin the higher compression L.P. Engines. I remember them on some older M's & SM's on cotton pickers that were on Propane. It was my experience that those old M's & SM's under pickers on L.P. were cantankerous to start during season as in those days cotton out here was picked in Nov. & Dec. it was always cold ,foggy wet, in mornings when it was time for servicing. Many times my Dad just pulled started them. Cannot comment on other questions, Tony