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  1. I get to Smell the Smell of money every morning when I go out and when I don't, I miss it. ! Why do you think I kept my home place after retiring , I have a dairy 4 miles N/W of me and another 4 miles S/E of me, If I lost the smell of money I would be lost ! Don't forget I was darn near born in a cow coral My mother would help my Dad in barn , This back in 1945, and my mother told me stories about being in barn & starting to get labor pains So you can take the old Portigee out of the barn BUT you can NEVER TAKE THE BARN OUT OF HIM. Tony
  2. We don't tile in my area , however, out west they do. I understand its money well spent . Now your GOOD yield will get BETTER and you'll have a tax write off and value of property will go up . I think its time to buy another restoration tractor to help take the bite out of all the extra income that's coming your way . Uncle is salivating you know ! Hope to see you in Des Moines ,John. Tony
  3. Well , Don't know the laws but can tell you what goes on around here . Mine you, Liberal. Snowflake ,Calif. If there was a law bet your life we would have it before anybody. lol. In my area there are very few dairies but many vineyards . Many of the vineyardist's have contracts with some of the smaller dairies that do not have enough land. To clean the corals' out several times a year and haul the manure and stock pile in fields along roads until Fall when they apply it to the vines . Chicken manure also is difficult to get and they stock pile it along roads waiting for fall apps. It creates a smell at times but I figure its the price of living in the country. Don't care for it but its part of Agriculture. Usually the guys try to stack it in a open area not across houses ,etc. But smell & flys move about. I will say this though , I just bought a Condo in a little Farm community East of Me and the complex is across the street from a vineyard ,(Beautiful Setting) and part of the Escrow was that I had to sign a ;RIGHT TO FARM disclosure which stated that farming was conducted across street and in area and it spelled out noise, spraying, tillage, dust ,smells associated with farming I had to accept with notarized signature. JFYI , Tony
  4. 4/25/17, Hey Guys ! No tractor therapy Wed. tomorrow, as we are hauling them down South To Tulare for the CAFEShow being held 28-29-30 of April 2017. All my "Peeps", or in my generational speak ," My God Send helpers & neighbors", showed up to help me gather the herd for a photo shoot. I commissioned a professional photographer to do some shots to be hopefully used in next year's CAFES poster and to capture all the girls & my dedicated friends that Help, Aid & Abet me in keeping my wallet empty by encouraging My Sickness of these old tractors.( Is that called enabling?) Herding eleven old tractors with all of their own idiocracies has convinced me that I have enough tractors . This is it ! Just finish the reverse loader and enjoy them. The 806 will not be going to the dance this year , she is being "saved" for next year as we still have odds & ends to do to her. I took a few shoots with my I phone , not good pictures but when the professional ones come I'll post them . But for now, On Substitute Tractor therapy Tues. Photos by Tony. Not the best. Armando was our photographer. He had never been in a tower pruner before but he said it was heck of lot better then the ladder he fell off of at another shoot lol. So, Sal, JR. stood close by to assuage his fear of height's in last pic. On sixth photo you'll see Eddie's original 806 pedal tractor which we used in the main photo's Fourth photo; My Boss men shouting orders to me! Second to Last photo, Eddie has forgotten how to drive a hand clutch machine ! What do you expect from these darn young whippier Snappers BTW , The young orchard that the tower is in is the one I posted on RPF when I pulled the vines and planted these year ago January. The black tubes on berms are double line drip system for irrigation & Fertigation . Plus we have them set up for flood irrigation also. Tony
  5. X2 Brilliant ! They say for Joke to be funny it needs an element of truth. This is funny today because it is the darn truth in todays society. I have hope that at end of Trump's eight years , it will no longer be funny ,We will think How be pathetic our society was 8 + years back . Tony
  6. We would run a strand of baling wire through those teeth( in loadstar's picture) to catch them when they broke . If not they would be in field with a sharp point just waiting for that rear tractor tire. 30 years later we still pick some up in the field. It was a common occurrence to get a rake tooth on a rear tire while tilling the field during rotating to new crop Tony
  7. One of my employees runs a Big Tex and its been very good for him . He did get rid of the ramps and built a dove on it . He carries two different Almond shakers from field to field ,they weigh in the 11000 lbs range. He has a 20 ft and a ten ft dove. My P.J. is 25 ft 10 ft dove. Tony
  8. Sure does ! Yes, keep this thread going with your work or findings. At least we know the previous owner used a good filter and obviously good air cleaner & oil changes by the looks of that clean valve train & head. Tony
  9. Finishing touches on exhaust. Ready for upholstery ,while waiting for wheels to arrive. Working with Hagerty to bind insurance on it. Tony Unfortunately, hood is ajar, not completely closed thus the larger gaps.
  10. If it has a T.A. better use HY-Tran If no T.A. like 664 CDN stated then gear oil okay. Just wanted to re-iterate it . That's important. Tony
  11. Way to go . Josh ! Tony
  12. I would certainly buy another when the time comes. Tony
  13. Hey as long as you are there ,that's all that counts. Tony
  14. I've had a P.J. for several years now. Love it , no problems with it , I have the hyd. jack & hyd. dove . Just need to service batteries once a year. Here I am using it as a loading dock to off load off truck delivering the 68. I use jack stands to support the dove in the up position. Makes a handy load dock have used a lot for that. Which is not recommended without supports for the dove . Tony
  15. He knows what is special ! Tony