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  1. IH mounted cultivator id help

    Without looking anything up, just off top my head. We had a Farmall 400 with a mounted # 465 I think was the number. Cultivator was purchased new in 1962 or 63. Looks much like your pic, However ours had the rubber gauge wheels like in the SMTA pic. Tony
  2. Was looking for one foe a 1456 and hit same wall . Think the best is salvage yard then have it powder coated shinny black. I recommend Brian At Bates Corp. Stiener has one that appears to go on 1468. Tony
  3. Sad night for a good guy...

    So Sorry to hear this Todd . First and foremost ,He has Carol & MY prayers and thoughts for piece this Thanksgiving. Second, I will inquire with some J.D. guys around to see what we can turn up. Let us be thankful that He & family are safe. He will rebuild and perhaps come out even better. Best to You and Your family At this time, Tony & Carol
  4. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    We are in good shape Twostepn ! I still have a" Cook Plow " which was an updated version of the Gram holm . I believe ours is an 8 ft Hydraulic, pull unit, still in good shape , Used it with our 560 in the day, was perfect for tearing out alfalfa. used flat wide sweeps and it slid about 10 inches deep sliced all roots. Tony
  5. Spark plug Question

    Rather then count calendar days , They have been on for 5 hours of operation. I am wondering that also ,will report later when we get more time on Her. Tony
  6. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    Love it and Jass1660 's reply . I ask them to give me their # and I will call them back at their dinner hour and my Indian/ neighbor will be calling and be able to speak their language for me . I usually get a F you and hang up . Tony
  7. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    This one is being done for the 806 . Its Cat 11 Tony
  8. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Being I call Her my Cal-Tex cotton girl and she still had cotton pieces in tool box & front axle valley when I got Her. My neighbor came by Friday Said, "He knows where there is a two row or four row cotton shredder and He knows a guy not too far that will have some cotton to shred here shortly !" Said," we can get those pieces of cotton stocks back in tool box & all over for Authenticy " Got a feeling one day shredding cotton , The front axles & belly would be shinning steel and K&M's would be gone or bent back. Think I'll just break few stocks and put in tool box.! Tony
  9. Spark plug Question

    Thank You Sir.
  10. Spark plug Question

    You Guys are a tremendous resource ! Thank You for all your input . Yes , I have plugs set at .015 Electronic Ignition. However, NOTICE THE 301 L.P. COMPRESSION AT CRANKING SPEED at 210 . On both rebuilds the most I get is 165 -170. I have two books that list compression on a 301 L.P. one says 184 and the other tells me 210 and my gage tells me 160-170 actual after warm up about 1 hour and with no plugs in head. BTW the plugs I have in it now are Auto- lite 3116 its the cross over of a Champion D-15 Y . I'll certainly try others as Doc Egor stated AC- c83 or Auto Lite 373 ? The head # is 382-099-R1 Tony
  11. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Thank You Sir, No, the others all started out good and have given us no trouble . Have run most of them on Dyno for break in. I do use them at Calif. Antique show to pull bleachers and odds & ends , Also run them often in parades and alternate with pulling Christmas trailer which is usually a 2-3 hour run with 30 foot cotton trailer full of people . They manage to get a little exercise through out the year. The 1456 is like a race horse, if I idle it around on lite stuff she starts reacting with smoke, slobber, light leaks , Go out run it hard for couple hours and she comes home all happy , everything cleans out and even the light leaks stop. Of course the fact that Danny has her turned up to 150 on Dyno does not help. Tony
  12. A few 1456's in town

    Nice looking fleet ! Those girls look like they can continue for many more harvests. Tony
  13. Old working equipment in Decatur TX USA

    Great back in time scenery ! Your suburban looks good also. Is this the one you rebuilt the 454 in it ? Tony
  14. Terrible day! Pictures!

    Look At that ! Very nice looking H! That H may make you fall in love with letter series Farmall's Congratulations to your SIL , Your daughter, and You . I am sure you all will enjoy it ! Rick , Your daughter may realize ( I won't tell Her)that perhaps she owns 50% Value of the H ! and she will be able to buy several pairs of those high priced designer shoes After all ! Lucky Day, Tony