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  1. Do you still have your loadstar for sale?
  2. Bad Condensor???

    Thanks for that. One of the first things I checked and forgot to mention, but thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Bad Condensor???

    Hey there guys.. I have a McCormick W-6 with distributor ignition. It runs very good when cold, once its warm (half a lap around the 10 acre field pulling a cultivator) it starts missing and gradually gets worse. It doesn't stall out completely but misses really bad after running that long. I replaced the coil with one I had in the shed, replaced the plugs with new autolites, only thing left would be condenser??? I don't know how a bad condenser would act..?? A few years back I rebuilt the carb, and have had it off about 6 times with no change. When its running I pull the choke to see if it gets better and it just smokes black and stumbles, so I don't think its fuel. Could be coil, but I don't think so. I'm running 12 volt with a ballast resistor (and have tried changing the resistor) As always, thanks in advance for all your advice. Dave M