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    Interested mostly in IH Construction Equipment.<br />I have a 530 loader, TD15C, and a Dresser TD9-H, also a Dresser 520C loader. Have had older TD-9's and a TD14-A.

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  1. TD18 injection pump issues

    Is that a drain? Just a thought. I have no experience with that type of engine. DWF
  2. Deceptive sales tactics!

    I have a trailer with 2- 6000lb axles that I was doing a brake job on it. Went to NAPA to get wheel bearings and seals. $85 for one wheel with the seal. I went on line to ETrailer and one set with the seal was a little over $20. Chinese bearings of course but so were the ones from NAPA. I bought one set from NAPA and three sets from ETrailer and also the brake parts which were U.S. made. No shipping either as the cost of parts was over $100. DWF
  3. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    What about the "Freeman I believe" headbolt heater which was invented and made in Grand Forks? DWF
  4. TD25E trans oil

    I had a TD-15C dozer and in the owners manual it said to use 10W engine oil or HyTran. It said for very cold temps to use HyTran and that's what I always used as it was used a lot in winter months but it worked fine in summer too. I'm in NE Minn, so it gets plenty cold here. DWF
  5. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    KOO, Thanks for the update on your winter roads. You sure do have a lot of snow for so early in the winter. We had an early snow here in NE Minnesota (10-27) and most of it stayed. Have not had a lot of snow since but are forecast to get more this week then turning colder. The loggers need the cold for their winter roads. Good luck with your projects! DWF
  6. Corn Picking with the 14P and Farmall H

    Augercreek, I'm moving from NE Minnesota to Rice Lake next summer. I bought a place just over a mile away from the Hungry Hollow show grounds and plan on joining the club. It will be a better area to exercise my (other red) tractors. DWF
  7. International 530 loader

    You're supposed to use 10W oil in the transmission. DWF
  8. International 530 loader

    My 530 has a dipstick for transmission on the right side at the transmission level. DWF
  9. I don't know about Scrapers but IH used Rockford for a lot of loader and dozer transmissions. DWF
  10. Starting KB 5 project

    You should post this on the truck site here on Red Power Forum. Probably have better results. DWF
  11. A friend has a saw mill and was running it too slow. I went out to his place with my 44 Massey and we belted that up to the mill. Another friend was there with us and he was holding a Tach on the opposite end of the blade shaft while the owner was near the blade and I was working the throttle on the tractor. The blade was shaking like crazy and owner was hollering to me to shut it down but the guy on the tach said keep speeding it up. When it got up to over 500 rpm it smoothed right out and I could actually see the blade stand up. Owner said it never cut nice like it did then. Unbelievable to see that happen while speeding it up. DWF
  12. Dayton rims, legal or not?

    Dayton was purchased by Meritor which quickly killed the brand. Dayton was the name most people used for Cast Spoke wheels. I needed a new 22" cast spoke hub for a 95 Ford LTL 9000 a few years ago and most dealers just said "no longer available", they weren't interested in crossing over to any thing else. I found a dealer in Wisconsin (V&H Trucks) that found me a new Gunite hub and they still make them. 20" hub for 22.5 wheels and 22" hub for 24.5 wheels. DWF
  13. Stripped stud on Dayton wheel

    Yes that's what they did and I drove it for thousands of miles with out a problem. DWF
  14. Stripped stud on Dayton wheel

    I had a truck or really two trucks that that happened to. I brought one to a welding job and he oversized the hole in the hub to one size over 7/8". (It was a 3/4 stud) He then cut the put where the wedge goes to 3/4" so you used the same size nuts. I ran that truck for many miles after that with no problems. Had that happen to another truck with 3/4" studs and used a HeliCoil. Never had a problem with that either, but I never used that truck a lot. DWF
  15. Western Star side dump

    Probably for hauling track ballast and that would slide out easily unless frozen. I see the truck can go up and down the tracks. I buy parts from V & H. I have a couple of Ford dumps from the 90's. Very helpful people there. DWF