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  1. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    washington had hearings this week about spoof # and authorization to get them blocked,somehow it disabled 911 with out authority to rework they were stuck and you know there is another six months of vacation due them maybe next year....beware
  2. MD not starting

    could be a point on that aspect as linkage may be out I dont do that as crap gas would be inside everything for next time..if on diesel side,valves will cool with block not in introduced free cold air when open to atmosphere clean full radiator good water pump and 10 min moderate idle cool down head will be ok
  3. Any Thoughts

    we have 358DT in 520 loader not sure if 2 D was told it is german but didnt need internal parts yet
  4. Tony fingers crossed!! So far shop has been moderately cooperative.... would /shouldnt it be prudent (as you already suspect problems)before proceeding... 1that shop has some one present for the test 2 maybe... DAnny someone "certified" to test be in charge 3.LP delivery issues checked as was suggested 4 not familiar with LP failures...could it be too dry and burning lube off cyl walls?......rods /crank checked for orientation /function of any cyl lube ports ?
  5. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    lookin good here that building would cost $75-85 K with factory/union labor tax would start at $150K value and if 1/3 larger and or actual business conducted, tax would start at $1K month with average $6K mo roughly $3 sq ft + land at $30K ac Jerry, we all have our crosses to bear; I DON"T HAVE TO WORRY MUCH ABOUT WHAT YOU MENTIONED . HOWEVER, YOU DON"T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL OUR BS TO BUILD AND DEAL WITH FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR FIRE PROTECTION AND PAY OUR HIGHER TAXES FOR EVERYTHING. also one local area had such a FM , would find problems with the dirt work and make months delays, unless lunch pail was extra tasty IIRC some nice boys from LV told him it was a good time for retirement. which was short. WHen fire/type work is required it is about nine weeks + out and done with few options not connected/ based in LV /chicago,we would schedule little or no other work to defray reason's for work stoppage.
  6. New toy for a demo

    nice toy.. Ha.... was on a job where everything else was down line 1000T of road /patch chips to load out 1 tandem ,2- 5t,3 -1t and 963 to load with........ no way to keep the paver full... they all wanted correctly loaded in 1 scoop buzzing in /out like bees fighting for line ( heard they got paid by load,tandem was not happy)
  7. not to say a specific one isnt rare a lot of us have them in different size/types $5-10 mostly just hard to find as most people see it as not a coin and toss them they were given or sold cheap at fairs promos
  8. Deleting double posts

    makes sense but maybe delete option, of the OP by the OPr and when system makes 3 posts or keeps showing it didnt post yet would save you some steps thanks
  9. Retirement

    did one of their quotes to save on insurance 2/3 coverage and 4x the price I pay now...
  10. Thieves

    sherif / locals have no interest took 3 days of 7-5 waiting at the door (dont leave) and 10 calls (be right there) A crisis means plenty of NEW toys and funding
  11. 756

    have 756 pulled out of barn to service now park brake will not pull up /release.....? what gets messed up? when 1/2 up will go into reverse or low ...not high lock shift dog does not drop thru at foot plate had to start, hold 1/2 and then able to push back into barn...?
  12. 756

    that is a 2 day job with cab
  13. searching for red power magazine articles?-

    the magazine is the parent/provider of here but does not post content unless back referenced by a member , so ANY type of search will not get what you want the link BJ showed or another member with good memory or eyes can get you the correct issue, to then source from Ms,Sally ....?? dont know why this showed as unread new post in AM today....?
  14. Deleting double posts

    yesterday original post/page ,was telling me did not post and or waiting for system has various intermittent gremlins I opened another home page and it said I had posted 5 minutes ago BJ has been the only one able to apply the OP option to delete.....maybe needs done prior to any replies>>?
  15. What to do with old tires ???

    mostly light field work and only necessary travel We were getting the firestone 23* and good year , first ones ok when we did our own silage (custom doesnt want to travel either) travel with EACH load ( 1200 T at <10T)was up to 20 miles with about 10m average. + winter running hay/cleanout other + hay and grain ,to the various farms. 6-8 help running equipment when 3 of those farms death spiraled into cidiot homes ,overall travel was cut in 1/2 with new avg about 7m but wear increased thru 3 good sets then to $ 2/3 sampson etc. with only 2 of us running equip ,would guestimate 3 oil changes and 700 road miles yr,,down from the full time /4-6 week maintenance every day road travel prior... field and hazard/mud/rock , moldboard travel is also down 2/3 have checked alignment and replaced parts 2-3x but still have even greater wear on front right..... because a BIG field is 8 ac and all travel is CW..?
  16. What to do with old tires ???

    for car/truck yes we pay the $4 fee on new purchase then $5 on used even if kept, BC they resell and or pocket the fee I take the worn ones from wagons and swap they cant resell and cant &^09 BC I paid the fee reputable (slim to none) recycle fee is $1- (tractor)$12 it is all a shell game,rather than increase price 5% and use quality materials they raised price 30% and cheapened materials 80% so they can get 3x profit/super fund on the crisis of too many used ones lying about tractor tires use to last 20 + years...lucky to get 3 yr on best radials last 5 sets
  17. LP stock tank heaters

    I saw non electric for amish barns that is a soccer ball in a box dont know more...
  18. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    finally looks nice whats next doors,wiring? however 3 days...? for a roof..64 or 128 sheets? ... factory package...factory crew should have been like dealing cards do you have some crazy union or cali rules? 1 indian 6 chiefs 3 squaw holding safety net
  19. Poor UPS service

    even if you do have full insurance can take 10% or spend $$$$ to fight they could buy it for less and was not packed safely . usps no different they wanted me to arrive in KC (300m)and prove to non existent ??? that packaging was not improper after they knew it was 91 days they both self insure.... budget and employees paid to deny and harass claims . the BTO get % of not spent and increase next year
  20. T340 questions

    T340 1787 was off a little late first year plates are available about $45 would have to dig to find reputable dealer OEM use to have them Thanks for the location of the filter. What does the plate on the bottom of the case access? LPTO gear drive also for HOP belly pump I need to redo the control handles as they cause the valves to rotate as they move in and out. long term start looking at a new one cobbled to many times most parts NLA or $$$ Anybody have a spare 3 spool and control handles extra? these had a life cycle of 15-25 years + - many parts were considered wear items but lasted longer therefore no parts just new tech
  21. T340 questions

    26" eye to eye never had a 100% original belive they are same as lifters 30 years ago had mine converted to oring if not scored or bent new piston iron and plastic/nylon for the rest x 5 kits most shops are %*&^% $$$ more than new, so ordered parts/core from link HYd and had local MS fit them your going to have at least $600 into new + the R & R
  22. New Kidde fire extinguisher recall

    having trouble getting ANY of the date codes to accept 3x will see what main CS says now
  23. T340 questions

    yes it has power beyond ports the husco valve can be repaired to the extent you match/find parts

    nice about 2/3 size our hay fields feed about 15 redtails and 7 coyotes both follow right behind wagon last year had 3 bald eagles but nesting pair did not show this year
  25. Carlisle tires

    I have a partial answer the compounds and process are crap no matter country or MFG govt and mfg want the $$$ slush funds cover it ,if anyone would ever succeed at a wrongful death win had 2 separate issues last year before looking at ANYTHING else ,truck would not pass inspection by 3 yr date on tires (unsafe) BS!&*%^ E rating 18K on 70K 6yr warranty. MFG has the 6yr warranty and devices for measuring.. anyhow they would not replace them (safe)....they are not DOT....still no inspection .. your certified miles says you did not go far enough to keep the compounds activated.... buy $50 ea nitrogen fill they will last 4 yrs....WTH ^&% ....bought the cheapest korean &^% and changed stations cattle trailer and equipment get about 600m a year and set out most of the year ....they did pass inspection however equipment tlr lost 6 in 2 months 4 being the matched set at 5 yrs the belts failed forcing 4x flex in side wall and 2x heat they then cut into the side and go off like a moose gun..I drive slow so usually no one to get hit and can go about 1/4m to safe pull off (if you feel an intermittent slight hop or odd weave it is not the bad PA roads, 1 replacement failed within 100m and another before 1K) what 3 independent dealers have told me 1 the compounds/materials are crap run them every keep stimulated....(truck runs 365 between farms) 2 kevlar and similar only has a life of 6 yrs (the belts) 3 keep them inside jacked up and covered