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  1. How much was that??

    most mfg including FCIH train dealers to stock and go with highest price option needed a few parts for the discbine $4900 3 hour trip and 4 hours assembly made the trip and when they started to pile a truck load of individual pieces asked price...... no deal fought for 10 days found proper repair assemblies added a bunch of other parts + spares paid $200 in freight (again trained to use highest cost least service provider)(kid could not understand all would fit in two boxs of proper size and weight) and $200 tax to the left coast $2400+ 400 for what was $5400 any other way it is the same trying to find a snow shovel that is not a shovel,they no longer make the correct one as it does not sell and here is why it does not sell,MFG only sells to major retailer, all but one retailer is at least 50 miles IF they do have a store , retailer must buy at least 6, (replacement) retails $50 -75 MSRP $35 with many online sites asking $170-300 because special order box store dont have enough sense to sell for $28 and make a profit ,so it is a special order seasonal item that no kid can make happen china %$*^&(* by the truck load sells for $25 but they pay $8 so .... profit the MFG has consolidated 6 companies and dont understand why market is shrinking,when it took 3 calls to get the part #,still cant get the specs.......have retailer order and check out for you cant find the $200 link again
  2. UFT Mower

    does it have a tag? try to find the manual/specs....... will tell if it is too big......and maybe options for transport,however looks too wide for that to be tractor 3pt design practical
  3. Tony, a Californians opinion please....

    pa was getting a mag lev stealing a lot of farms ,until several senators got there pockets full enoughfor now and florida has a fast one to no where
  4. social security question

    like all govt unless you have enough $$$ to not care I thought SS was income dependant on both ends....reduced by any current retirement income millionaires have substantial other income and still get BIG checks best to ask ss directly with details you will get 10 wrong answers but it will be closer to the truth disability could be reduced by type of access /ability to pay,but would/should be in that agreement.....(ie if you won lottery we recoup x) otherwise once married the highest earner will be A and B gets an adjusted amount x that + own earnings, and both are now adjust by the gross you will have/receive 60-70% of now + disability allowance dependant on exact situation MY aunt lived long enough over 50 for 2 more uncles, was ok but not well off in her 80's, SS told her "no" on the 3rd as with his RR,union,SS,$$ (current income not assets) she would/cause take an astronomical hit against both ,years of separate homes ect,but together trips ,days and occasional late nights
  5. What shade of white paint for 1950 demo?

    yes most of the x50's were decal I have some demonstrator parts which after 70 years are white but darker as would be an alkaloid and or lead added
  6. International 330

    large same part as 340-50
  7. 504 , no ta.

    then like Ed suggested put the sleeveless 135 in the 2504,but that could be too slow for every day use didnt use mine much before stolen
  8. snow shovel

    for those that still use them what and where are you buying/using for a snow shovel? local general stores are gone or only sell cidiot items ($40 use 3x and toss plastic china %^$*) use to buy true temper solid hickory handle with 30" x 12" aluminum blade with replaceable steel edge,eventually (10 yrs) the rivets rust loose and pop the aluminum

    here that 2 minute plow would be $75 for EACH trip and the ones successful charge based on 160 hours pays the entire year the rest is profit
  10. 504 , no ta.

    I would have swapped axles and tin and went with the 2504,better engine 4/6 282 IIRC trencher is a simple bolt in kit,had one like new stolen,by cops for fred B ta cant be reverse driven ,when on, pull start, load pushing or rolling down hill
  11. snow shovel

    rain main that is a closer example these had heavier handle,w/ 3 rivet attachment deeper ribs and more curve so it also worked like a shovel 30 minutes if in push depth or 2 hours for 6" shovel mode this use to be normal (at least every 10 days for 15 weeks) snowfall including several lines of snow fence,shoveling back 25' in 4' lifts was necessary to about 12' high, otherwise would drift shut to top of fence again 1-3x a day first 150'
  12. snow shovel

    ace is 30 miles no one stocks anything and most of those pushers today only do that. if there was someplace to push, plenty of plows available, piled 8' ,then when this temp for a week ,track highlift and trucking was norm in 70's,didnt melt until april and we got to use mtos example to bring the gravel back menards is suppose to have a ribbed store near, waiting to hear from true temper group as they made the originals
  13. snow shovel

    MTO that is too slow.....500 x 14 x 2 + when it snows of past or 4' if it drifts several times basic design shown,built like above, works like shovel but not scoop t
  14. TD 40 smokey

    does it have good fuel and oil pressure and run ok otherwise? clean water trap,get some injector cleaner ,fresh non bio fuel (only good for a few months) warm up good then work for a few hours dirt and gum in injector

    I follow it in pieces only 10 minutes is new of any episode been searching 200 years govt passed a law they get most/all of the treasure with no costs ,and stifle any reasonable means to get there . if not for the viewers paying they would never get it out is interesting how 3-500 years ago manual labor dug and built ocean traps 180' deep ,navigated around the world before school says it was possible
  16. others to your area may know closer but here it is go big or go home definitely dont borrow to do it have your market locked in as BTO will control it we make - $ on crops and few .0 001 on feeders we only grow the crops for rotation and supplement feed 12 ac is a LARGE field and most are a risk to equipment over 2 ton , running down the tractor transport and resell ( regional) is the biggest expense 40 ac of something would be about break even (trucking 50%,inputs 40%) beans are an absolute waste other than free feed for govt pets grains are - + $500 per load for transport.... 7 fair ac corn made that load this year,,should have 25ac in the rotation but just wasted $$$ straw is the best ROI, only wait/save 10% of the grain and sell 5-800 bales
  17. 15 k an acre land sale.

    here virtually everything but cidiot shaks is illegal,so any that is offered is $20Kac once elderly owners are starved out by ridiculous tax's developers weasel it for < $12K with 10 yr no tax and resell at $25-60K per stamp lot virtually EVERY land owner of more than 5 acres has signed on to "no cidiot shaks" farm only forever, only a handful of leaches are requesting $$. for the past 20 years this has been stonewalled despite state law requiring such to be part of EVERY local plan,before building continues took 5 hours at last sign up to meet the requirements,by law automatic effect but..... one of last months votes required By state law had to allow fracking,it is coming to several cidiot squares as that was the biggest open space meeting guidlines
  18. Stolen Tractors

    of the $200K stolen the answer would be no as mentioned in another related post, the top LEO syndicate is directly involved
  19. Farm vehicle insurance

    Yes I hoped some one could offer a better plan also!!! plates are $300+ ea + min ins... so that would be $1K per vehicle just to go 1st mile,most stay in the barn our ins co has instituted if you own regardless must have max (10x more than required by law) quite lucrative 1 when state says illegal,practice ,just pay .00001% bribe 2 if you drive with out plates strait to coverage 3 disclaimer has removed all coverage 4 in coverage 5 does have if you operated illegally and proved someone with no coverage caused your accident you would receive 10% of the depreciated $0.00 value
  20. F240 manifold question

    all valid ideas to a point what about not near the carb or horizontal and the carb being lowest point the water ends up in hose any how or the engine
  21. F240 manifold question

    seen similar holes many times,too uniform and on exhaust side so just left them
  22. this action being bad of its self is only what they(media) want to bait/ look for currently he is an exemplary official compared to the higher ups in that area,that own the syndicate,knowing too much or not following orders...gets the boot one way or another
  23. So what DID happen to him?

    maybe we should ask mulder but basically the same as tesla about that time around the shop we heard of several others easily getting 25-50 out of trucks with simple mods,which was quickly quashed out with the big push to EFI 15-20 where we had 7-12 on a QJ I was getting 22-30 + out of stock diesel .30 ,so didnt really care then,but those mysteriously died also
  24. international 350 u hyd pump

    have you done this ....? as the ports,rotation and mount would be different?
  25. make sure he has used the correct one successfully on several pulleys was thinking of the bottom mount that piece is fairly common so let it soak for a few weeks setting in various mixtures coke/pepsi/mystery oil of your choice then weld a nut then grind and drill, but.....$30 should replace it