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  1. on a 5130 is the cav/lucas pump the same for dodge...? need throttle shaft seal what is the method of replacement..?
  2. with that cover off shut fuel off and have helper hand crank or bump ....see if front half of shaft goes and if both lines will meet and repeat
  3. $3k not too bad but you could easily get another $4K + in with out the $1K monitor you have no idea of the bales and failing parts silage/wet bagged hay is harder on belts/ bearings-when they go will set the dry hay on fire not stopping and finding wet ,help keep it manageable had 648 and now the latest and greatest (they dont like to talk about all the problems) dont expect the belts to make it to warranty which they will deny ..anyhow they dont last/live more than 7 years or 5K bales and net is much nicer/easier to keep out of other bearings /vs twine what has been discovered is that wet/bagged hay is 40%-70%+ better feed and up to 60% less waste
  4. who has the best pricing for pods and shafts on 1412 mower
  5. one of the smaller tractors (r angle) or PU 123 etc
  6. worth a try for learning tried it 40 years and 20 years ago ..10% success kits from forest service.. better luck with the .50-$2.. 1-3 year seedlings from them..'90 starters are about 25'-30' now have 1 from '75 on GL RW never pushed 20' yet...they cut the roots 2-3 x..every 10-12y we had 1000s of wild near and it is rare for + 2% to self start and maybe (2)sprouted that we actually planted
  7. in this case we use to order and RV cam little rough in town,city but good hwy and loaded
  8. always wanted to visit......cousin had a ranch and river crossing ferry before vanderbuilt forced everyone out park placed a marker about 20 years ago,family letters said he grew wheat..! about 1910
  9. remove sliding clevis pin and make sure brake is not sticking first that cover only reveals ta clutch and wear /damage it may add to the problem
  10. so like this -->----<-- ......?
  11. ...? bad ta ..worn ta clutch..and out of adjustment pull domed cover under starter and take a look.. also 1 of the pins (believe sliding clevis? ) can be removed from ta linkage s cant hold up clutch and deactivates lever these need to be confirmed before looking any further....wait for others with recent experience to comment as it only happened to me once 20...? years ago
  12. 2x be sure these 2 are not the issue before going inside adjust per spec you can remove shifter and or insert remote mirror thru oil fill for a minimal look as once cover is off..rail to gear fit is removed
  13. in this order ta out of adjustment...pull lever back when it does this worn bent rusted shifter rail/fork....spring/ball shaft bearing
  14. for all that you will use I would straiten or make a new ring and use dont know about the new one ,originally they were stamped from phone book size wads of paper
  15. are there any block/engine part # like that..? usually that is done when factory modified parts (I do it when lack of parts force conversion) recently the t-4 t -5 post had this which I assume the hamilton plant had to adjust a larger melrose block ......?? ..?? self loaded clutch brakes good...was it in the hills? everything here shot rollers, chains, brakes, stuck clutch, engines good but still cant self load could of had 6 more 340 no clutch or brake they take 2 hours to load and a day or 2 to arrange in the shed a 6 is actually 2x easier to move where a 9 will grow roots PHOTOS....