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  1. if it is factory red it is ship it here as is....... about $2500 the 54 /85 yellow are + - $1500 and normally worn out
  2. as said above could be out of time or bad parts
  3. short chance just needs cleaned.... would suspect broken spring.and new discs..... if disc does not (cant) rub on spring then replace with spring set.... clean /polish ramps.... .check for oil (leak) if any ,wobble shaft (none)and address bearings 4x... otherwise 4 new discs and 2 actuators do google search for here plenty of posts
  4. between the hassle (down ,rocks, weeds)no way to use,storing, trucking cost,flex head worn, and 1/2 for the govt deer.... gave up on beens also saved the $10K yr harvest/ process cost on 30ac of corn silage for last 3 yrs 1 day (6-20hrs done in the wrap) wrapped haylage has cut waste by 80%
  5. if you went so far away I would sell you both units
  6. as I told OP find the cast # (date letter) 1 it makes a start date will not be older than 2 will narrow in under 18 months 3 some one knows the schedule....? castings were seasoned...depending on the type/alloy and factory, casting were in storage for several weeks/months before machining and final assembly some had to do with aging the cast but most was the full package of factory scheduling ie 6-8 months from scheduling a 2 week pour run..getting on the machining list....sub assembly....sent to assembly and actual assembly where mated serial # would get you into x month other than some limited production logs ,many records have been lost so getting within 2 years is great in most cases I have been studying one where serial # is '60 castings are '59-60 but parts book records say x parts were not avail until 'late '61-62 other records for '60 and '63 are more complete but have no mention of when change was made what I am trying to confirm is assembled unit set @ factory for 6-12 months was then pulled and then shipped with newer parts to allied partner/MFG specs for final assembly
  7. in past week ih or farmall has literally pulled 50-60 of these ads each day '17 honda no miles $1500 , florida drug boat $2K ..etc etc..... I would like to know how/why they are shown when it says ABSOLUTeLY NOTHING about either sometimes there are 10 farmall and 2-300 of this bs shown for the month I zap a few to clear the clutter...... does it then just block me or is it for everyone
  8. so now you have ruled out most anything you did no fuel issue is another wrench which would have narrowed in the beginning...... left vacuum/space for timing ring to be picked up probably started the leak.... pull that little cover looking for grit and do as injp says from here out it may have just been the time to wear out
  9. only one to bid........? lack of young ones to the olympics and takes $$$$$$$$$$ of public funds.......?
  10. they may not go for 10 years or 2-3 every year just depends on the right vibration....since I keep the various size on hand....1-2 every few years no stress and the extra block clamps seem to help
  11. yes reuse for test and later if careful tightening....get from one of the guys here .should always have 4-6 on hand for hay time......from dealer they should have been correct thickness so likely you only introduced dirt downline and if pump issue, poor fuel and time was already chasing you
  12. would suspect the line/inj you were working on get moved to shop....clean pump good ...see if you can remove line completely .... clean out reinstall pump end where it is not in the way and you can put a little clear bottle or can under it ,cover with several rags where it cant fall or spray you..... start and see if conditions changed....? and fuel is filling bottle....if no smoke and just miss...possible chaff in inj tip.... R & R no change..... pump issues....? but check air filter/flow and controls/linkage you may have moved ,and remove return fitting @ pump if still no change and grit here pump would need R & R several here should be able to help with that and another test or 2
  13. not too rare ,compared to others + - 800-1000 start with any brand/ model '50-'65 service ...should be ensign setup...... obstruction...spiders like to get into orifice if ANY opening plugged balance port ...torn diaphram ....not enough liquid in tanks......any old timer of...cotton in the delta or tx
  14. have a '99 where does rear ground attach from frame to block or cab?location? since new anything less than 93 + oct gas valves clang and low power and in season $^&$ blends are worse been scanned 20x dealer 10x no codes no explanation timing helps but the good spot dependant on temp, that throws code which then again shuts down power after initial take off
  15. last we did driveshaft shop / mfg had spec we simply cut where they said, rolled back ,added length and got the (over)oversize rail to bolt ALL back together with ALL the factory holes in correct areas new DS/carrier ,new hoses, junctioned ALL wiring