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  2. how do you know they went missing...? not used/never put back with out seeing one would assume they are/ like freeze/cam plug mic hole and call major engine shop.....assume they were to keep the shaft in but if NLA = then no sales as 300K + units would have needed replaced by now
  3. if it the 3 bolt shifter remove it and re align then outside search for repair post back on here if no bolts have to again search on pin removal from lever most likely worn nub...then ...broken spring/ball or bent fork
  4. why not remove FH and store in shed plug or plumb lines into self leave all as is then you or new owner can go back if need /desired....?
  5. sorry for your problem there are very few options for the damage 1 oil/filter issue 2 vandalism 3 poor/inferior parts 4 shop error 5 other 2 engines 2 oils and no work ? on 2nd points to 1-2 shop having done the work 2x would think they were extra careful and would want to be helpful in proving not liable as they are the simplest/closest , link to have access to source/find what is the root cause 1-4 have insurance coverage a few more calls, then a visit with your agent and local magistrate may get you some help if you are sure you have done no wrong and garage is secure this is you only course as 3x down the same road still runs off the cliff once I took an engine to a local guy 50+ years for failed oil pump caught immediately damage shown but he wanted major shop 80+ years to confirm crank and flush block 1 month tuned into 6 + ....9 , for what ever reason they trashed ALL but the block (maybe that too, didnt have #)after I squawked it was returned but would not run ....all mis- matched used parts ,had to source more parts and discovered dealer saying last we had went to (same) major shop ended with block at specialist bored,lined etc etc ALL NEW parts never let another go out If I screw up its 10x cheaper r quote dale560 Every rebuilt engine you get now days has a tag on it warning about Gasket discs and debris ruining the engine. If they find any part of gasket removal caused the failure no warranty. why are x/they discing an assembled engine is this a new type of material...... 30 years ago the discs (velcro) arrived in the box with new parts...probably did several 100 including inframe heads we always washed and flushed .never any mention ,still running several if it was a major and tough gasket it also got flat sanded
  6. option low barn/shed limbs etc preference bulk of early 300 shipped with under but did not fit every owner there were some refit parts/kit ,and later most ALL of the under went NLA after owners did not want to spend $400 for later upfit parts so the various hack jobs ( not factory centered) 300 /169 with the original under parts is rare but not scarce
  7. .....odd being 2 different models and 2 would expect the md to have been tanked and loong void of castings documented samples......fingerprints of jealous neighbor/kid......would anyone near, even know where the fill caps are...?extraneous / large dirt sucked in the top end has a hard time getting to bottom end with a out a lot of damage on the way....... have heard of solids in oil but most fall/cook out in the still
  8. the main thing that should matter is fit on the rim too tight/loose safety industrials normally got 24" and the exact model tractor would get 28" as to 14 v 16 weather it would rub axle or fender otherwise loader should not care the 1' longer is new /different tread seem to recall most 64-70" across was it 9-10' ? as those charts show rim spec where changed so if you knew your rim spec you could contact an industrial dealer and quere available tire size for your rims.....and possible low use of odd size when reusing the old rim
  9. reusing old rims...? have to measure or find # then use ,will fit tire chart...I would think they would flex 2" for low use..but need to consult chart as in oversize weight may flex too much
  10. photos not good angle /color looks more like my 9 vs the 6 with rear (2nd) upper roller and way loose/worn tracks scrap $ unless runs good then $1800 and have to find transplant for engine
  11. 2x As I have several that could be repurposed....but rigging that up @ dealer before sale....
  12. cihtech should be able to help...follow what he tells you we had the switch go bad under dash @ pedal (removed, 3 years, still waiting for it)waiting 3 months for door hinge pin..BO ) have since replaced 2 of the flow switchs on top rear of trans 10K hrs
  13. if it is not burning oil then ...... do head if it has major ridge then needs measured for re ring tolerance if it needs OS piston...resleeve if it is glazed with little wear then cut ridge + deglazing stone....medium to fine stone...and cross hatching ball/flex
  14. gm had other ads with women parking in the city china %$#%$ tires today would not stand for that 180 garage deal
  15. dont know about I 12 but would expect for IH part to add D or a to # may be part of attachment...?