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  1. green 6410

    have a 6410 with bad head gasket blowing pressure into rad from what I understand it is common about every 4K hr (but kept quiet like their other secrets) what have others experienced? where to get the parts...? claas as they make up their own extensive kit @ 11K hrs (with only electrical problems) what else should be changed....? head bolts...inj seats...etc as in claas kit...? source for turbo if this fix does not let it spool up better?
  2. they make the tools about $80 or buy from someone that is done
  3. IH 537 manifolds

    also only know 549..... will sell whole truck......reasonable offer/trade
  4. t340

    I do not have room for another carcase in the yard and did not have a big enough winch to load where it was expected scrapped but it has sold 2x I can buy it again but ONLY if some one is going to take it ALL 95% of the parts are there
  5. stuck dirty brush....pulling after dead battery and or too much diesel only cranking I am sure there are china replacements my guy could order but could be months if bad one ships
  6. follow up....?
  7. Someone should have this...

    is and is not worth it not much you can do with it.......? I have 1 and about 8" of fiche that looks to be about 2' the cards scratch easy and get brittle when machine or bulb wears you are done...was very expensive to convert back to paper if there are any remaining capable to do it now possibly .020 pg X 300 for many you can get a real book for less even today about 2x yr I look something up with little pain the grandchildren can convert most of my books into computer and cd
  8. Moving TD6 62

    if clutchs are not stuck...? neutral main clutch off raise /block any attachments only thing that matters is pre mark/or dont turn engine they are light so blade to blade push would be very easy
  9. IIRC we could not answer the exact question posted , from several early originals 4-5 have been for sale since post cindy does have the latest reprint ,avg to good quality $ 1/2 original or 2/3 average cost of those infamous xerox lay flats (which some dealers think are inexpensive @ $250+ ...!!!)
  10. Chinese oil lines.

    as I said in another post local starter shop has to check EVERY part before install opened/or install marks it is not returnable sometimes it takes 6 months!! neighbor just had to trash a pair of 13-38..... tubes would let go every few weeks found out they are 1 ply and certain field conditions cause the lugs to internally rub stretch or pinch the tube
  11. NAVISTAR, the rebirth of IH

    the burn down regen hurt them a few years back as ALL the state trucks were spending about 60% of the time in burn down or repair
  12. T340

    yes ....but you have to get ALL parts ,may need different external mounts and some did not have ALL the internals
  13. NAVISTAR, the rebirth of IH

    Do you remember? I can't find the TV commercial that aired, it was a cool ad if I remember right; a class 8 semi running through the gears coming down the highway. yes they were headed down the Diamond road as they retained the 3D logo have a few letters from the period
  14. Latest project.

    looks like 152/u4 same as H ?
  15. Hyd Pump part # 70935r

    thought the # was familiar have several cores on shelf fits many models mfg here and hamilton bob in ohio should have a few now if you are talking spacer tube seal that is different and discussed here about a month back