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  1. ground/chopped hay in feed

    maybe it was that is why i missed the answer
  2. Salvage values

    what I have done is when CT use to put out a catalog add their cost of the top 10 parts/fast sellers or 2.5X cost of current scrap calling is the only way to find such average info now insurance would have charts for late stuff ,but the one they bill on is not the same as negative factor they payout on needed a few parts (common item, but rarely like new) 1/3 -1/2 of new.but alone 25% what they paid for running tractor. and while waiting several calls came in,one I heard for 1086 "must be complete and properly running ,decent rubber at our gate $1000 top offer pickup, delivery ,defects all will be deducted" local here has been begging/broke family for deals $1-400 under one name and reselling parts at 20X $ as a dealer under several others.
  3. ground/chopped hay in feed

    this was discussed several weeks back......IDN around here answer changes whom ever you ask dont know what mixer holds but we run 2 bales of decent hay added in the middle ,fluffed then run with largest screen we no longer run salt or mineral thru $$$$ mixer choice. mix use to be 65% ear corn ,30% small grain 5% beans this year consultant said too much corn...? so 55% grain but they should get 5# day we changed mix but stayed with about 100# day for the 50 feeders are the only ones that get it and are on 800# day balage also they also have free choice of their stalkage/mulch bedding which certain days they like better than #1 hay
  4. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    purveyors of the info are selling bolts and suggest every one in an engine should be replaced,rod ,main, OP,head,cam,flywheel,etc at 50 years and $100 would be cheap insurance ,but not $20 + ea 40x $400 for set here
  5. C113 engine rebuild kits

    we had a shop the would build back to std but that would be $200 + now
  6. 826 with a 358D engine overhaul

    IIRC head markings suggest metric ,info would fit with most/all those engines being german built would consult manual as of late everyone is recommending to replace ANY/ALL torqued bolts on a rebuild .... interested in selling 40x $20 bolts
  7. Not a member here hopefully

    For example the backhoe pictured... I would probably chained the backhoe bucket, but since the front of the tractor was secure I probably would not have considered the loader bucket. Is the point being in case of a roll over or similar? the bucket was also chained, 6 x 6 + extra straps . photo was only 7 hours into an 11 hour recovery ($2K lowest bid) easiest recovery of the 3 units offered. plenty of squat on tires. limited options/logistics/mcguyver on a dead machine 100' of cable and 120' of chain is not enough for 150' recovery + straps, jack ,hoists for 5 uncooperative appendages
  8. Topic question

    at times I have to shut down and walk away for a few hours and or clear history when it happens across all platforms, just is in the world waves like solar flares
  9. Topic question

    not that one today, but several days various ones at any point no pattern, most days ok but then the gremlin of shadow posts consistently appears see about 50 little cliches from hackers each week,,dont bother with most as they clear up within 48 hrs chasing them all would give BJ a purpose to keep out of trouble looking for more red
  10. Really dumb question---oil change

    c3 would be the latest # and should work backwards in time maybe in addition they changed the pan capacity however would assume a running change that everyone other than MFG/ dealer may no get notice of( with IT low budget leave you hanging not paying to fact check)they would have an early data chart regardless for $4 extra would go with most oil in engine per c3 and that would be checked/topped (after change)in morning after warm up leak check the night before normally the data would include stock filter/s at a bottles and note for your future use
  11. Not a member here hopefully

    little extra size ,last I hauled used 6/6 + several straps had to go down 55 mph /3 ml hill and thru city and didnt want any extra stops ..after the initial 4 to check ALL again
  12. photo...? are they button type....?
  13. have you removed the horseshoe bracket? otherwise try shroud other removal as needed...something on yours could be tweaked
  14. Farmall 240 fun and a question.

    if threads are ok you could go back to farmall style otherwise I have gone to GOOD muffler shop they made a correct fitting flange and nice extension for correct muffler. functional and only correct police would know you have 50/50 mod
  15. dont have one so cant speak to specifics but similar to reg C with 113 engine bc shroud and bracket tin ,is usually rusted on or nuts break making 3 days to repair As said I roll front ahead