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  1. 5488 SEAT

    Does anyone know if the seat made for an early magnum will fit into a 5488? how about a buddy seat as well?
  2. Best spot to get Magnum cab relay

    Mike Links carries the good prestolites
  3. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Got the parts back today from the machinist. So far it all looks good, but I'm holding my breath till it's all back together. The rear trunnion now looks real nice, he ended up machining it true, and then making a press fit sleeve for it. I spent today putting the differential back together and installing it in the axle. For the record, the differential in these is a Dana 70, with a 4:10 ratio. Pretty easy to setup if you've done differentials in the past. Set this one up with new side bearings, .008" backlash, and a total bearing preload of 33 in lb.(24 on pinion, 9 on the sides). Hopefully I'll have time to install it tomorrow For those of you that have one of these front axles: mine was missing the breather on top, the hole was totally plugged with crap and was invisible even after I wire wheeled the axle.I didn't even know it was supposed to be there until I looked closely at the parts diagram. Just an FYI
  4. 504 hydraulics howl

    My 504 did this in cold weather until the oil warmed up by using the loader a lot. It ended up being the oil wasn't hytran. Changing it out made a huge difference
  5. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Had the guy come today and line bore the bushing hole for the front trunnion. Pretty neat, and actually a fairly simple setup. He took measurements after he got done, and is going to make a sleeve to fit into the upper half of the hole. He machined in a step on the front and back of the bore, and will make the sleeve to look like a crankshaft thrust bearing so it can't move forwards or backwards. Once the sleeve is in place the factory bushing halves will fit in as normal. He also took the rear trunnion along to fill in and machine.
  6. Quick question

    Same thing I had, it took a lot of penetrating oil, and working back and forth with a pliers. Otherwise it'll have to come apart
  7. Quick question

    X2, I had one once where the draft lever would move back and forth fine, but the linkage going into the hitch cover was froze up. When the lever was moved all it did was bend the linkage back and forth
  8. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    It just keeps getting better. Dropped the front axle out tonight, and found a strip of rubber between the rear bearing cap and the bearing! The rear trunnion is junk, it's got grooves over .030 deep in it. Talked the guy that's going to rework the trunnion bores, and he's going to build the trunnion back up and machine it. Even that wouldn't have been so bad, but the rear trunnion has the ring and pinion attached to it as well. As of tonight I'm officially out of beer in the shop..... if anyone has the specs for the front diff, I'd appreciate it! I need the bearing preload specs for used bearings(side bearings and pinion bearings, and the backlash specs. Thanks!
  9. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Thanks, Nate. I've got a fellow from St Paul working on a quote right now. He didn't seem too concerned after I sent him pictures, he said he does construction equipment all the time, and this shouldn't be any different.
  10. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Took the lower front cap off and jacked it up today, and this is what I found: the axle itself is perfect, the problem is that the bolster is worn. A lot. The previous owner actually took part of a second bushing half and JB Welded it into the bolster. Problem is that it still was sloppy, and when I took it apart the JB weld was loose. So now I have some questions: what are my options? Replace the bolster, or have some machine work done to it? I was expecting just a bad bushing, and my heart skipped a few beats when I figured out what I was seeing!!
  11. 5488 MFWD hub seals

    I figured it out this morning. The parts guy gave it to me by mistake, he was going off a magnum front end. The hub seal is the same, but the magnum also uses the v ring. Not a big deal, now that I know I can Just return them.
  12. 5488 MFWD hub seals

    Going back together with the MFWD front seals, trying to figure out where the v ring goes, I don't remember seeing it when I took it all apart. I'm talking about part # 13949339C1. I've looked at the parts diagram, but can't make any sense how it would fit. Thanks for any input! Note: the seal in question is the one in the first and second pics.
  13. 5488 MFWD axle slop

    Ok first of all merry Christmas everyone! working on the 5488 today, thought I'd see how much slop is in the axle bolster. I've got .045 up/down play in the front, and just .002 in the back. What should I do? I have a blue ribbon service manual, but it has little information on MFWD. I'm assuming there's a bushing that's bad, how hard is it to replace?
  14. 5488 interior color choices

    That looks awesome, do you have a picture of the door too?
  15. 5488 interior color choices

    I haven't ruled it out, but it seems like all of the 5x88s I've looked at, they all had the western interior. I'm wanting something different than what everyone else has.