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  1. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    The 8000 - 9600 were pretty stout old tractors. Good friend of mine put way north of 10,000 hours on a turned up 9600.
  2. New joke

    A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the highway outside Washington , DC . Nothing was moving. Suddenly, a man knocks on the window. The driver rolls down the window and asks, "What's going on?" "Terrorists have kidnapped the entire US Congress, and they're asking for a $100 million dollar ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, collecting donations." "How much is everyone giving, on an average?" the driver asks. The man replies, "Roughly a gallon."
  3. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    What advantage did the slanted clamps on the H.D. front axle have over the straight ones on everything else? Was the H.D. front axle available on the 1256 as an option?
  4. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Thanks for the links. I've been reading a fair amount lately about Musk's excellent salesmanship.
  5. National anthem protests

    Absolutely. Excellent post.
  6. New joke

    Years and years ago, a congressional spelling bee was held. The three finalists were Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle won. He was the only one who knew that "harass" is just one word.
  7. 1456 with detroit

    Yeah, but it'd be nice and quiet in that cab.
  8. New joke

    Never obsolete. Says so right there.
  9. A video for those people scared of heights

    I love the last line in this guy's narration.
  10. New joke

    Oldest daughter sent me this a couple of days ago. We share a similar sense of humor.
  11. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

  12. Again and again

    WHY THE **** WASN'T HE IN JAIL? Texas Shooter Escaped Mental Institution In 2012, Tried To Kill Superiors By Sneaking Guns Onto Base****-wasnt-he-jail-texas-shooter-escaped-ben-shapiro
  13. Inversion tables

    I don't have much in the way of back problems, but for the last four years I've gone to a really good chiropractor/holistic doctor who I see every 6 - 8 weeks. He does a little manipulation and I never really have any back issues to speak of. If the old back feels a little tight after I've done some unusual contortions under a sink or getting in and out of an attic, I take his advice and hang by my hands (pull-up style) from a bar for a minute or two. Sometimes with my feet off the floor, sometimes not. Feels pretty good. I've always thought the tables were interesting. Glad to see positive results from them - nice to know of anything that helps.
  14. Good times with good equipment

    Looks like a Waldron to me. I had a borrowed one on my 766 for a little while to push some brush around. If it's like the one I used, It hangs from the frame rails but pushes from the front drawbar support.
  15. Small tire foaming

    I tried slime on wheelbarrow and pressure washer tires and had no success. Put a solid tire from Rural King on the wheelbarrow - think it was around $20 - and it works great. Don't have a pressure washer any more, and don't want another one.
  16. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    I kept my 766 between 900 and 1000 (after turbo), and never noticed it glowing at all. Should have turned the lights out more often when running at night. Edit: 900 - 1000 before turbo.
  17. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    I ran Dad's 5000 row crop gas-burner when he was farming south of Osborn in the late '60s. I was a great tractor to run - nice high platform and generally comfortable layout. It's exhaust manifold would glow cherry red when working hard. His 2520 gas at approx. the same ponies wouldn't glow at all. But the Ford engine walked all over it, and on less fuel.
  18. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    Was the 5000 a row crop?
  19. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    What kind of EGT would you expect it would take to make 'em glow?
  20. Tinnitus

    Same here. Even things I wouldn't have thought of, like driving Romex staples in to floor joists. Hammer drills can be bad. The local lumber yard has an ancient DeWalt radial arm saw that makes me step out of the saw shop every time they cut something for me. Got to shoot a cylinder full of .44 mags through a Dirty Harry S and W once about 40 years ago, and think I still hear that. And of course the good old days when the hot rod (now modified) tractors pulled, and you were probably some kind of sissy if you covered your ears. Now that the grandson is working and shooting with me, I'm teaching him about ear protection early. And he's paying attention. Smart kid.
  21. Forum rules

    Saw you guys Friday evening between 6:30 and 7:00 on my way home from Darren's aunt's house. I'd just finished putting up gutter guards, and a bunch of other stuff, for her. Thought about stopping but needed to get home. Does Darren's truck have a 466 in it? Sounded pretty good earlier in the day when he went by.
  22. Gittin` the "wood"

    The ag teacher at my high school didn't use a paddle. Instead, we had a paddle line. The one to be punished stood in the middle of the room and grabbed his ankles, while everyone else lined up to give him one swat with an open palm. After 15 or 20 smaks from big old farm boys, the receiver was ready to do no wrong for quite some time. Paddle line was something to be avoided at all costs. (BTW, there were no girls in ag class back in the day at my school).
  23. IH 1456

    Thanks for all the answers on big front rubber. I guess what got me wondering was a 1456 that I ran a little about 40 years ago. It had 11.00 16s on it and some looseness in the front end, and I wondered if the big tires put more leverage on the wearing parts. But I didn't know the tractor from new, so it may have just had a rough life without much maintenance. Dad almost traded for a used 4520 once (guess it's a good thing he didn't). It had 14L 16s on the front, and I thought that was the baddest looking machine I'd ever seen. It did have one cool front axle, I have to say.