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  1. Here's the Cajun Queen I saw at Bethany. The two post roll bar was very distinctive back then.
  2. Kind of cool to have it all painted up like that. What a tribute - to an engine family that has been so good for so long.
  3. I had one of those It was actually the Bobar shown in this article. Like you said, it worked well then. One nice thing about this one was the fact that the big pipe that made up the tank fed the ropes through a couple of solenoids, which really reduced accidental dripping. I did some custom work with it in '79 and '80.
  4. I'd have to watch the video again to be sure, but maybe they used 429 pistons to make the 466.
  5. I wondered that too. Maybe pistons from the 429?
  6. When I started buying professional grade power tools about 16 years ago, I almost ordered a DeWalt 14.4 3-speed drill driver, but hesitated because of a lot of bad, consistent online reviews from previously loyal DeWalt customers. I ended up buying a Bosch 14.4 Brute, and ran Bosch for years, until it got to the point where the only place I could buy batteries was Ebay. Then a little over three years ago I decided to upgrade to Lithium Ion. The Milwaukee M18 stuff seemed to be at or near the top in battery technology at the time, so that's what I went with. So far it's been a really good choice. Great batteries, well made tools, and good warranty service. And a huge line of bare tools once you get the battery platform established. I've always shied away from Dewalt, partly because of bad reviews, partly because every time I picked up a yellow drill in a store, the case molding around the switch was sharp and uneven. Unacceptable to me for a premium priced tool. I know lots of contractors who've used DeWalt for years, but I don't see near as many yellow tools as I used to.
  7. shows the 1026 tested 112.45 PTO and 80.24 drawbar. The 1256 tested 116.12 PTO and 102.03 drawbar.
  8. That's a great story. A lot of really good pulling history. I got to watch Cajun Queen II (the 4320) pull at Bethany Mo.,I believe in 1973. They were still running pace tractors then. I don't remember the weight class, but it was one of the heavier classes. Van was running in 7th or 8th, I think it was 7th, and just as he was about to pass the pace tractor he backed off the throttle (still in the factory location), let the pace tractor pull away, then he hammered it, the queen jumped, picked the rpms back up,and went out the gate. I remember my IH dealer (Drexel Hatten) told me that the queen had some red parts in her too, but I always wondered what. I never knew about the 505 motor till I saw this video. Thanks for posting.
  9. I always wanted to run a 1570, or for that matter a 1370. Also, a Ford 9600, Massey 1150, Deere 4620, AC 220, Ollie 2255. Not so much to compare with a 1456, just to see what they were like. I did get to run a 5020 for a day. It was a fun day. I remember an old post on this forum where someone said a 1570 would spank a 1586. I wouldn't be surprised.
  10. Few people are aware that, for a brief period many years ago, Richard Nixon and Ted Kennedy started a legal firm together. The business didn't succeed, but not because it didn't have a good name. They called it Dickem and Dunkem.
  11. Looks to me like they had some distractions.
  12. I believe that the 766 and 966 shared everything but the engine. I think the seven would handle as much power as the 806, 856, or 966 would. Most of the time I had mine set so it would dyno around 135 or so with it's ears pinned back, but I usually backed the throttle off enough to keep the boost around 10 or 11 pounds, so figure I was using maybe 115 - 120 most of the time (?). Not sure I'd want to try 160 for very long pulling a chisel or plowing gumbo.
  13. And, if the last two bottoms had coulters, I'd bet that the front bottom should have one too. Or, were the coulters aftermarket?