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  1. It even says in the article that "front tandem tractor carries anhydrous tanks, atrazine tank rides on wheel-track planter hitch". That's a whole lotta stuff goin' on there.
  2. That looks like a great idea.
  3. There will have to be a fight of some sort eventually. Or roll over on our backs and pee in the air.
  4. For any of you who haven't read Orwell's 1984,, he talks about the "memory hole", where ideas that big bro wants you to know not go. I love living where we live; the house we live in, the town, the county,. But I'll tell anyone - Illinois sucks. Big time. I recently applied for a nose picking license. Probably be breathing through my mouth for the next 6 - 12 months.
  5. From "The Yankee Problem in America", by Clyde Wilson: "...scholars are at last starting to pay some attention to one of the most important and most neglected subjects in United States history — the Yankee problem. By Yankee I do not mean everybody from north of the Potomac and Ohio. Lots of them have always been good folks. The firemen who died in the World Trade Center on September 11 were Americans. The politicians and TV personalities who stood around telling us what we are to think about it are Yankees."
  6. I've made a decent living for going on 16 years by fixing and remodeling houses. One of the constants that I've seen is that there is nothing that is "maintenance free". Vinyl siding and fencing degrades, fades, and gets chalky, wood rots, paint/stain deteriorates, etc. Closest thing to maintenance-free in my experience is brick. I have clients with Trex deck floors that still have me pressure wash and/or re-stain with solid stain every two to three years, just because it starts to look like crap, even though it's not rotting. Just my .02 worth.
  7. Do you have to like the music to do that? Just wondering. Having trouble relating.
  8. If you don't have to actually see the grain, a solid stain offers more UV protection, and on vertical surfaces like yours will last several years. I use Flood because my local supplier handles it and gives me great service. I've used Behr, Expressions, Porter, and now Flood solid color deck stain and have no complaints with any of them. They look like paint when you put them down, but no primer required and in my 15+ years experience they hold up better than anything else. I'm guessing your pool backs into a hill or bank and has a deck to access it. I figure you don't have a lot of flat ground in the Sullivan area.
  9. Doesn't look like they were actually advertising it. The print with the picture reads like a Successful Farming or similar magazine article, not a Deere ad.
  10. I was gonna say the same thing.
  11. So, what's the story on the Hydro 1066?
  12. Those need to be framed. That ol' girl has some rubber on her, eh?
  13. And surely you had wasps, didn't you?