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  1. John Deere answer to a TA

    I got along fine with the Quad Range in Dad's 4440. Glad you clarified what you meant by hard load.
  2. John Deere answer to a TA

    Seems like that's when you'd want to downshift.
  3. Forum rules

    No, it was brand new in this picture. We had the charger put on about two years later.
  4. Forum rules

  5. Forum rules

    I think I've posted this before. Still breaking in Dad's new 766 with a 4-16 710 plow in sod, fall of '73. The seven would just sit and spin out with that plow till we had 2400 lb. of fluid pumped in. Weighed in at about 13000 in this pic. Grandpa was old school for sure - pose for that picture. Notice the rain cap only partly up, and the invisible man driving the 2520. I felt like the king of the world on that big seven, after spending lots of hours on that 2520. Dad had just bought 280 acres of pasture, for around $300/acre, to go along with the 240 that he and my grandpa already owned. We were gonna farm big.
  6. Super nice 856

    Outstanding machine.
  7. Did anyone else notice

    And it smells worse every day. RS, can you document where you found out about this witness? I haven't seen it yet. I don't doubt you at all, but I think it's wise that those of us questioning this crap can back up what we're saying. Here's another "witness", who's also a "victim". I do believe that people were shot, but not so sure about this yahoo. He must have been wearing his hat in an uncommon way.
  8. Iowa Girl Makes Her First Calif. Appearence

    Those fenders can't handle much more tire, can they?
  9. Did anyone else notice

    That would be convenient. Maybe he was shot breaking in to Paddock's house. Where'd that rumor come from?
  10. Oh Christine

    With you on that. Scariest stuff to me involves stuff that can, at least plausibly,, really happen.
  11. Did anyone else notice

    And now he's gone missing - just before interviews were scheduled. Meanwhile, Paddock's home was broken in to. So, here we go:
  12. It weighs 15,000 (or more) pounds. Those were the days before the advanced sleds of today. Pullback tractors took the sled back to the line after every pull. There was no sled operator to raise the pan and drive it back.
  13. green redneck

    Where I grew up, I don't remember seeing any modern tractors without a three point. 30 hp to 150+. There had to be some out there, but not that I ever saw.
  14. For you old gleaner fans

    Also rolling grain bins, where I come from.
  15. Low Hour 1066

    Where I used to try to farm, an hour on a tractor was probably equivalent to two or three hours on flat ground. We had lots of hills, grassed waterways, etc. The 400 acres of row crop I farmed in the late seventies probably put as much wear and tear on a tractor as 800 - 1000 acres of flat ground. Maybe not on the engine, although there was a lot of throttling back, etc., but definitely on all the steering components and brakes. Kind of like city versus highway miles on a car or truck.