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  1. I've put in a fair amount composite, mostly Evergrain, and also quite a bit of wood (p.t. 5/4 radius edge and 2 x 6). The treated lumber is considerably cheaper than the composites, and feels better under foot to me. Also, it doesn't sag between joists, which all the composites that I've seen do, even with 16" joist spacing. The biggest problem around here with lumber, even p.t., is rot at the butt joints. Good spacing helps, and so does solid stain, but if snow stands on it every winter it's hard to keep it from developing rot. I see it lasting 10 - 20 years around here if done right and taken care of. The composites don't typically rot (although I have seen some early composites degrade, I don't think it 's much of a problem now). They will support mold growth, as does most of the vinyl siding in our area. Much worse than wood in that regard. Solid deck stain can be used to spruce up old composite - I do this for a small condo association. A quick coat to the floor and railing tops every couple of years doesn't take long or cost much, and they look nice all the time. Grandson and I recently tore an old (~15 years) composite deck floor off that had degraded and actually started to fall apart, but this was a covered deck and only the parts close to the edge that got a substantial amount of sun degraded. Found out from my local supplier that there was one production year from this manufacturer that had a manufacturing flaw (evidently inadequate UV protection). Replaced it with Envision, which looks like it will be good. If you use the screws designed for composite decking you get a clean look without using hidden fasteners. Personally, if I were doing it for myself I wouldn't install it on less than 12" centers. If you'll get down to eye level on composite decking installed on 16" centers, every deck that I've seen had a little sag between joists. Everyone wants maintenance free, but I haven't seen anything yet that is. If the location favors it, I'd take concrete over a deck every time. Keep in mind, all my experience is with decks in Missouri and Illinois, where we get plenty of humidity, rain, and some snow. If you live in a different (dry) climate you may have a different experience.
  2. Just proves that speed isn't everything, I guess.
  3. So, what's a 300 blackout?
  4. I don't know, but I'll be interested to find out.
  5. Looking good. Nice and slick. I'll bet that big black gal in the first picture is a good mama. Doesn't look like the files are tormenting them much. Are they scarce in your area, or do you have a control program?
  6. I don't get the Family Guy humor, but the Hitler bit was really amusing to me. Hitler hates John Deeres is great, too.
  7. That's what I was wondering. I'd love to see and hear a video of you starting off from a dead stop then catching high 2 and pinning her ears back.
  8. That's what I figured. I remember being able to go through the gears on the high side in my 766. High 2 to high 1 and high 3 to high 4 were a piece of cake, IIRC.
  9. Can you shift up or down a gear on the go if you use the clutch?
  10. Ah yes. I remembered the smoke, and knew the Kaskaskia was involved somehow.
  11. This Waterloo's not in Iowa.
  12. Yes sir. We went to a pull at Carlyle a few years ago. Smoke on the river?
  13. A few of you have met my best buddy (and oldest grandson) Carter - he was the only one from his team to be picked for the league all-star game. He wasn't very excited about playing, since he's been missing out on working with me till baseball's over with, which it is now. Anyway, he pitched two innings, faced six batters, and sat them all down. Four pop-ups and two little blooper's back to him. Got voted MVP for the game. We spend a lot of time together. Went to the local fair pull Saturday night, and he works with me a lot. Has a great work ethic - he can't just stand around, he's always looking for a way to be productive. We're working together tomorrow on a remodel that I have going. Of course I'm partial, but he really is an outstanding young man with his head on straight. Proud grandpa here. BTW, our middle daughter (his momma) is outstanding at editing videos, as well as taking dynamite pictures. O.K. Bragging session over.
  14. Have you tried to get the thermocouple out? If you can, I'd think you could take it to your local gettin' place and find out what plug has the same threads.