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    Owner of a hydraulic hose crimping and tube bending shop, specializing in IH hydraulic and other tubes. Also dealer for Western snow plows. www.artshoses.com

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  1. Help needed finding part number for this MX220 hose

    pirlbeck, can you post a picture of the hose / tube assembly when you get it out? I would be curious to see what it would take to build it from scratch. We can braze tube fittings on steel tubing then crimp on hose like you have done. We also do tube bending so possible we may make one of those someday,
  2. Retirement

    I forgot to mention big buds and diesel doctors comment. Seen these experiences also. One guy I knew retired, moved to Florida thinking it would be great. Moved back here after a couple years because all he saw were old angry men with nothing to do. (Retirement comm like some mentioned) No matter what age you are when retirement comes around your thinking on life and what you want will probably change. None the less, it sounds like a number of members are planning ahead. Stick to it. I get aarp mag and they interview celebrities etc that are over 65. They all claim life has never been better, best years of their life, can't wait till they are older , etc. it's all bunk. I'm not complaining, my health is relative good and can still work. But I'm not a 20 year old. You never know what will limit your activity. Last spring I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. About to retire and have to deal with that. Point is life is short and precious , use your time wisely.
  3. Tillage radish pictures

    I heard when they rot they can stink- like sewage? Hear a lot of guys trying it and other cover crops.
  4. Retirement

    Many interesting comments. As of nov 1 I sold my business. So this thread hits home. I turned 62 this year and decided it was time for several reasons. First, I've been working since 10 years old like many of you members that grew up on farms. I figure if I haven't made enough money by now I never will. Second, there wasn't a way to work part time and my job was taking way too much time. Third, the economy is good and the business was doing well so I figured let's go out at the top of the game. Fourth, my business has outgrown it's location and needs to go to the next level. I found a buyer that has the ability to do that. I have to work three months for him, then as needed with an agreed per hour wage. He will be leasing the building for up to a year alone with the trucks, trailer, skid loader and personal tools. So I have some income for a while. My wife has spent most of our married life ( after raising two sons) using her time in volunteer work. This has brought her great satisfaction. I plan joining her as well being able to do some traveling. I always hated vacations because I never knew what problems would be waiting when I got back. When we had our house built we planned it so we could live on one level even though we have an upstairs and basement. We can get into the house through the garage with no steps. We hope to live here as long as possible. The city is a quarter mile away in two directions with four separate parcels of farmland for sale just looking out our windows. By the time we have to move our land and home will be worth a fortune I hope. I would have liked to keep the part of the business where we are providing replacement hose / tube assemblies for red tractors, but the buyer wants it all. Perhaps I could get neighbors tractors in the shop, copy the tubes, etc, and sell my services to the new owner- who is a city guy. Frankly, I wouldn't mind picking rocks for someone next spring. Not for days on end but for a few hours a day for the exercise and being outside. Farming again isn't even an option. I'm looking forward to a less stressful- especially after this last week.
  5. 4366 trans lube

    One of those tractors (45 or 66 or 86? ) series had an factory update on lubing the trans with an external line. Ken covered it in a red power issue several years ago. We did one for a customer a few years before that. Is that what you are referring to?
  6. 300 u Hydraulic part search

    Paul, The ends of the tube are JIC 37* flare. I can make that tube If I had the dimensions. I put the number in Case IH website it is no longer a good number. If the dealers Farmallfan suggested don't have it PM me. I also checked the website for picture and updated part number but couldn't find it.Thanks, Art
  7. For you old gleaner fans

    Neighbor has an almost new Gleaner, only one of two I know of in the immediate area. Both fields of wheat he took off this summer look like he planted a cover crop. This is a new machine.
  8. On my 3rd reading of this book

    The book says one of the Ivy League colleges has it as required for a course. I thinks its in the forward or acknowledgement. I read it twice, second time got more out of it plus reading went faster. You should read it twice to benefit. Agree with everyone who commented on what they read about the company. The company was like a person who has everything going for them- then gets hooked on drugs and it destroys their life. Hoe did they ever develop the Axial Flow and Hydro tractors with the mess they were in?
  9. 2009 7000 series lights flashing in truck

    The lights on the rocker switches flash in unision. On Western plows with multiplex, the power light on the controller (a small led at the top) flashes when the controller loses communication with the module, which is out on the plow. Usually this is the plug in connector at the grille. It seems The red and white wires supply the power for the light on the switch so that part is working. The blue and white wires go to the control panel that operate 5 rocker switches: plow lights, dump / Susp, lock / Off, on / air assist, park / regen . From looking at info on the web at Body builder, panels with switches are added as needed in parallel and simply connected to the previous panel of switches. Since the first panel lights don't flash and the switches perform their various functions, it seems like it is the add on panel with flashing lights that is the problem. The panel in question routes it signal to the other panel so that part of the circuit seems ok.
  10. A customer brought me his 2009 7000 series truck. It is about a 5 yd truck, single axle with snowplow and wing. It was originally a county plow truck. When the key is on or truck running the lights for the rocker switches that control various add on accessories continual flash. (panel in second picture upper right) This is a multiplex system with just 4 wires running to the panel in the picture. One is power, the 2nd ground and the gray/ blue twisted runs to a module and then it sorts out the signal and commands the correct piece to operate. If this works like Western's snow plow multiplex, when the light flashes, it means it lost communication with the module. The blue and gray wires go to a panel (in the second picture lower left) that controls differential lock, air suspension, etc. This seems to be working. Is it likely this panel is not working or am I missing something else? Thanks, Art
  11. Chinese oil lines.

    We replace those with hoses and compression fittings .That way we don't have to remove anything- we use a Milwaukee Multi tool to cut the tube next to the ferrule. A number of years ago we had guys bringing use nearly new GM replacements that leaked at the crimp. Most were from the SUV style vehicles.
  12. Concrete sealer... yes or no?

    I use Rustoleum on my floor. They have driveway, basement and garage, then industrial or something like that. I use the industrial and it stands up pretty well considering we beat it up good. Comes in several colors. I painted my additional about 2 weeks after pouring and got some bubbles thru it. You have to paint when doors can be open- the fumes are bad. One coat on a Saturday, another Sunday and Monday good to go. Also, floor should be warm. I never repainted till July when floor had warmed up. Put it on with 18" roller. Goes on fast. I like the fact that it makes oil clean up fast, often I can just wipe up small areas. If I wash floor (I used a floor scrubber with cheap powder detergent soap) I rinse down and squeegee it. Attached are pictures of what it looks like after applying. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is expensive to paint up the clean up is so much easier and less time consuming.
  13. Separated Hydraulic Fitting

    As others have correctly stated, that is a standard fitting. It is probably 3/8" or 1/2" NPT going into the valve. The swivel is NPSM, if the male end is tapered of the inside. The female will look like ice cream when it comes out of a scoop (cone shaped or flared)- only with hole in the middle for oil flow. Your hose must be 1/2" ( 12.5 ... on layline indicates 12.5 mm or 1/2". I would guess the male npt then is 1/2". an industry base number many manufacturers use would be 1501 with 4 digits following, giving the size 0808 would be 1/2' by 1/2". NPSM stands for " National Pipe Straight Mechanical. This means there is a mechanical seal rather than using the tapered threads to seal as with NPT.
  14. Farm Tool Trivia

    We had one of these laying round. I always wondered what it's original purpose was. I was pretty small when we chopped hay and blew it in the mow. We did chop straw and both were miserable to fork out. Chopping shorter would have worked better. We use only one knife for oat straw and some years it was pretty long..
  15. cost of hauling milk grassland again!

    Aren't they investing in a new 5000 herd facility near them? Sounds like they will get rid of all you small guys and haul from the new producer. If that's the case they will need cows to milk. Must have to buy up all the small guys that get the boot.