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    Owner of a hydraulic hose crimping and tube bending shop, specializing in IH hydraulic and other tubes. Also dealer for Western snow plows. www.artshoses.com

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  1. Gary, I had the picture of the Hydro touch system for both series tractors. After you mentioned them, I went back to the web and looked at some other pictures. This indeed is for the 300/350 tractors. It looks like the supply to one of the rear remotes. Thanks for your help and quick reply. Tractor guy, there was yellow paint that looks like it was 350 but read right to left. This assembly is 366968R91. Thanks for the quick replies.
  2. I've got a couple of these tube assemblies that I want to identify. Looking at tractors from the 1950's on ih website doesn't show it. I'm sure someone can tell what they fit. Thanks in advance. And thanks BJ, this is the first time using pictures.
  3. Yea, for some reason lots of big dairies over there. Farther South of Green Bay in calumet county dairying is big too. I think there because it's so hilly cash crops may not be practical with big equipment in odd shape fields and the hills.
  4. Yes I do. I've heard of their events, never could make it though. The ground around here plows hard, especially after lots of rain then dries out.
  5. Looks like wedding took place in nearby omro, wi. Great pictures of car,trucks, tractors - all doing something.
  6. This location is less then 2 miles from me on the same road. The farm used to be all IH. Farm Country is down the road in opposite direction on the H.
  7. I picked up a bunch of hydraulic tube assemblies and manifolds at RPRU 2017. We will be using them with the tube and hose assemblies that we either duplicate or reuse. I am looking for a cabinet to clean tubes before and after brazing. I had a Harbor Freight cabinet but sold it a few years ago because of space and didn't use it much. It seems the Harbor one plugged easily, was hard to load from the side, and was hard to see what was blasting. Now we could use one but want something better than what Harbor sells. Anyone have experience with TSC, MSC,, Northern Tools, or Eastwood cabinets? I looked on line at an Eastwood and several others. Are they worth the extra money over a Harbor? I have a small hand sand blaster that I use to clean areas to silver braze and after brazing to clean the area. However, it uses a lot of sand which wouldn't be practical for what we now need. Any experience or suggestions?
  8. I don't think that's weird at all. But then who am I to judge. We converted our dairy barn into a house. Grandpa built the original 36'x56' bank Dutch gambrel roof barn in 1913. Dad put a 20' round roof addition on in 1960. We have lived here almost 30 years so I probably spend more time in the "Barn" than most farmers. Our barn is the last one on our block. If I could I would post them to show my dream barn.
  9. My youngest son is moving to Racine this summer. He had a chance to go to Beloit also. Other son lived in Waupaca for a while. I've heard Kenosha / Racine and Beloit were bad, but I really thought Milwaukee would have been number 1.
  10. I can replace the hose section on assemblies like that. We have the ability to cut the tube off the hose, braze on a stem, then crimp a new piece of hose in between. We just did one fore a 1066 diff lock hose. We do that all the time for power supply hoses on 460/560/660 tractor (hose down on the left side in front of the clutch pedal.) Similar hose and tube assemblies are on 504, 656 and most other tractors we can do also. We also have banjo fittings that we can braze on tubes for steering tubes, for example 06 series at the bolster. And then we bend the tubes for across platform assemblies to rear remotes and replace for 30/350, 400/450, 460, 560 tractors. We bolt the manifolds in jigs we made to ensure they are in the proper location before silver brazing the new tubes in the manifolds. We have just engineered an engine drain tube extension for the medium frame Magnums with 6.7L (part #84201016.) The cab pillar heater tubes for 86 & 88 series tractors are another one we do. We will be at RPRU in June. PM me or see our website at artshoses.com for more info.
  11. He got the new part that was the same, but it sounded like (from the dealer) a new improved setup was in the pipeline. I got the specs from the old and plan on building one with a longer tube so you can put a wrench on the braze on nut. Thanks for the help.
  12. My neighbor just changed engine oil on his Magnum 225 CVT tractor. The drain plug is a banjo fitting with a tube coming off with a slight bend. This exists the side of the frame (the frame looks like a narrow bathtub with the engine sitting in it) so you can get a wrench on it. A problem occurred when the cap would not turn off the hex fitting brazed on the tube. He claims it is impossible to hold it with another wrench because it doesn't stick out of the frame far enough. Need less to say he twisted the tube and had to buy new one. I made an extension for the tube so now he can hold the nut brazed on the tube with another wrench. Is this a common problem and has anyone run into this situation?
  13. From what I understand one bto I know of is doing all his expanding with investors money. How or why anyone one would chose to invest in a low return on investment such as farming is beyond me. I understand the comments about investing money or taking a tax hit. Being in business myself I've seen that personally in the last few years. My debt load was low so taxes were high. But I look at the flip side. Debt is high but no cash flow. How do you pay bills. so, do you want to pay taxes or interest on loans for stuff you don't need. Currently my business is for sale and when potential buyers want to see profit and loss it looks good so I can ask more for the business than the guy that sells everything to pay off his debt and hope something is left for him. In the end you end up paying no matter what. Bottom line I wonder is, why do you want to run 40,000 acres when 10,000 has enough worries, or milk 15000 cows when 1000 will give you an income. Here's another senerio. Why does a guy have hired help, but when son or sons want to come on board, he needs to expand? Couldn't he replace help with son? I think what it is you hire help to do work no one including yourself wants to do. So you have to get big. Also as stated, there is a certain amount of keeping up appearances, neighbor buys something newer, others have to prove they are progressive too. Lots of guys get in trouble that way.
  14. Jdjd, you asked about the o ring in the coupler. Is that a pioneer coupler? If so the o ring is available for the #8 coupler. I will get it for you if that's the coupler you have.
  15. An article in the wsf said the us is not producing enough milk to meet demand for the USA, yet the us exports dairy products and nobody is giving incentives ( pay more to the farmer so he increases production) so there is more milk. You would think if this is the case why aren't processors expanding? Article also said New Zealand reach its peak production and now cows are being culled because of low export prices. Europe is in the same boat. Writer was optimistic about dairying.