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  1. 2017 pics

    BR750 that bunt. It only had 3500 or so bales. Replaced with a BR7070 with 1600 bales. Don't really know what started the fire. I assume a bearing, we have a temp gun in the tractor and used it the night b4. Melted tail light on the 5088. My 17 yr old son was running it and said it was hot when he got it unhooked.
  2. 2017 pics

    5088 on the baler, 3688 on the rake. Old baler. New baler. Field total just under 3 hours. More pics later.
  3. Gotta try it

    5088 on baler, 3688 on rake
  4. Auxiliary AC Condensers for 50 Series.

    The kit consists of the condensor, a line, some zip tie things (look like a zip tie with a button on the end). The instructions are not as clear as they could be, but is is pretty self explanatory one you have the parts and tractor together. Discharge Line off of old condensor onto new condensor, new line from old condensor to new condensor. New condensor mounts to hydraulic oil cooler with zip ties and insulators. I removed the side sheet metal and the cover off of the air box and did everything from the ground. I am more than pleased with how it is working.
  5. Auxiliary AC Condensers for 50 Series.

    I just got done installing th condensor kit on my 5088. Before installation low side of 42 high side 285. After low side 32 high side 200. Big difference in the air temp coming out of the vents. Easy kit to install.
  6. 5088 a/c questions/problem

    success! The fan belt had broken a few years ago and broke some wires. Sure enough it was at a splice, fixed and all good. My 15 year old son had hot wired the compressor to the auxiliary light switch and was turning it on and off while he was baling hay, off when thee monitor beeped and back on after he dumped the bale. I don't know how he knew to hot wire the compressor let alone to turn it on and off. He said he just knew. Thanks
  7. 5088 a/c questions/problem

    Thanks. I will dig out the services manual and start testing. My 15 year old son hot wired the compressor to the aux light switch so he could turn it off and on. I was out of pocket and had told him to finish round baling that patch of hay. He got it finished.
  8. 5088 a/c questions/problem

    My 5088 doesn't have any power to the compressor. I have replaced the thermostat switch and still nothing. The compressor comes on and coools if it is hot wired. What do I check? Thanks
  9. Auxiliary AC Condensers for 50 Series.

    I have updated the compressor to a sanden on my 5088. That made it a little better. I have ordered the extra condenser it and will update when I get it installed. I have a 3688 and it will freeze you out even when it is 100 out.
  10. Looking for Ford help

    I have a 1996 f150 that had the same symptoms. I don't know if the system is the same or not. My truck has two temperature sending units, one for the gauge and one for the computer. The computer gauge had failed and was telling the computer it was like 400 degrees and was restricting fuel and would barely run. Replaced temp sending unit and away we go.
  11. International 5088

    Thanks so much!
  12. International 5088

    The pressure line for my hydraulic seat sprung a leak, when I took the line of it stripped the fitting on the metal line that goes through the floor. Long story short do I need to cap the lines or make a loop? I have hay on the ground and need to get it up then I will replace with a air ride seat I have been wanting anyway. Thanks, Brent