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  1. IH 1456

    Nice, that signs really cool too
  2. IH air compressor

    I'm supposed to go look at it in the next week or so, my buddy took the photo but claims the owner said it's international built, it has various international emblems and the sheet metal looks just like a tractors. I'm really curious to find out, and yes it is really big about 20ft long.
  3. 1206 serial number registry

    Didn't the serial numbers start at 7501? It sounds like a prototype or b.s.. Just my .2 Nate
  4. IH air compressor

    How rare is this, International Diesel air compressor, never saw another one?
  5. 1466 and 966 Rolling down the highway!

    I know the guy he's in my pulling , he was heading down south to the Salem County fair to pull. They are nice tractors both DT466.
  6. The Early '06's - (Updated with pics)

    I've got an early one, clamshell fenders, short levers, fiberglass seat, early lights now turned into a puller. Here's the single step and a pic of the speed chart.
  7. auction in worthington mn

    Wow, I wish I was there
  8. New owner of an 806

    Nice looking tractor, pm sent
  9. 706 with a 414

    I'm currently doing the same thing but strictly for pulling
  10. IH 282 Diesel No Start Diagnosis

    Wasn't there a trick to use glow plugs from the Navistar 444 v8 engine?
  11. After a Two Year Search

    Tractor looks flawless
  12. Dirt Boyz, Prototype Time

    The early Production tractors had the decals. This is a prototype. I think the story was that IH didn't have the emblems ready for the start of production and so they went with the decals to start off. It seems like I read that in article in RPM that Ken wrote. I could be totally wrong. This was talked about I think BJ. Like you mentioned, they went with decals because of time constraints. If I remember, they couldn't decide where to put the Turbo or Diesel. They had their mind made up & then at the last second changed their minds & the tooling couldn't be done in time for the 1206 release. Please correct me if I am wrong people. Apprieciate all the info
  13. Dirt Boyz, Prototype Time

    I'm confused, I thought all the early 1206's had the decals and not the emblems?
  14. Maxxum 110

    I'm gonna go have a look at the maxxum I see one version has the 5.9 cummins and the other is a 4cyl fiat maybe? Looks like alot of changes between the two.
  15. Maxxum 110

    Looking for a newer chore tractor with a loader, currently looking at a 2009 maxxum 110 don't know to much about them? Also considering a kubota m110x both tractors have loaders and fair prices.