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  1. Cold start. Who want some

    My 1566 was the easiest starting tractor I have ever been around. It would light right off at 20 degrees with no either. Seemed like if it would spin over once, it was running. Had to start it at 20 below one morning to feed cattle but I did have it plugged in overnight, no ether needed to start it then, either. Dad's 1086 was a good starter but not quite as good as that 1566 was.
  2. Dealer prices from 1968

    I bought a used 1206 in 1974, had a cab with heat, duals and weights, new rear inside rubber, 4000 hours for $8900. Used tractor prices did not change much from 68 to 74.
  3. Another IH Related Modelling Project!

    Very nice! Wish I had your talent and patience Darryn.
  4. original 1256 toy

    Dad was given this toy 1256 and an IH fender radio when he bought his new 1256 in 1969. This toy has sat on a shelf for nearly 50 years. The plastic front weights have been missing for years and the box is long gone. The other photo is his 1256. I think the photo of the real tractor makes me think of dad more than any other photo I have. He sure was proud of that tractor. This is mom and dad, standing beside the 886 and baler, maybe 20 years ago.
  5. original 1256 toy

    Dad put the Exel cab on his in 71 and added Eagle Air AC to it in 75, the ac was still in good working order when the tractor was sold. I always loved running that tractor, it was very snappy and had lots of power.
  6. original 1256 toy

    BJ Bruck (IH man 1256) from this forum also tried to help me track it down but he came up with the same dead end I did. The man that bought it at our auction traded it to the local IH dealer in 1984, that dealership went broke and the 1256 was sold at their liquidation auction. It supposedly went to southern Kansas and that is where the trail went cold.
  7. Original Price For ERTL Precision Series 1206

    I was thinking I gave around $125 for mine, I bought it when they first introduced that model. Receipt is long gone.
  8. original 1256 toy

    No Rick, we had a downsizing auction in 1982, that photo was taken a few days before the auction. Have tried to locate it a few times but the trail goes cold a couple of years after it was sold.
  9. 5488 interior color choices

    Wow, what a find!
  10. 5488 interior color choices

    What is the story on this cab?? Where did you find one that had not been in the field?? Maybe I missed something.....
  11. Funeral for my neighbor

    A friend of mine who passed away in 1999 went to the cemetery behind his own 1456, driven by his grandson. The pall bearers were all dressed in bib overalls.
  12. Used sleeve?

    Dad's 1030 Case had one sleeve that cavitated, dripped coolant down on the main bearing below it and it locked up while idling one day (luckily). We removed the front engine head, removed the oil pan, and numbers one and two sleeves, pistons and rods. Had the crankshaft turned in the tractor, replaced the two front sleeves, put the old pistons back in with new rings and it ran another 30 years doing hay duty. It was still running strong when dad sold it 6 or 7 years ago.
  13. Big Iron, Auction Time, Purple Wave or ??

    I remember when you bought that Chevy truck off Purple Wave, when dad was selling his tractors and haying equipment in 2009. I was wondering how small, old stuff would sell on Purple Wave, I want to get rid of my Super C's and my gooseneck.
  14. Dad passed away

    Dad passed away early this morning after a long struggle with Alzheimer's. Services are pending. Hate to say it but I am glad all his confusion and struggles are over.
  15. years gone by

    Not sure how I missed this one but yes they did have a 1468 for a couple of years, traded it on a new 4440.
  16. Dad passed away

    Don I always think of your experiences with your dad's dimentia. Yes it was real hard on mom. She has had two mild strokes in the last few months but is doing okay for the time being. Hopefully she will be relieved of some stress. I have spent the last couple of days doing small repairs in the garage when I wasn't at the nursing home, that quiet time has been nice so I know what you mean about getting out on the tractor and getting away from everyone.
  17. Colonoscopy by Dave Barry

    I have had two of them so far, scared to death on the first one and looked forward to the second, the drugs they gave me were GREAT. Wife said I had everyone rolling in the recovery room aisles laughing with the stuff that was spewing out of my mouth when they wheeled me out. I remember stopping at IHOP for breakfast on the way home, then sleeping like a baby for ten hours after I got home, both times.
  18. IH 1466, 826, 756

    We had Eagle AC added to dad's 1256 (the photo in my avatar) and to the 69 model 815 combine back in the winter of 75 to 76. It worked quite well in the 1256 for years but the combine burned to the ground before we had 10 hours on the added ac.
  19. IH Foot Throttle

    I bought kits from IH in the late 70's for my 1566 and dad's 1256, those foot throttles were great, especially for powering back up after turning at the ends of fields when both hands were busy with the ta lever, steering wheel and hitch or remote levers.
  20. SC wide front

    Here is a photo of one of the SC's and not sure how I got 3 Boogs in this post!!!!!
  21. SC wide front

    Sorry I no longer have access to what it takes to build one of these arms, I used to spend a lot of time at dad's farm shop where he had a good DC welder, band saw and drill press and acetylene torch, that is where I made the arms for both our tractors but the farm and all the shop equipment were sold several years ago.
  22. Farmall C Pto klunks noise with Brush Hog under load

    I had a 200 one time that had a clunk like that. Pulled the top cover and discovered that - 1. The oil slinger gear was broken and 2. One of the bull gears had a broken spline where the right rear axle slid into it. I think the broken bull gear spline is what was causing the clunk.
  23. Sad

    We live 15 minutes from Lawrence, Kansas. The night before the Vegas shootings, somebody in Lawrence opened fire on a group of people, killed three and put two more in the hospital. That shooter is still on the loose but we have heard nothing more about that shooting since the Vegas ordeal.
  24. Long time forum member passes away.

    Wow sorry to hear of Chub's passing. RIP.
  25. SC wide front

    I made that part for our two SC's that have the wide fronts also. Make it an inch longer than stock, the front end will turn shorter.