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  1. Had the surgery Monday, got home Tuesday evening. All went well. Have to take it easy for two weeks, hopefully I am finished with this aneurysm for good.
  2. Dan I have a sinus issue, went in last summer to have it checked out, they did an MRI and found a brain aneurysm which took priority over the sinus issue, Had a procedure last September where they went into an artery in my groin area and put a stint over that aneurysm and that was supposed to have been the cure but it somehow slipped and is not covering all the opening to the aneurysm so I have to have that same procedure done again. AND I still have the sinus issue which I will have to have surgery for after they are sure the aneurysm is taken care of for good. MTO you are sure right it was a blessing it was even found, I had no symptoms at all, it would have most likely been lights out if it had ruptured. Dean, dad is in a nursing home at Eurdora, mom lives with a sister. Karen had a heart attack right before Thanksgiving but has rebounded and is ornery as ever. Thanks to everyone else for your kind words.
  3. FFW 10 years. The wife ran off with the IH salesman and her old man had to quit farming and had a sale. Story of my life, LOL.
  4. May 8 I am going back in to have another stint put in my head. Had one last September to cover the opening to an artery aneurysm in my brain but a check up arteriogram last week determined the stint had slipped and was no longer covering the entrance to the aneurysm. I thought this was all behind me but as it turns out the bomb is still ticking. Nothing to this procedure if everything goes okay, just hope they get it this time.
  5. Big hair and high waisted jeans on that gal, my favorite look.I was about that same age when those tractors came out,, where has the time gone??
  6. It has been gone a long time now, maybe close to ten years. That place is abandoned, and all grown up in trees and brush around the house. Rumor has it there is still a tractor or two in the shed but it is all enclosed so who knows.
  7. was wonering if that 8430 is still sitting outside on that hill or if someone has finally rescued it from rusting into the ground

    1. years gone by

      years gone by

      so some of the equiment and ths 8430 have finally  been rescued form rotting into the ground .Sure would love to have a look at that  tractor am trying to find one for a retierment restoration project . Would u happen to know the address of that farm

    2. JD Humm

      JD Humm

      Don't know the address, that farm couple has long since passed on but their son still owns it, his name is Roy Webb and he lives in the Basehor area last I heard.  I know him when I see him and he knows me but that is about the extent of our relationship, I see him sitting in the driveway to that place in his truck on occasion but he always locks the cable behind him, kind of like he doesn't wish to be bothered so I have never stopped by when I see him there.  That 8430 left under it's own power, I remember meeting it on the highway and was amazed it ran but who knows how long it took them to get it running.

    3. years gone by

      years gone by

      thats great to hear that someone finally got it running and is being used or restored. I used to own one back in the 80's but had to sell it as things got tough for me back then, always regretted selling it never did any major repairs to it just a pump rebuild and injectors. Put over 6000 hours on it and the only major money put in to it was new tires and duals.Thanks for the info I will keep looking for one,  if you happen to see one with the last 4 serial number digits 6717 thats the one I really am trying to find ,the one I let go. Thanks again

  8. That photo sure brings back memories of dad's 1256 when it was brand new. Biggest tractor we had up until then was a 706 gasser. Couldn't believe how powerful that 1256 was. It pulled 6 16's easier than the 706 pulled 4 14's.
  9. Hot off the press for all who are interested. http://www.b-29doc.com/2017/03/21/b-29-doc-announces-2017-air-show-tour-schedule/
  10. I am writing this on our old 2005 Sony Vaio which is still running Windows XP. Lost the hard drive once maybe 6 years ago, only problem we have ever had but Windows XP keeps getting slower and goofier ever day. We have a new HP sitting in the box that we have not set up yet but it will be no where near the computer this one has been.
  11. Hope to get to see Doc somewhere this year, sounds promising. http://www.b-29doc.com/2017/03/10/b-29-doc-clears-phase-one-of-flight-test-operations/
  12. I would think for a prisoner getting to get out in the air and put up some hay would almost be a treat compared to being in a cell all day, even if he did get to fight a 45 baler. I used to hate to see summer come due to dad being in a bad mood the whole time he was using that POS baler.
  13. Doesn't this tractor belong to an early RPF member, I think his handle was "Aberdale"? I met him and saw this tractor at a Roundup but I can't recall which one it was.
  14. Dad had a 45 baler in the early 60's, it was a rolling pile.
  15. Just a thought, try unhooking the battery for ten minutes then hook it back up.