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  1. This is dad's 22 year old Yazoo mower, it is a zero turn hyrdrostat, with a 20 hp Kawasaki water cooled engine, Hydraulic lift and pto shaft driven 60" deck. This machine works real good for getting under low hanging branches and also will spin right around a tree trunk or pole but the operator really gets a wild ride on that seat as it sits right on top of the steering tires. I also have a 26 hp hydro Cub Cadet with a 54 inch deck, this old Yazoo will eat it for lunch.
  2. I was rooting for the Chiefs, LOL. Seriously I did watch the game and it was a good one. And like TomH I was rooting for Atlanta for the very same reason but must hand it to Tom Brady, that was an awesome comeback.
  3. Kind of broken English but this is the same way I have done it in the past.
  4. Wow that was really a great video to see those tractors in action when they were still almost new. Just wish there was a sound track!
  5. Dad had a nice F350 with power steering and fast hitch. IMO that was the handiest tractor made back then. We drilled several thousand acres of wheat with it and a 16 hole Van Brunt drill. It was actually big enough to be of some field use to us back in those days and very handy for moving implements around the yard. 3rd gear on a Super C always seemed a little too slow for raking and of course 4 th was too fast. 4th on the F350 was a good raking speed and you had the ta for running slower when needed.
  6. Is that same basic 18 speed powershift still offered in new Magnums today??
  7. Stamped rear wheels, non adjustable wheatland front axle, too many bars in the grille. Looks like it still says "Farmall" above the 1466 on the badge?? Odd tractor for sure.
  8. Great job! Reminds me of dad's 1256 when it was brand new and I cast another vote for the 56 series as being the sharpest ever built.
  9. I recall Rusty's 1256 that had the same name. He hauled that tractor around on a mid sixties 600 series flatbed Ford. I heard the story that one time, on a dare he unloaded the tractor with no dock. He put the truck in neutral. Put the 1256 in fourth reverse, pulled the throttle down and popped the clutch and the truck shot out from under him. Do not know if that was true or not but heard the story several times. I also remember the Wampus Cat, was thinking he also pulled am 856 in earlier years with that same name.
  10. Same way with the 76 model I had. 1256 would run off and leave it going down the road.
  11. I have a few Thorsen Allied wrenches in my collection also. Al we had a Western Auto store for years in our small town, it closed down in the 70's. Dad had a real heavy duty 1/2" electric drill that mom bought him from Wards back in the 50's, it was still running strong when we sold out the farm a couple of years ago. Had to be real careful running it, if the bit stuck the drill would either snap the bit off or twist your arms really bad.
  12. I remember back when JC Penny and Montgomery Ward had their own line of tools and so did Western Auto. "Wizard" was Western Auto's tool brand. Dad had a few Wizard hand tools, I kept a few of them for old time sake.
  13. I retired over 3 years ago after 29 calendar years with Schindler Elevator Corp. I always believed in taking care of the hand that fed me and it paid off. I do feel very fortunate though to have been given that opportunity in the early 80's.
  14. I do that too. I appreciate what service men and women and law enforcement have done and do for the rest of us.