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  1. Back in the mid seventies our gas 706 went to the dealership for an engine overhaul, we rented a tractor from them while it was down as it was our swather tractor and we were right in the middle of haying season. The tractor we rented was a nice 560 D with a turbo, had the flat top fenders and a wide front. That tractor sure had more power than the 706 gasser had, hated to give that 560 up when they brought the 706 back.
  2. So sorry to read this. My sincerest condolences to Chub and his family.
  3. LOL, got em smoking now.
  4. Great looking 815, sure brings back memories. Here is a photo of dad's, taken in 1982.
  5. I have four KC strips I am going to smoke this afternoon, it is cloudy and cooler and that is great weather for smoking meat. As for the pellets we prefer the hickory and apple. While smoking I have a spray bottle I fill with apple juice to keep the meat moist, going to try beer in that bottle one time and see how that tastes as a moisturizer. I spray the meat down every half hour. For ribs we have a rib rack that stands them on their side for the smoking process. I usually smoke them for 4 to 6 hours, depending on the outside temperature. The colder the weather, the longer I smoke them. After smoking we double wrap each slab in aluminum foil with a cup of apple juice then bake them on the traeger at 250 degrees for an hour and a half to two hours. When done the meat falls off the bone. We like a meat rub on all the meat we smoke, it is called "Fat Boy Sweet Rub", I use it on steaks and ribs and even pork. FWIW, my sister in law has a very nice Weber charcoal grille and she has her grilling skills perfected, her BBQ is excellent. They also have a Traeger. She smokes the meat on the Traeger then finishes cooking on the charcoal fired Weber.
  6. Traeger has an add on pit for low temp smoking. Lowest mine will go is about 150 degrees in the summer, 125 degrees in colder weather. I thought about buying the add on pit just to try it.
  7. We bought a high dollar "Beef Eater" brand grille a couple years before we got the Traeger, it is Australian made and very heavy duty. It just sits now that we got the Traeger. The Traeger food is much tastier.
  8. We always smoke for an hour or two at 180 degrees before we grill, it is ready to smoke in ten minutes or less after turning it on. If just grilling it takes maybe ten to 15 minutes to get up to 450 degrees. Depending one what we are cooking, the pellet hopper will last through two or three cookings. Cleanup is a breeze, I keep aluminum foil on the drip pan so all I have to do is clean the grill itself with a wire brush which captures all the debris on the aluminum foil then I take the foil off, throw it away and put down new foil. I also vacum the pellet dust out of the pit and the pellet burn cup about every other time with a small shop vac. By dust I mean just that, it puts a fine coat of dust on the lower pit. I usually buy four bags of pellets at a time, 20 pound bags and that will last us a couple months or more.
  9. Traeger is so simple and well built. We do a lot of ribs on ours, just put em on and forget them.
  10. My dad gave up haying in 09. He had been taking care of my 13 acres of brome hay. I had someone else lined up to handle it after that. To my amazement I had three different people call me wanting to rent that meesly 13 acres.
  11. We bought a Traeger pellet smoker/grille three years ago, had both gas and charcoal grilles before that, will never use anything but the Traeger from here on out. It was pricey but have had zero issues with it. Best meat I have ever tasted.
  12. Prayers for your son, your family and for you, sorry to hear of youngsters having such a tough time.
  13. I have an appointment Monday afternoon with the neurosurgeon, he will fill me in on the next steps I guess. I feel fine, no issues at all. I have had no dizziness lately and no headaches. Hopefully they will be able to fix this and I won't have to live with it the rest of my life, wondering if or when it is going to rupture.
  14. I have had the leg artery thing done twice and no it isn't a lot of fun, especially having to lay still for 12 hours afterwards to keep the artery plug from coming out. Glad I am not going through that this week, the past few days have been stressful as it was.
  15. I finally got a call this afternoon, I am to go in Aug 24 for an "arteriogram" where they run the scope up the artery starting in my groin area. After that procedure they will decide what they are going to do to try and fix it. I have not been put on any physical limitations so I can at least do my normal stuff for a couple of weeks and I am glad they did not rush me into anything this week. After the arteriogram I will be limited on what I can do for a couple of weeks just for that procedure and who knows what else I may have to go through to get it taken care of. I am not overly worried about it, have no intentions of "checking out" unexpectedly but I guess no one ever does. Thanks for all the support!