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  1. The body and sheet metal tools are awesome, I always was going to buy a good set of those but never did and now have no use for them.
  2. I last saw ours this past weekend, after reading this post yesterday I was watching for them but did not see any, I would say ours are now gone also.
  3. That was a neat find, lots of usable and interesting stuff. I also noticed he never threw anything away when it comes to small hardware, my dad was like that and so am I, to a certain extent.
  4. Going back to my part time job next week but going to work short days until I get back in the swing of things. Our Yorkie, "Yogi", has been helping me hold down the fort while I have been off.
  5. Sorry to hear this! Prayers for a full and speedy recovery!
  6. Mr Bitty, what you wrote is exactly how I have been feeling! Thanks for putting that into words. Late Saturday afternoon I took the dog out in the back yard for a bit, first time I had been outside since I got home from the hospital. I sat in a lawn chair and threw his ball to him a few times, he loves to retrieve it and bring it back to me. I was never more happy to play that game with him. I looked around the yard at all that needs attention before winter and felt grateful to know I stand a very good chance of being around to get all that done.
  7. That is VERY sharp. Nice work as always Danny! I wish I had half your talent and patience!
  8. Thanks all, I greatly appreciate the support. Roger there just wasn't much to post about it so I figured I would just wait and see how things came out before I said much of anything else. As odd as it may sound this whole ordeal has been very lucky. The aneurysm was found during an MRI looking for sinus issues. The next bit of luck was the doc said they could probably sneak in and stint it, rather than opening up my head, which would have been a lot more recovery time. And the luckiest part of it all was waking up after the procedure and everything was working! Stroke and the aneurysm rupturing during the procedure were the two main risks. I took a long nap this afternoon, that really helped a bunch with the soreness. Now I can get on with my life, hopefully no other issues for a good long while.
  9. I went in Wednesday morning for what they call a "pipeline" procedure at KU Med, to treat my aneurysm that was at the base of my brain. They entered a major artery at my groin and placed a stint over the opening of the aneurysm. The whole procedure took 4 hours. I spent the night and most all of yesterday at the hospital, got to come home last night. I feel very fortunate they were able to treat this aneurysm using this method. I am stiff and sore from the poking and prodding but other wise pain free. The alternative was to open up the skull and a much longer recover period. I am supposed to take it easy for 10 days, no lifting or climbing around. This potential killer was found by luck during an MRI for a sinus issue I was having. Now I can go on with my life, I kind of felt like it was on hold as long as this balloon was in my head.
  10. Not sure if I have posted this photo here or not, forgive me if I have. This is grand baby Natalie, now 10 years old. She has been taking horse back riding lessons this summer and LOVES it. She has always been fascinated by horses, since she first started talking, not sure where this love of horses comes from as we have never had any and do not have any now. This was taken at her first kid rodeo she rode in. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png · Max total size 0.5MB Insert other media Uploaded Images Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png · Max total size 0.5MB Insert other media Uploaded Images
  11. Darryn Shabley, a member of this forum, has a good write up on how to adjust the clutch, dump valve and transmission brake.
  12. Eason that ol 1256 sure had it power wise, it was a joy to run. The white on the air cleaner cover was a regional thing, quite a few IH's around here were painted that way by the owners. Dad was going to paint the cab white before we put it on new but changed his mind, I am glad he didn't as it seems to have added a little class to the tractor. Denny that cab was not too terribly loud, it was just a little louder than the deluxe cab on the 1566. We always kept inside the cab clean and it had AC so that helped overshadow some of the noise, LOL.
  13. Dad's 886 started slipping like that one time, had to readjust the clutch free play and it went away.
  14. My favorite of all the IH's we had over the years.
  15. I spent the afternoon at KU Med, getting some pre surgery tests done for brain surgery I am having next week.