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  1. I have a 107 year old great aunt, she is a treasure trove of historic events, she is sharp as a tack.
  2. I saw a near new John Deere zero turn mower with a factory cab and ac on it the other day, first time I had seen one of those, didn't know they offered them. Bet that was a $30K mower.
  3. I was in third grade and in class when the announcement came over the intercom that our president (Kennedy) had been shot. I was watching the lunar landing on TV with my family, my dad had decided to quit smoking that day and stuck to it. My middle daughter was also born on that same day 10 years later. I was working on a construction job, Overland Park City Hall's new elevator the day the Challenger went down. I was working in downtown KCMO on the Phillips Hotel remodel in 2001 on 9/11. We heard the news about 9 am, all of downtown KC was evacuated except for the job we were working on (they were due to open in a week). We all quit working, found a couple of rooms that had the new TV's installed, sat down and watched the events until about 1pm then we all went home.
  4. Sorry to hear this news, very nice and knowledgeable man. Wilson introduced Karen and I to Darius at Pennfield in 02.
  5. The KCK officer who lost his life two and a half months ago was shot by a young white thug who was hopped up on meth. I was shocked to learn this thug lived half a block from us, I had no idea. He had just been released from prison (for drug charges) and was living with his mother three houses south, we did not know this lady, she had not lived there very long. As for the latest killing, there were four suspects and all were caught, all will be equally charged. Kansas does have the death penalty and has several on death row however no one has been executed here since 1965. I do agree with the media spreading being a major cause but something isn't programmed right in these young thugs brains from the day they were born thanks to the life styles and examples of their families and peers.
  6. I am getting so I hate to listen to the news on the radio as I come home from my part time job these days, seems like every other day something bad has happened somewhere in the world. Yesterday hit close to home. A Kansas City, Kansas police captain was shot and killed as he was supervising a crime scene which involved four thugs from the hood. KCK lost another officer about two and a half months ago, he was also shot while trying to apprehend a suspect.
  7. I have flown into and out of that airport a few times, the company I retired from had a training center just a few miles from the airport. The fighter jets that are stationed there flew over our training center all the time, it was neat to be outside when they flew over, they were so low I could almost count the rivets in the fighter's skin.
  8. Sounds like it went pretty well! Bet there were bugs to work out when the new ones left the assembly lines too. Glad Doc finally made it in the air!
  9. She already knows and gives me heck when I do it! (If she catches me, LOL!)
  10. Great news! I was thinking about making the three hour drive to Wichita early this morning but other stuff came up, thanks for the video Dave Downs!
  11. LOL! Guess I feed him too much off my plate when my wife isn't looking.
  12. Yogi, our Yorkie as a pup and another photo from about a year ago. He was only supposed to weigh 7 or 8 pounds when he was grown but he now weighs in at 16 pounds.
  13. Great news! Thanks for filling us in Randy and Clay. I will be watching that video feed.
  14. Here is the parts breakdown of the cylinder body, the pistons come out the back of the block, I do not think you would leak any oil taking that shaft off but I would sure see to it the touch control levers were not allowed to move after the shaft was off. http://partstore.caseih.com/us/parts-search.html#epc::mr56592ar706760