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  1. IH Foot Throttle

    I bought kits from IH in the late 70's for my 1566 and dad's 1256, those foot throttles were great, especially for powering back up after turning at the ends of fields when both hands were busy with the ta lever, steering wheel and hitch or remote levers.
  2. SC wide front

    Here is a photo of one of the SC's and not sure how I got 3 Boogs in this post!!!!!
  3. SC wide front

    Sorry I no longer have access to what it takes to build one of these arms, I used to spend a lot of time at dad's farm shop where he had a good DC welder, band saw and drill press and acetylene torch, that is where I made the arms for both our tractors but the farm and all the shop equipment were sold several years ago.
  4. Farmall C Pto klunks noise with Brush Hog under load

    I had a 200 one time that had a clunk like that. Pulled the top cover and discovered that - 1. The oil slinger gear was broken and 2. One of the bull gears had a broken spline where the right rear axle slid into it. I think the broken bull gear spline is what was causing the clunk.
  5. Sad

    We live 15 minutes from Lawrence, Kansas. The night before the Vegas shootings, somebody in Lawrence opened fire on a group of people, killed three and put two more in the hospital. That shooter is still on the loose but we have heard nothing more about that shooting since the Vegas ordeal.
  6. Long time forum member passes away.

    Wow sorry to hear of Chub's passing. RIP.
  7. SC wide front

    I made that part for our two SC's that have the wide fronts also. Make it an inch longer than stock, the front end will turn shorter.
  8. Bought a 886

    Yes both tractors were sold on Purple Wave, here is the 1086 after we had stripped it down (dual hubs and front loader brackets)
  9. Mr. Rick G

    Sorry to hear of your mother's passing Rick, my sincerest condolences.
  10. Bought a 886

    This was dad's 886, photo was taken in 2009 right before it was sold. Wish I had bought this tractor, only had 2400 hours on it when he sold it.
  11. Questions about a IH 886

    We had a late 81 886. Only issue we had was it would run warm pulling a 12 ft discbine in heavy hay but it did also have cab and air conditioning so it had the condenser in front of the radiator. We replaced the four bladed fan with a six bladed fan from an 826 which seemed to help. It was a great cold weather starter and overall great tractor, wish I would have bought it when dad sold out. It only had 2400 hours on it when he sold it, it was like new.
  12. Sad Report

    Sorry to hear this Bill. My sincerest condolences.
  13. More early '06 questions

    My 504 had the non adjustable seat with the fiberglass arm rests, it was a 63 model.
  14. Solar eclipse

    99.7% eclipse forecast where I live, I can drive 15 minutes north to see 100% eclipse, don't think it will be worth it with the traffic jams forecast for that day. We are going to sit on the deck and watch.
  15. anyone else having troubles posting from smartphone?

    Guess it worked!