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  1. A few harvest pics

    I still wonder if they were made in the same factory or if both just got the clutch discs from the same place.
  2. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    When we got our first 8820 we’d only had Massey up to that point and we bought this one with duals because of our hills and it was our first 30ft header. Our next two 8820s didn’t have duals but just axle extensions. On the Massey 410/510 you could dump into just one side or the other if cutting on a hill.
  3. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    Low profile and low center of gravity was a hall mark of Massy. Putting the engine underneath the feede rhouse also made it an incredible SOB to work on anything too. It took me half an hour to replace the flat belt on my 55 which included taking it off the parts machine. It took me one full morning to do the same thing with my 90. Had to go through three belts and move the hydraulic tank/pump out of the way. JD moved the engine up front to make room for a bigger low profile grain tank without having to use a saddle tank design and to shorten the drives. What a lot of people don't know or wouldn't guess is the side to side weight is pretty much even on the 00 series.
  4. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    I have a combine collection that goes from the 50s up through 70s from Massey, IH, Case, and JD. I've run them all and the oldest self propelled is a mid 50s MH 90 and the newest is a 1977 510. All of them but the JD 55 and 95 have the offset ops platform. I can most of that really isn't valid except for maybe the cylinder/concave access. And that doesn't even hold true on some of them. JD made the centered design work for over 20 years.
  5. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    The JD 55 came out in 1947 and was the first combine with everything lined up downed the center. Also had a variable speed drive and retracting finger auger which neither Massey or IH did not have. The Gleaner A which was the only other combine to follow the 55 design came out in 1951. JD gave reasons for going with the offset design on the 00 series some of which I don't agree with. But at the time I don't think it was a big deal.
  6. 1400/1600 series combine cab offset,why

    They are hardly noticeable especially when look at were the seat is. What I would like to know is why the cab was offset on the 151/181 all the way through the 15 series. Those were way offset like a Massey or JD and yet there is nothing in the way to make the engineers put the cab to the side.
  7. A few harvest pics

    I think I remember hearing about tsunami and shortage of the parts. But I thought the Twin disc factory was in Wisconsin? I hope we get some clarification on this. Because if you are right then that is a poor job by the authors for slanting it to make it look like it was all Steiger when it came to the Fuji transmission. The book even puts down the Twin disc Versatile used.
  8. A few harvest pics

    The Red 4WD tractor book is were I got my info.
  9. A few harvest pics

    They are different. Steiger started out working with Twin disc but then switched over to Fuji when Versatile introduced the Twin disc in their own tractors.
  10. 1256 and 1456 differences.

    IH would have sold more wheatland 1456s if they had come out 2-3 years earlier. Late 60s early 70s is right when 5020 sales tanked too. Mid 60s was the high point of wheatland tractors.
  11. A few harvest pics

    We had a 8960 with the powershift and hated the transmission. Jerky and you had to start in 1st every time you stopped. Were the Steigers the same way? Only red Steigers I have been around had the 24 speed.
  12. Vintage Ads

    What power plant does that have? One thing some guys did around here was add full around fenders that covered both tires . Made the tractor look bigger then it actually was.
  13. Vintage Ads

    I always wanted one and finally got one at local auction for $800. Somebody put a reman 504 in it.
  14. Vintage Ads

    Brochure for the Versatile D-118, G-125, and D-145. The 145 was very popular in my area and kind of a ground breaking tractor overall in the 4x4 industry. They cost about much as a top of the line 2 wheel drive tractor contributing to their success.
  15. who all grinds feed still?

    We do once in awhile for maybe the neighbor's kid who has a pig in 4-H or other "special" projects. When we got into hogs 30 years ago our first grinder/mixer was a JD 700. Ran it until it was wore out. Then we got a NH 355 from our cousins who got out of the hog business. We only used for a year. Problem was it was 540 but our 5010 was 1,000. Then we stumbled upon a nice NH 357 that was hydraulic drive, a loading auger which neither the JD or 355 had, and a scale. We used that until we got out of the hog business 15 years ago. Since it was still worth some decent money we decided to sell the 357 and rebuild the JD plus the JD has a hay table. I think we got $15,000 out of the 357.