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  1. There was one neighbor who had a Versatile 300 back in the day. He had a loader on it and dug out a small pond with it. Today I have a different neighbor with one he bought just for a collector. He also has a couple of G-125s which are hard to come by. They used the 300 for pulling NH3 tanks until they quit that some years ago. They were more or less the forerunner to the bi-directional.
  2. And Big Buds used S cam brakes.
  3. Probably depends on how old you are and what you grew up with or around.
  4. I agree with your picks.
  5. I thought I checked and made sure it was a WD9 but I'll check again. I'll get the story since my neighbor was the hired hand there 40 years ago probably ran it. They irrigated 40 acres of hay.
  6. Took this picture on the go rolling my neighbor's alfalfa field Wednesday. We put up his hay every year and I have been driving by it for the last 5 years.
  7. North Korea has been famished so many times their people are actually on average smaller then other normal Orientals. Every once in awhile an article or link with pictures smuggled from NK comes across my yahoo page and some of them are mind blowing.
  8. Cutting the supplier out is very common. That's how IH got started in the tractor business. I'll have to look it up but I think the reason JD dropped Hancock was because of quality issues.
  9. I think that was part of the anti trust lawsuits. IH was barred from a few states but that was early on within 10-15 years of the formation of IH.
  10. It works even faster with a 120ft sprayer. I've threatened to seed it back to grass since it's mixed in with one of our pastures. But it does produce real good.
  11. I wouldn't know anything about bale throwing because out west we use NH bale wagons. I would have thought the original patents would have expired by that time. But like I said earlier we really don't know all details of these patents and who is paying who and so on. Heck I heard from JR Hobbs Ford actually had to pay JD a royalty for every SOS transmission made during the 60s.
  12. Just my opinion but looking at the end product it looks like IH spent more on engine R&D then JD but Deere took a broader approach to the overall design of the tractor.
  13. JD beat IH to the market with the first modern successful corn header. But not by much. I heard that JD was in turn getting sued by IH over their mold board plow trip design about the time the corn header fight was going on. How many different ways can you design a mold board plow. There are a lot of different subtle ways to design the same thing. For example JD was the first on the market with a hay thrower and they had it patented pretty tight. But NH and others soon started selling bale throwers that did not infringe on the patent even though they accomplished the same result. JD used a swinging arm/pan and the other used continuous running belts or something along those lines. Patents don't mean much. Its how you defend them. Ever looked at some of this old machinery and seen the fine print on the side saying "covered under the following patents" and then a lists bunch of patents. Also, the GP was a 3 row tractor that straddled the row. You know kinda like the Farmall A, Cub, and their successors that came later. Plus there is a lot the general public doesn't know pertaining to who has been paying who on patent rights and royalties. Did you know IH had to pay AC for use of their patents covering the B. The auger bed introduced the JD 00 series was patented by JD. IH did their damnest to not use it during testing of the AF but eventually had to use some form of it. Don't know if any royalties were exchanged there. Even old man McCormick was constantly suing others and getting sued just building something simple as a reaper. He won some and lost some too.
  14. We have everything from flat to Palouse type ground. Fields range from 9 acres to 600.
  15. Might be because that generation is at age now they can buy/collect the tractor they grew up on. Other then that I don't know because I am a 56 series man myself. If I want something newer that carries the "IH" on the side that IH actually improved it would be the 88s or later.