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  1. We used to have a JD rodweeder made in the 30s. Morris introduced the rodweeder in the late 20s or early 30s.
  2. Those Morris were junk. We had one a 50ft. Longest we went between breakdowns was 26 hrs. We took the cultivators off to make a shelter belt cultivator and the scrap man got the rest. The JD/Love rod weeder was a much better unit. It used JD chisel plow shanks and 4x4" frame. Basically it was a JD chisel plow reduced down a little to a rod weeder. We would still use it if we weren't no till. I think Morris is the one who invented the rod weeder.
  3. Yep. They don't work in much trash. We couldn't use them until the 3rd time over the fallow.
  4. Local Hutterite colony has eco tuned all their JD 4x4s and the sprayer and they swear by them. They tried chips before that and they invitiably led to the engines not running right.
  5. Kinda what I was thinking.
  6. My planter experience is with a JD 8 row 71 that worked good for us last few times we used it and my antique JD 999.
  7. How come you didn't use a planter with disc openers?
  8. I'm not an expert on JD planters but I've read and been told JD planters between the 494/694 series and the 7000s were junk.
  9. My neighbor had one sitting in the fence row. It was complete but I don't know if it ran or not. He got $9,000 when he sold it 5 years ago. They were Deeres attempt to get a 30 hp diesel utility tractor on the market in the waning days of the 2 cylinders without spending R&D money. They tested the 2-53 and a 3 cylinder Perkins and went with the Jimmy because it vibrated less and kept the 2 cylinder tradition.
  10. Pretty much the last truley great tractors JD made before they were computerized emmissionized and alarmized. If Deere made them new again my wish list would be a decked out 8520 and a 8520T.
  11. Anybody use these or seen them in your area? My cousins had one of these too. Didn't use it all that long.
  12. I know what you are talking about. There were a few around here. In fact we scrapped one about 3 years ago. It was owned by a neighbor and it came with the farm when they sold out to us. They pulled it behind a Gleaner C2. One day one of the walkers busted loose and went through the fan. My cousins had one too they pulled behind a JD 105. Redekop made them up till recent times. We thought about getting one and cutting just around the farmstead with one of our old beater combines to pile chaff for winter feeding out in the fields. I still think its not a bad idea.
  13. I would think the JD feeder would be even more rare. I was at an auction one time that featured a JD 300 and a JD feeding table. It was just like the mover but had an arm up front with a rotor similar to one in a Haybuster. This arm moved up and down with the rotor to shred the hay stack as it moved forward. Actually looked like a cluster$&@? to me.
  14. I have a aerial picture of the farm from the mid 50s showing the bread loaves sitting next to the barn made by our Farmall M and Farmhand stacker.. The picture also shows the M hooked to the Massey Harris rake and the WD9 hooked to some unknown square baler. There are also a few stacks of square bales in the barnyard. So it looks to me like we transitioned from loose hay to bales during the 50s. As far as how the loose hay was put I don't know because nobody is left anymore that would know.
  15. Those are similar to the numbers I found in various publications and this forum.