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  1. Removing Roosa Master pump

    don't feel to bad I had a 400 diesel I put new ta in and had to split it 3 times before I got it to hold oil, kept rolling the oil seal finally got it right
  2. 1466 hydraulics still not working

    sorry already covered that about the hose ends
  3. 560d

    oh ok that clears up a lot I was wondering how that was going to work out with a hot engine. one that had just ben running that's what I think of when a engine is hot
  4. 560d

    ok its says to check rocker arms hot too in book so after I get tank fixed put back on start tractor get hot then pull intake and then check rocker arms am I on the right track
  5. 560d

    will the valve cover come off with out removing the shield that goes above it, I have the tank off due to a leak and was going to check valves but the valve cover looks like it might not raise up hi enough with that shield above it
  6. Rebuild or new tachometer

    I think mine was just not well built it was pretty cheap on the price bought another one from usa dealer looked identical works fine
  7. Rebuild or new tachometer

    mine did the exact same thing 560d half what it should read its in my cabinet too lol
  8. local coop says 2.80 wheat hows that working out for inflation
  9. Farmall 560 Diesel Primer Pump

    mine don't have one never did that I know
  10. H on Mecum auction

    the only h with ta, or family fight whatever story you want to believe
  11. Pigweed

    each plant has many many seeds so our seed bank is built up with resistant seeds no tillers ay have to get plow out
  12. Pigweed

    here in okla pig weed is resistant to nearly every chemical along with some Johnson grass ive heard of some guys mixing stuff up that cost 30.00 an acre only to wilt it week later get a little rain, greens right back up comes back thicker and better its like they only pi!!!! it off
  13. serial number on 826

    thank you for clearing that up
  14. serial number on 826

    found 826 farmall serial number 25101484015205 what the ? its red , could it have ben a gold demo at one time
  15. 1206 sn9013

    seriel number 9013 s-y what is the s-y cant remember