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  1. Bolt, mostly target shooting, occasional woodchuck or coyote but mostly range stuff. http://ruger.com/products/gunsiteScoutRifle/specSheets/6825.html
  2. farmall 400

    Very cool story! Good luck and be carefu with that rust killer stuff!
  3. Going to order a .223 I am very much on the fence about a stainless barrel, stainless does not dissipate heat like carbon steel does. And I hear people talk about the issues with stainless barrels moving when too many rounds are shot through them. The price is negligible in difference so that really is not a factor I'd like stainless for obvious reasons but if a tack driver is what I am going for is this a mistake? tia seth
  4. in reality i am sure it had to do with the catalyst primer i was buying, and had to show ID to purchase and NOT the paint. but none the less i found it quite amusing. i am glad that the CC company is looking out for me. they are always there to take my call no matter when, and i always carry 2 cards and have some cash on me so it is really not a huge inconvenience. after having my bank account hacked and identity stolen, i like any security i can get.
  5. Imagine the dead weight, not to mention the suction! Ant see the model number on the hitachi but that dozer doesn't go on the light side
  6. Our tri axle is really hard on tires but if your truck is small they help with toung weight. I imagine a tortion axle would be better with tires
  7. Guess I'm missing something....
  8. My friends who talked me into one don't get it either, I don't like semi autos I don't like plastic guns. I don't like the way it looks or feels. Of course I'm the same person who disconnected the electric locks in his truck and installed aftermarket stereo to separate the door and seatbelt alarms.
  9. We have this, http://www.engineersupply.com/CST-berger-RL25HV-Rotary-Laser.aspx works well for us .also they have traditional transits.
  10. LMAO! beautiful!! but where are all the doofus HS kids going to get their massive rebel flags to consume their entire truck bed if not available on eBay???
  11. So I bought a #51 JD plow with Syracuse cast bottom last year. Paid too much but whatever. So I decided my collection was too space consuming and the JD would have to go, put it up on CL but thanks to some goober painting it red blue and silver, (not sure what they were going for there), no takers, lots of pic requests but without that sickly green color no one would respond once pics were sent. So today I took the wife's LAV in for an oil change and state inspection and stopped at TSC to get some paint. Got green and yellow and even some hardener,( might as well do the thing proper ), I get up to the interminably slow checkout counter with the smiling lady who wants to know about my "little project today" I pull out my master card and stick it in........declined..hmm that's strange, try again and: DECLINED! Embarrassing but no bother, I carry cash for these emergencies. I get out to the LAV where my phone is and find that it is blowing up! Capital one locked my card up because they detected suspicious purchases being made! Apparently these people have it figured out that if I am buying Green and yellow Paint something has gone terribly wrong and they are looking out for me!!! Glad someone has my back! Card now works again and I have been having a good laugh all day long! Bet if it'd been red it would have gone through just fine.
  12. Looking at a Gunsite Scout rifle in5.56/223. Have an AR but don't like it. Going to sell it I think but I like the .223/5.56 round for cost reasons. Any first hand experience with these? Any reason NOT to get a stainless barrel ?
  13. X100 on zeppelin, Robert plant is the man
  14. Guy here in Cambridge NY, Viking FAbrication. Waiting on one as we speak. Outstanding quality, competitive price and built exactly to spec.
  15. Bummer! I don't have a Facebook, anyone who might have that info I'd be grateful for the particulars