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  1. Bushings for 'C' starter

    Used to be through CNH
  2. Excuse me pilots

  3. Auto- manual swap

    Thank you all for these responses, and pictures. The Allison, as it turns out, is an MT643, and while it’s not my first choice by any stretch, it is a heavy duty thing. I think it’s rated at 73k and 250 input HP, so I suspect itl handle a 29k truck. Seems very well behaved, slow to respond but utterly consistent. Like most fire trucks I’ve ever driven, everything in this truck feels “new”. Even though it’s nearly 30 years old. i think we’re going to run the Allison, we were worried it was a 540 series and that might have been a deal breaker. on the department we have a 78 ford COE with what I’ve been told is a 3208 painted blue and branded ford in front of a 540 Allison, it’s slow and sluggish and slushy feeling, like maybe there is apple sauce inside it. But it always gets there, has decent pose if you just push the pedal to the floor and hold it there, mercilessly, it’s old and ugly and it will pump water better than any newer truck on the department.
  4. L170 nh skid steer

    Are you SURE you got things back on the switch correctly? Are you SURE your modular plug doesn’t have a terminal boogered, pushes out, corroded or in the wrong place? Have had this with the backhoe before, something apart that was utterly unrelated, but moved wires enough that the injector pump wire fell off the switch, took 10-20 mins but I found it and plugged it in, ended up even though it looked like I’d put it in the right place I didn’t, had acc key on power but no power when cranking ( probably an extra work light terminal to save battery during starter draw ) so I turn the key on and run around and check, sure enough I have power at the injector pump. But I had to run another test wire up to the cab to realize I didn’t have it when cranking. Simple fix but took 3 hours.
  5. The new “white truck “

    Yes, northern has one for 600, I’m thinking something like that. The one it’s replacing is double frame from PA
  6. The new “white truck “

    No PTO on this unit, so to speak, it's got essentially an inline divorced t-case put it in neutral, engage pump, and put in drive, it re directs output power to the top of the case to run the pump. No good for a dump truck, I've found an engine driven pump I'm planing to use. The fire body I'll probably try to sell locally, I don't imagine it'll be a big ticket item but maybe we can recoup some funds , a bigger time sugar maker might want it, it's a 1200 gallon truck I believe. And the tank is poly. In fact we may even put it on the old chassis, it's got some life left in it, and a real nice fresh 427, .30 over.
  7. The new “white truck “

    So the new white truck doesn’t know it yet but it’s about to get a dump body. It’s a 90’ 3208 cat, Allison 643 trans and has 31k on the clock with 600 hrs on the pump.
  8. Auto- manual swap

    No it’s fine, it’s just s big unknown. And it’s a big blemish on the trucks desirability, are you saying it’s a standard bell housing? I believe it’s an Eaton behind our 427 but I assume that would be different? That’s a 76’ the new truck is a 90
  9. Auto- manual swap

    Wondering if anyone has swapped out an auto in a medium duty truck? Long saga but still looking at a C70 with 3208 cat and an unspecified Allison. The truck is extra clean and desireable in many ways but I’m wondering what the possibilities are of swapping an Eaton.. say 9 speed, into this truck. Apart from the obvious lack of a clutch pedal and master cylinder, drive shaft adaptation and the like what would I need to be looking for and what would be the best candidate? I assume I’d need a flywheel? Can one just be attached or is it balanced with the crank in a 3208? Are bell housings somewhat generic in these trucks? What about speedo? any insight would be appreciated
  10. Chevy C65

    Ours had no internals on governor, but if I remember right it was a Holley 850 on a 366
  11. Chevy C65

    They had a stock Holley carb? I thought it was a quadrajet ? Ours had a monster Holley on it but I believe it to have been a replacement.
  12. Chevy C65

    Did the 366 do it for anyone? It’s use in school busses is probably responsible for 75% of the truancy issues in the United States during its tenure.
  13. Road Rage, Russian Style

    When driving in Russia, yield. You don’t mess with Russians
  14. M, what oil in rear?

    And get a speedi sleeve for the PTO shaft and a new seal. It’s depressing to have to do it a year after putting 13 gallons of oil in it. 😡 also, I know it’s not the same, but I lost a pinion bearing one time from being overly thorough cleaning it, id gone to town with brake clean with the cover off, refilled and headed off, it lasted about 12 miles, near as I can tell the damage was done to the outer bearing before oil ever slung up there to lube it. Ended up with the pinion walking up the carrier. Long and short of it, I am always careful about adding a couple shots of lube to bearings I’ve cleaned and rotating them slowly by hand to spread it... that is if your pulling the top cover.. otherwise, disregard.
  15. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Non synchro or worn out synchro? Our 44 ford 1.5 ton is synchro between 3-4 if I am not mistaken.