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  1. Haha! I lost 10 bucks at the fair one time and never quite got over it, so I'll be skipping the casino
  2. Sled salvage yard might actually be a good stop, we're restoring a 68'panther! And I will definitely check out the brewery for lunch
  3. Wow, there really is NOTHING going on out that way is there?
  4. Next weekend? U still haven't told me how bad it's going to hurt, maybe it is in NY Mills, trailer builder told me Utica but perhaps he was just paraphrasing
  5. Looking like I'll be killing a day in Utica while waiting for our new trailer to be hot dip galvanized in the next couple weeks, any ideas on things to do? May be an all day wait.
  6. KoO

    Sent the KoO a care package in exchange for some literature he sent to me last fall, never heard back, nothing new on his website in a LONG time. Anyone heard anything from the Kingdom?
  7. That is really cool!
  8. That is one beautiful and extremely tasteful restoration. Thanks for sharing
  9. Hand holes for access to bulkhead store age, they have a screw on lid
  10. what do you mean? its strong if thats what your asking, the relief is set for about 2 PSI shy of bending the rod. we use the claw shape of the thumb to root rocks out and the like, lift logs, cars whatever. it just allows fluid to flow to the other side of the cylinder if it gets pushed too hard, so it doesnt loose holding power it just moves back a bit. you can over power the thumb with the bucket curl.
  11. the fore and aft compartments are totally watertight, so it is theoretically unsinkable....unless it gets a hole poked in it. my friend who built it was terrified someone would buy it and start screwing rod holders and cup holders to it, and give it a shoot and spray camo paint job. so i think he was glad when i bought it. i have a runabout that he restored which we use in NH once a year and it gets covered and put away for the rest of the season. there is nothing quite like an antique boat....or one that's built to look like one.
  12. we had the same problem, and a crossover relief was the solution, please pardon the wonderful mounting system, it was attached with the mounting holes but kept getting ripped off by branches and such, its crude looking but it allows it the whole thing to move without over stressing the hoses or the mounts. fairly inexpensive and adjustable, i am sorry i dont remember how much it cost, but it seems the hose fittings all told were more than the relief.
  13. I figured a boat from Anderson boat works would not be a bad purchase no matter what.
  14. Happy birthday
  15. We camp quite a bit during the summer months and also spend a week on squam lake. The Mrs has never had her own Kayak when my boat builder friend put this up for sale I could not pass it up. Don't tell her, I haven't presented her with it yet.