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  1. Mileage mystery

    My thoughts on this are that you are getting a more accurate representation of the vehicles actual driving conditions and behaviors the longer you go between fillups, therefore your average on an empty tank is more truly representative of your consumption. The more extensive the survey the more accurate it tends to be.
  2. Frame rail to bolster bolts, Farmall M

    I think if I had any hope of getting penetrant to them I'd have to burn the paint out, someone did a brush paint job and really gummed it in there
  3. m muffler clamp?

    I think it's supposed to have a band style clamp as well rather than a U bolt style
  4. Frame rail to bolster bolts, Farmall M

    I swear by kroil , but so far no luck, many good suggestions here guys, I'm making the dozen yellow again tomorrow, then maybe Sunday I'll get the M out and see what happens.
  5. Farmall M PTO

    we discussed running this off the remotes on the skid steer, but i was not happy about it, the splitter is old and worn and i was afraid that it would contaminate the hydraulic system on the skid steer. ill post up a video of our splitter, its impressive. one of my biggest goals here is to get away from one more engine to maintain. i've been slowly working my way away from small engine powered equipment wherever possible, our hot water pressure washer is electric, wood splitter is tractor driven, and the 4' splitter is about to become. also i am going to build a 4 way wedge for it. never had one before but they sure look handy. only thing that makes me nervous about them is that they look like a good way to lose a finger, but i suppose it's like anything else, you learn to keep your hands out of the way. as it is now a machine that sits for the majority of the year requires me to make sure it gets fuel stabilizer in it, keep track of what can has what in it, etc etc etc. with all the equipment around here i already have to maintain the tractors and they get started regularly. im very pleased so far with the PTO pump.
  6. Farmall M PTO

  7. over the years I've been squirting the bolts that bolt the frame rails to the bolster on my M with loose juice of varying descriptions every time I walk by but I don't think any of it has soaked in. I tried (half heartedly to put a bar on them a couple times to no avail, I think I even gave them a couple quick shots with the impact. One of them has always been backed out part way, or maybe it's just too long, either way it's got brush paint all over the threads and it's not budging easily, before I paint it this fall I would like to get them out and the thread in the cast cleaned up. I have thought of heating them with acetylene a few cycles in hopes that the expansion and contraction would create a little room but I am afraid if I draw the temper put of the bolts they will just twist off. Are there any suggestions for getting them backed out without breaking??
  8. small suv

    I am surprised the diesel doesn't do better than that, I really like the pentastar v6 in the Jeeps, moms grand gets 21-23 mpg and it's got all the power it needs. It's no 4.0 I6 but what are ya gonna do?
  9. small suv

    My mom has a grand Cherokee 6 years old now, no real issues. Fussy little things a couple times
  10. The Big Splosion

    Isn't today the day man walked on the moon? Did you decide to send that civic up there so we could drive around?? Pretty cool runner. Stay safe
  11. Farmall M PTO

    I'll never ever ever go back to a small engine woodsplitter, the M always starts, if it fails , there are 3 more in line to take its place. Once you have split wit 21 gpm 40 hp you won't want to use one either. It's been suggested, the PTO pump was my ultimatum.
  12. small suv

    Did they offer you tea/ coffee at the dealership??? Perhaps Cool Aid?
  13. small suv

    My wife called me from the road around 40k said it's making a funny noise, 2600 miles on oil change, took 3 quarts to read in safe zone, Subaru said that's normal for 30k more miles, once safely out of warranty they admitted it's got issues but guess what? They only have 60k power train so it's your problem now, when they said it's normal I lost my s&?!, you mean my wife has to go out every 800 miles and add a quart of oil to her brand new car!?!?!? Well they said it's severe driving she's doing. I pointed out she had an hour drive one way with a total elevation gain/loss of 450' at 35-55 mph and 3 stop signs. They said everywhere in vt is severe driving because it gets cold. So I asked exactly where in the country didn't have severe driving conditions????? They said nowhere, so I went out and got the manual and showed them where a quart every 1000 or 1200 was acceptable for severe driving but only half a quart in 3000 was acceptable for normal driving. They didn't have a satisfactory answer for the wide spread, nor could they tell me where it would be normal conditions. We sold that car then she went out and bought another one! *beat head on wall here* she otherwise liked the 2011 except that it was a POS, she HATES the 2015 because of all the mandatory bells and whistles. And the seats suck.
  14. small suv

    Run fast and far from a Subaru of any kind. 2011- have notorious oil consumption issues, and a class action lawsuit about it. had issues with the manual transmission in a 2011, the 2015 so far so good but the wife HATES it. Subaru standard policy for any issue is to deny as long as possible the issue exists until forced to admit it , if warranty still in effect (unlikely because it's shorter than the lifespan of a pizza at weight watchers) blame the customer. If expired charge exorbitant prices to repair and tie up the vehicle as long as possible. MIL has a crv, they had to do something with piston rings, at around 80k, covered under warranty ( more than I can say for the Subaru) lots of people driving escapes with no reported issues.
  15. Farmall M PTO

    Dad built our splitter and it's an EXCELLENT splitter, it's bigger and beefier than it ever needed to be, the wedge is very wide, so wood pops apart very easily, it has a 28 (I think) inch stroke but has a 12" spacer so you can fit in 3' wood by taking out a few bolts, and with the wide wedge that really does work fine. A while back the used 8 hp Briggs he had when he built itfinally gave up the ghost. After a few misadventures trying to find a suitable replacement vertical shaft I found a brand new 21 gpm PTO pump, I installed that and fitted the splitter for 3 point. What a difference, 3x the speed and many times the power. We run it with the B275 and it's truly the perfect tractor for that, just above an idle for better oil circulation and cooling and it sips fuel for days. A couple years ago the piston broke off the rod on the cylinder, we went to a 4" cylinder. Now we have an animal. You stand up like a human being to use it, if something is too big you can set it down and roll it on. I'm going to set it up with an engine crane and 12v winch to use with tongs for really big blocks. My FILs 4' splitter is a Dittier, they were no where near as rugged as dad's and they sat right on the ground so it's always a wrestling match, your either are bending way over or the ring is propped up on blocks so your wrestling it up onto them. It always wants to fall off, it's slow to cycle, slower under load and now the engine is dying. So, the time has come to give his the same treatment. .... now I need a 3 point for the M