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  1. Unusual Phobias or fears

    Spiders, don't mind snakes at all rays and mice are gross as **** but spiders wig me out
  2. SC, C tractors

    I guess I don't have a good understanding of vertigo ( I know what it is) but it seems as though there must be some way to adapt to make them work for you. Is it that your out in space without something around you to orient yourself? how about a ROPS and a seat belt? Might solve 2 problems
  3. Time change

    Dad's cousin always ran on " cow time" don't remember which it was but they didn't move the clocks. I always thought they ate at weird times, made appointments complicated too, but it was easier than explaining it to the cows
  4. Plastic gas tank repair

    So I melted and filled with HdPE plastic, different color but same material. Then epoxy reinforced the whole thing with the stuff in the tubes, it's what Webb recommended to fix the grey water tank. Right or wrong here we go.
  5. Plastic gas tank repair

    We have one of those at the mountain, but I had never heard it called an extruder. It's bolted to the wall and hasn't been used in years, wish I had it, I have used it before.
  6. Plastic gas tank repair

    I thought of that. I actually work weekends in the tuning/repair shop at my local mountain, I was wondering about a trip up to steal a PTex gun Extrude it? I'm all ears, how do I do this?
  7. Plastic gas tank repair

    I used a permatex one on my dad's grey tank, don't think it was rated for gas, that lasted a few years... have to look into it
  8. Plastic gas tank repair

    Think I'll blow up? ....and where does a bald guy find a comb? It is a problem for those of us that are folically challenged ...
  9. Plastic gas tank repair

    So I bought this car for my wife that had a fuel leak, got it over the Pit to investigate today, looks like squirrels tried to chew around the edge of the sump. Easy to get to and it's one dry inside. I am going to replace it over the winter but would like to get the last snow free week or 2 out of it. Are there any epoxy type repair kits available? Anyone with suggestions? If it wasn't right there I'd try to put washer screws and RTV in it but I'm afraid I'd hit the pump. They are tiny pinholes , I assume when the critter got a mouthful he moved over, I can't imagine what he wanted in there.
  10. International cat day

    The cat keeps coming back for more, so I will presume she enjoys this game.
  11. New toy for the MRS

    I told MTO it was a Minneapolis moline UDLX convertible prototype Thanks we're north of white plains now at the rest area grabbing a bite. And then heading north, it's one of 14 yellow 9-3 convertibles
  12. New toy for the MRS

    My brother and I drove down to Catlett VA yesterday to pick up this really nice Saab 9-3 SE HOT, it's a 99' rust free, 130k . I bought another 99 9-3 convertible from a a second home owner in Vermont earlier in the fall that was a base model with some real cosmetic neglect issues, most of which I've dealt with. But this one has the high pressure turbo, should be 205 hp and aside from a good polish and wax and fixing a broken fuel line this one will be a real nice summer car. Saabs are one of those things you either love or hate but I love them, while I'm not much into anything without an oh $&@t !!! Lever or a drawbar, there's something about the Swedish oddities of a Saab that I find very intriguing and endearing. Besides, who doesn't love a turbo?? this was taken at the Wawa while getting gas last night, heading back north in an hour or so and hoping to beat the worst of the rain.
  13. What I've been doing today

    An old oil burner works really well for breaking up rocks that are too big, just a couple hours a rock that size would be in many fragments, and no hard work.
  14. LED TVs vs. cold weather

    'TV sets get left in houses that are frozen all the time, I expect an LED will work much better at cold temps than an LCD, but I can't imagine any major problems, the only thing you may ultimately find though is that it gets a lot of condensation from hot/cold cycles with rapid change. That may be the real problem more than the cold itself