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  1. Track removal on IH 125C track loader

    Did you unbolt the adjuster yoke from the idler ? Sometimes you can get away with sneaking pieces out with a bit of creativity and a "seasoned" undercarriage .
  2. The latest sexual harassment lawsuit

    Hey Hey ,,,, I have rights also Santa asked me the same question ( i feel completely violated) I am also thinking of breach of contract lawsuit ( I never got what I asked for )
  3. Tony , All i can say is Wow !!! Best of luck and enjoy the ride
  4. Dog tick tested for Lyme

    Took a deer tick off my dogs ear, sent it in to be tested at a lab - came back positive for lyme Making vet appointment tomorrow , What happens next ? kinda worried, she seems ok
  5. T6 Restoration Pictures

    Ha Ha it was taped up so nice I thought the blue was paint ! ! Nice Job
  6. TD 9 over rev

    Thank you for posting your findings and results , Best of luck
  7. Pasquali tractor

    Pasquali make a spicy meataballa
  8. Where has this been all my life...

    7/8" diameter ? or wrench size ? if 7/8 diameter --wow!
  9. Instrument Cluster Restoration

    Looks brand new !!
  10. Sleeper Cars.

    Cant have Farm truck without Azn and the Dung Beetle
  11. Pilot bearing number. BTD 6

    Ok try this Pilot Bearing For steering clutch - IH Construction Equipment - Red Power Magazine Community and this SKF BMB-6208/080S2/UB108A|BMB-6208/080S2/UB108A bearings
  12. Pilot bearing number. BTD 6

    try this 53389D,IHC 53389D; Ball bearing
  13. Brake Drum Maximum Diameter

    most drums allow 0.060 , some folks used to put some thick gasket paper between the shoe and friction material then rivet together , would then "arc" the shoes to fit the drums
  14. Another bit of info ,on the rear of your track adjuster is a large coil spring , they are probably one of the more important undercarriage parts that hardly ever gets looked at The purpose of these springs is to relieve tension if something (rock,stick) gets jammed in the track and is forced through by the power of the drive train , They are quite often broken or jammed with mud and dirt so they cant move . This leads to excessive wear in the undercarriage and possible damage or breakage of components ,
  15. The cap ( if still on the machine) is located a few inches behind the front track idler , For tightening track no need to loosen anything - for loosening track there is a bleeder bolt that is loosened to release grease , Here is one of your pictures showing one of the 1/2" bolts and the cover that is removed to get to the zerk fitting and bleeder valve
  16. Drag link adjusting rod

    Go look around the 4wd jeep and mud truck supplier sites , they have all the pieces to make draglinks, tierods, etc, etc all from scratch Tie Rod End Steering Accessories - RuffStuff Specialties
  17. 10 ton bottle jack

    OTC, Enerpac name brand good quality jacks for all hydraulic lifting , Have had too many problems with with the chinese brands,
  18. SHopping for electric Razor

    Been looking at this one , looks cool with decent reviews
  19. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Thoughts and a whole bunch of prayers for you and your loved ones ,
  20. I was feeling ambitious here is some pix (TD7C dozer manual pictured ,same on your machine though IIRC)
  21. Yes just file and sand , get the nicks and gouges as smooth and subtle as possible , New seals will follow the contour on all but very severely damaged rods , Not the best solution ,but hey I know most folks aren't made of money Packing seals etc, can be easily found online or at the local hydraulic supply, Dealer prices are pretty steep for kits . ps I have field packed many of these cylinders with just a u-cup /dirt wiper and o-rings for the gland if piston end seals were hard to find You have hydraulic (grease) track adjusters , should be a zerk right behind the idler , on the yoke/adjuster assembly Be well worth investing in some reading material operators/parts/service manuals are available on ebay and binderbooks, jensales finney equipment ( watch the quality on repops though) nothing like the oem pictures and flow charts
  22. Fiat allis loader

    Parts are hard to get, ( at least over here) It's not a JD loader, what model 545 ? Depending on price ?
  23. My turn for prayers

    Thoughts and prayers for your family .
  24. 3 year old in the hospital

    Thoughts and prayers for the little ones , and may the Lord bless you and yours with strength and courage during trying times . He is a handsome little devil !!! Take after his Mom ?