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  1. If after polarizing it still no worky , disconnect fan belt and wiring from gennie , attach battery power If gennie is good it will act as a motor , and spin smooth and powerful,
  2. Sounds like a very ambitious project , You pretty much have the bases covered with your ideas Welcome aboard and Good Luck keep us posted
  3. KoO

    he has been on the construction board ,, just a little while ago
  4. Any signs of aeration in the motor oil ? Had a cummins once (555) would not push oil to the top end or the turbo , ended up being crack in pickup tube flange
  5. More info please , what has been done to engine ? how many hours ? any info you have we need Just a wild guess , if the major bearing surfaces are worn , ie rod,main, cam, etc etc the oil pump will not be able to maintain enough flow /pressure to push oil to the far reaches of its journey . A flow diagram would be nice to have Valve guides don't really need a flood of lubrication , usually residual splash and oil vapor will suffice , Is it possible they are getting set up a bit tight ??
  6. Another good one Miss Hillskine The guy on the right doing the opera voice ---- ha ha
  7. Oh my !!!! Those are some beautiful pictures , Thanks for sharing !
  8. Yes , I converted mine to the single pin There is a "dry" lubricant that I use , unfortunately it came from a friend in an unmarked can. It was used to grease air piston snowplow frames on municipal equip, after applied and dry, the coating hardens to a slippery , hardish graphite? I will see if I can find more info Here is something that seems very similar if not the same Slip Plate Graphite Dry Film Lubricant, 1 Gal 33015 |
  9. I love the theory of the anti-rotation tabs On similar creations that have been birthed and modified in my neck of the woods I always end up making an arm or leg that extends some distance from the center of the pin ,and then anchors , (i will see if i can find a piccy) Perhaps you will have better luck with your pins desire not to turn than the ones I have run across Love all the pics and the creativeness !!!,
  10. The tilt frame can be built up with regular stick weld or wire feed , It is good ol murican steel Here is a few issues that my TD7C experienced , Both the tilt frame , angle pin, plus rear frame mounts are what makes the difference between the machine being a dirt pusher or a grading machine , Huge difference when all is correct and fresh. TD7C Blade help - IH Construction Equipment - Red Power Magazine Community
  11. I have heated internal snap rings red hot with point of brazing torch ,, Just a small bit of it in the middle Then went right after it with punches and chisels , worked 6 times in a row on a badly rusted valve bank Dont know if it was the heat or changing the hardness of the metal
  12. Pete are the specs for the manometer test in the manuals ?
  13. Louie , I just wanted to comment and Thank You for your contribution to all the folks seeking help and info on their vintage Iron Your mind is like a steel trap bristling with IH Dozer info ,,, every time you comment I learn something THANK YOU
  14. Love seeing the smile on your face in the video ,,, Just somethin about bulldozers According to my wife -- You own a "Sexy Arm " dozer ,, referring to the B&E lift arms being all curvy Sweet lookin dozer ,,like it just the way it is !!
  15. looks like T-6 or TD-6 (cant quite see enuff)