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  1. Sad night for a good guy...

    Thoughts and prayers for your friend ,Will keep eyes and ears open for green books , How about construction equipment manuals ?
  2. Hauling Tractor or Truck

    Smoker 1 This seems very reasonable , most of the quotes I have had for single vehicle hauling are $2-3 a loaded mile Your guy will haul 20 tons for $3.60 loaded mile
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    A little fodder for the brain trust here , All of these wind farms and giant wind mills, Do they decrease the power of the wind currents and thusly affect the weather and climate ?
  4. IH Truck Resources for a 1980s Gas S1700

    Welcome aboard ! Here is a link to binder books site , I would get an operators manual from them then start searching ebay for an original service manual and parts manual, a little patience will save you a lot of money , I have bought 3 volume sets for $20- $40 1978-1990 International S-Series
  5. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris , Wish you a successful surgery and quick recovery , 4 times on the Dr's table for me , and I am still working on the old girls Let me hazard a guess L5 area of your back ?
  6. New toy for a demo

    It looks nice and comfy Lucky duck !
  7. International 530 loader

    Welcome aboard Zak, Make sure the brakes are not dragging , I will look at the manuals later , I am fairly sure the hydraulics and transmission are separate systems , The transmission should have a sight glass on the left side ( make sure fluid is in the window) Transmission filter is under machine near rear driveshaft ,
  8. International T6 project

    A Chris, Apparently this "Rumber" product acts like wood for drilling and cutting , Overview | Rumber Materials I have never seen or used it ---
  9. Value of TD15B

    Never seen one --- could it be used as a tile plow ? or water line plow
  10. 7240 spinning

    X2 Even when building and installing a septic leach field it is required to scarify the bottom and sides of the excavation even if you just use an iron rake ,
  11. Electronic ignition - wow!

    1st generation of pertronix ignitions were subject to failure if key was left on ,this was clearly stated in the install instructions ( at least on the ones I bought and installed ) On irrigation pumps I used to set them up with an oil pressure switch controlling small bosch relay (for ignition power feed)and push button bypass for starting . 2nd generation was redesigned to handle constant voltage with key on engine off and over voltage conditions. I love em' Have installed them in trucks,construction equipment, boats, stationary motors,tractors , autos, Somewhere over 50+ units . Maybe 2 or 3 of the newer style have failed ( with many ,many hours or miles on them) Why they failed ? Heaven knows , My customers are prone to trying to fix things before calling me Make sure the dizzy is in good shape ,vacuum and mechanical advance systems working correctly, bushings on the shaft in good shape , But I still have a Zombie Apocalypse points dizzy ready to pop in my Travelall if needed..
  12. A video for those people scared of heights

    Why am I yelling at that guy , DON'T Take that hook OFF
  13. New joke

    Need a "LIKE" button ,,,ha ha
  14. That is an "air pump" (part of emissions system) should be able to find new or rebuilt unit, 2nd gear should be middle and up , I would drain trans and see if there is any surprises in the oil Possible it is a rusty shifter rail or problem in the top cover , May have rusty wheel cylinders , hardware, etc causing brakes to drag a touch , Lot of oddball problems surface after sitting dormant for a while
  15. White 1200. 4x4

    I think what lighnin is referring to is the "big six" bolt pattern on some of the 1200's (brake drums are getin real scarce for em')