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  1. Should be just motor oil on excavator, Dozer would be motor ,trans , final drives (take a long time to leak out though)
  2. No modesty ?
  3. and the liner seals could be ready to let loose , IHfarmer I have crank needs cut pm me if you want more info I have all the parts left from swapover in this thread Brand New DT 358 for 515B Loader - IH Engines - Red Power Magazine Community
  4. No harm no foul Bill, There is a couple sites that come to mind ssbtractor also smokstak aside from that you could advertise in Redpower magazine , which has a great amount of circulation to the right people ,
  5. North of 60, Fear not the wrath , Us folks on the North side of the equator must multi -task and what better way than to bring your office to work Looks nice and comfy , and the armrests are very classy !!
  6. Yes but would rather drive this
  7. I kinda thunk that
  8. Have'nt heard from tcmtech in a while ?? Did something happen I missed ?
  9. Elton John one of my favorites Absolute best rock band of all time LED ZEPPELIN
  10. After the tears and grief have slowly passed , One fine day you will be smiling like a cheshire cat all to yourself , You will have thought of something that would of made you and your Dad laugh your butts off , I don't know how to explain it , But it gets a bit easier when the good memories replace the sorrow . Thoughts and prayers Kevin
  11. sounds like bad master
  12. I think you are right ,The cost of shop and labor makes repairs on smaller tires just not worth it , When you get up in the 3k - 20k per tire cost the repairs would become a viable option . Had a large sidewall gash in a W500 Komatsu loader and the tire shop would of repaired it for $1500-2000 New tire was $3800 IIRC ended up bought new tire had damaged one repaired and never needed it If you live near any type of open mining operation that is where you might find a reasonable priced ,well equipped shop for that type of repair
  13. Thoughts and prayers Mark ,He has a good friend in you
  14. Not positive , Eason or Howard P may know better but I believe they were optional , I know that the 67B-68C trucks and travelalls had the jack mounted on the passenger side inner fender , and I might as well say I need one !! if anybody has one they want to sell--- errr I will make a donation to your favorite charity
  15. Darn center plates , spent a few too many hours either fixing them from sticking or replacing them because they rattle