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  1. I already put the FOR SALE signs on the trucks and sanders ( Thanx Mark)
  2. Let us know if you find any goodies in the belly pan I've dug out more than one 9/16 wrench buried in the muck ! Love all the nice pics
  3. The weights that you cleaned are part of your mechanical advance --which will certainly change the timing (advance) as the motor increases RPM's , Does your manual have specs for base timing and high idle timing ? look here engine timing 301 gas - General IH - Red Power Magazine Community
  4. Sounds like your impulse coupling could be gummed up ?? Did you send it out for a rebuild ?
  5. Roger, where did they hide the sparkplugs on the Hemi engine ? And where did the intake pipe get it's air supply from ?
  6. Found a few The Rough Rider Creeper TraXion 1-200 King Crawler Creeper - All-terrain Creeper Products – Creepex
  7. The F20 /T20 engines are very similar and share a lot of parts , One of the differences is the T20 block has provision for a fuel pump as does the U7 block ?. If you post some pictures there may be a few nuances the T20 folks can notice and narrow the years down . If I remember right there is differences in the brake pedals , and intake/exhaust manifolds through out production years
  8. Electric over Hydraulic on the ones I have seen, I was curious ,So i looked in the online parts catalog and the early model power dump beds used a elec/hyd setup with remote motor and pump setup , Then changed to linear actuators ?? Why ?
  9. A couple of fine young men there Dad,
  10. Just curious what the sieve tests are on your sand ? Is it good for septic ? Mason ?
  11. Have you thought of building your elbows from exhaust pipe and using just straight hose ?
  12. Two weeks ago --- After hearing unusual chirps and noises I looked out in the row of big oak trees in front of the house , There was two different types of squirrel families (red/gray) fighting in the trees , There was at least 20-25 from each army , This battle and I do mean that literally lasted over 6 hours , These animals were vicious and held no quarter for the opposing side , I witnessed countless pairs of soldiers fall from the tops of the trees engaged in fierce biting and kicking fights , The trees seemed alive with the screaming banshees . They must of got the "property lines" settled at the cost of at least 3 dead and unknown number injured .. My wife and myself watched and listened in amazement at this territorial war
  13. Here is a list of LL dealers , You will need to give the one you choose or WHS your Serial number /year /model Find a Dealer
  14. 1967, Do you have a Lineset ticket for your truck ? They are pretty much the bible of what your truck was built with at the factory. They are available $20 at light line dealers or direct from Wisconsin Historical Society , Some folks have had luck getting them from local IH/Navistar dealers for free , Gas tank will take some looking , Even if you find one that is not in the best shape ( repairable ) better get it ! We need pictures of your truck !! here is an example of my 67' 1100B Travelall Lineset
  15. Very Nice SW !! How did you make the numbers ?