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  1. If you feel the bearings are worthy of another trip? By all means re-use them What is your picture of the 2 sprockets depicting ? (I notice one is much thinner ?)
  2. Welcome aboard Happy ! A fella out my way in Southern New England has a knack for putting just the right touches on crawlers They still show off their well worn battle scars with a touch of shiny
  3. You could unbolt it or take a pipe/hose off , and if you find oil I kinda doubt it would be locked . Does your main clutch seem to act correctly ? Also if you could snap some pictures of where the linkages in question begin and where they attach it may help us identify the components , A lot of attachments were installed at the dealer level or previous owners built and modified from other equipment .
  4. Keep an eye on c-list , I have seen 2 free refrigs (really nice and working) and 1 $50 freezer in the past few months , then all of a sudden someone wants $900 for a POS, heres one for short money International Harvestor Refrigerator 40's Vintage
  5. Grumpy ,You have a real talent for writing and posting about your tractor restoration ! Love all the pics and narration , Keep em' coming
  6. Never knew they existed "Cub Cadet Big Country" Cub Cadet Big Country 6x4 -
  7. These folks will help if they can : General Gear - We carry Used, New, Rebuilt&Spare parts for Caterpillar (CAT), International (IH), Allis Chalmers (AC), and many others
  8. It will be fine I have used 10wt motor oil , 10wt hyd oil and hytrans , A this point in time hytran is most convenient for me to get but I would not hesitate to use another quality brand (I try not to mix oil types and brands though )
  9. I noticed one of your D6's is a wide tread cat , Have you tried walking on water with that machine ? Did IH or aftermarket ever offer "pyramid" or apex" track pads ? , I had a D3 with a set that worked very well in mud and snow , They were 20 or 24 in wide Here is a set on small Komatsu
  10. Yes it is , with a very nice additive package ($$) But worth it for some applications in my opinion) anti-wear additives, moisture trapping capability, rubber conditioners etc etc
  11. Hopefully oldihdsl sees your question and has some input ,The only info at the moment is static timing should be 12degs btdc, I will dig into my pump books tomorrow ,meanwhile can you get some pump numbers ?
  12. Hytran or equivalent would be fine
  13. Thank You Avoght , And Welcome aboard ! So the "X" would be the set of 2 and the "A" would be a single item ?
  14. What engine is in your TD8E ? D206 ? or D-DT239 ? and does the linkage on the pump have a cold start position ? ( like TD7C)
  15. I would love to be able to purchase manuals online as unusual as it is Keep us updated Ken