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  1. Bottle bombs

    We called them Works Bombs, too. Gatorade bottles work the best, but take a lot of tinfoil. The reaction takes a long time to happen. (Almost a minute). If you hold a bottle that starts heating up and smoking you are a little crazy!
  2. Land rent contracts

    As a grower, hands down I would prefer a long term lease. As a landlord, I would only want one as well. The people wanting year to year leases only take from the ground and do not take care of it like their own.
  3. Grinding hay in hog feed

    My neighbor does it in his sow herd. He's a big time show pig guy. Works for him. I would do it too but don't mix my own. I wouldn't do it in feeders and finishers. Btw your protein numbers are about two points lower than what I run. BUT I do have purebreds that tend to get fat if I drop the protein.
  4. Down Corn

    Sounds like a blast!
  5. IH-McCormick Model MF(?) drill,

    Mine is single disc. I broke four brackets. One was being stupid, two broke backing into the shed, and the other is a mystery. It looks like my scrapers need a lot of attention. To this day I have no idea how to oil the openers. The only way my grease gun will pump oil is holding it upside down. BUT the oil slowly leaks out if you leave it sit. 😤
  6. IH-McCormick Model MF(?) drill,

    It's a decent drill. The rope pulls really hard. I'm not real sure if that is just on mine or on all of them. I use mine on 50+ acres a year. Pulling the rope get's a little old!
  7. Any one dry their beans a little?

    Lucky! Most of the beans around here got cut around 10%. A guy at a mill I soil sample for said he saw a 7.8. It was the lowest he has ever seen (and he was around 50)
  8. Some one should save this. Would make a good museum.

    That was the International dealer way back when? It sure does look extra junky now that they moved out!

    That was pure sorghum sudan grass. The landowner picks the seed mixes and I do the custom work. He was looking to get a lot of biomass for building OM. It does a great job of that!!! It also does an awesome job with weed suppression. The only other cover crop we did this year was 7-10 lbs of oil seed radish. That also does a good job of weed suppression. I would rather run them with a bushel of oats, but we had problems with oats going to seed and/or not germinating. Then the following year we had volunteer oats all over the place. This is the first year of straight radish so I can't report on what it will look like next year.

    I will throw in a shot of me mowing cover crop that was going to seed.
  11. The practice sticker was definitely in my plan! I was going to use a heat gun and razor blade. I'm a little afraid to use solvents since that will effect all the stickers. One good thing is the stickers weren't lined up very well. I should be able to get more than one corner and/or hold down the other edge. The car is a 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT with a 429. Numbers matching and restored to the Marti sheet by my uncle. It is really sweet! I found this picture of the car on a google search. This was the picture the listing dealer showed when my aunt sold it.
  12. It is now legal to run an old license plate on the front of a classic car here in Wisconsin. Long story short...I bought a really nice 1972 plate, but I want it to show a 1970 sticker. (There are no plates stamped 1970, only 68) How do I peal off two of the stickers without getting all 4? I have one idea, but I would like to see what the community says first.
  13. Solar eclipse

    Is there a website to figure out the exact time and percentage of totality.
  14. Solar eclipse

    I will probably head south. Hey, I am not real busy this time of year and I will be dead next time. What's $50 worth of gas to see something cool!?! Anybody near STL or Southern IL with a good eclipse watching spot?
  15. A Video Of The B-29's At China Lake

    Which plane flew up to Oshkosh just east of Janesville? I am pretty sure I saw (the grey?) one flying north to Oshkosh just before the show.