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  1. Audi Q5 we test drove everything with their milktoast test drives, the audi salesman took us into the hills with some curvy roads and said punch it! That was the 2 liter we got the 3 liter
  2. This would look good pulled behind it!
  3. I did that combo for 20 years,
  4. Weber Genesis for gas, traeger for pellets, next time your in Tri Cities go to Ranch & Home they have a big selection of pellet grills.
  5. Well forum will a belly tank off of a 1206 fit on a 1066?
  6. I got a 1206 belly tank to go east,
  7. here ya go Troy 1066 International Tractor - $4000 (Moses Lake) hide this posting
  8. Both sight unseen, looking at the 84 soon. But does anyone know of any problems on mounting a IH2000 loader on a IH hydro 84?
  9. Bob if you need to get out of Dodge you can come on over to the notso dry side!
  10. I seen a train once with five or six on it then comes three flat cars with just some big yellow running gear (engine, trans, rear end) man they made those combines look small!
  11. I had a horse drawn mower that had that on the main beam in front of the seat,
  12. No he should have bought my 1 ton dually.
  13. Replace the hard to get too bearings with GOOD new ones use the old ones on the ends
  14. Hol day olds $10, jersey knocked in the head here