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  1. Super M clutch problem

    Are you saying a ED was installed now? If the EE sloped down at the white mark instead of a step like the ED and below housings is being used something besides the pump is the problem.
  2. Birthdays

    Don't watch that close but happened to notice 18 birthdays today. Anyone know the record number for a day? Happy birthday to all. Dave
  3. international 350 u hyd pump

    No but saw it done. Pump just mounts with inlet and outlet pointing up instead of down. Have seen the ignition flange just left open, a plate bolted over opening or a plug installed.
  4. international 350 u hyd pump

    Doesn't look original but a gas one will work if nothing else is found or until something shows up.. Like used on some SH and the 300 and 350. Need to put your drive gear on.
  5. H and M auction value

    Maybe this is the picture hillman posted. It didn't show up for me. Can see the flow divider or priority valve on the M and the H probably has one also with the line going up under hood first. Probably charr lynn steering units on both. Stage 2 SH started November 53 and several before then got the grill and upper bolster with holes at the corner. Bolsters more common after serial number 16000 plus and grills more common as closed in to serial 19234. Since the bolster and grill would work on any SH they didn't follow any serial number order below 19234.
  6. MD sleeve question.

    In 1962 the bottom number is the head gasket used for a D-248 and the top number was the head gasket used in a D-248 to D-264 conversion package. Numbers are superseded now. Bottom number was also used on D264 and 281. Right side is head gaskets.
  7. picture

    picture try
  8. MD sleeve question.

    Diesel sleeves are longer than gas if I remember correct.
  9. MD sleeve question.

    Found some numbers I put down from measurement in past. Cylinder opening on 53436DE gasket 4.440, but I measured another at 4.430. Gasket 305805R2, 4.165. Both numbers have changed I think. MD with 3-7/8 sleeves was using 53436DD but I think they started listing 53436DE to work on 3-7/8 bore D-248, D-264 and D281 engines. D-264 and D-281 sleeves have a small step on top with step width changed from thin wall to thick wall sleeves so the same gasket fits just off the step on both. Not sure how good that gasket fits on a D-248 with 3-7/8 sleeves but think that's what case IH is calling for or it's replacement number.
  10. MD sleeve question.

    Trouble is I moved on to D-264 and D-281 engines and can't remember if that MD sleeve was flat on top. Probably 25 years since I was in a D-248. Aftermarket sets were in the mix also.
  11. MD sleeve question.

    Some 4 inch bore sleeves for a MD were made with a flat top. Some used a special gasket to hold the sleeves down and the old gasket number was 305805R2. Gasket number you have 225604A1 is supposed to be the replacement number for that gasket but never looked at a new number gasket. IH used to sell overbore MD P&S sets that said 305805R1 or 2 required.
  12. H starting tank questions

    41 on the dairy farm was 62509X1. Came with starting and lighting and the pin in lower steering post to push starter switch that was unhandy. Switched PTO to latest type. Serial number 50866 and up used the strainer under big tank and shut off valve under little tank. Dave
  13. H starting tank questions

    41 came with sediment bowl under the big tank. Late 40 also. Since the sediment bowl location from gasoline start tank to fuel tank change was made from near end of 40 the manual is behind. Dave
  14. Farmall 400 LPG Starter

    That starter and drive are obsolete. IH replaced with another starter number years ago so you would need to find a old one still laying around somewhere.
  15. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Strange it does look like a band brake hand clutch setup with cover bolted straight to transmission housing and top cover without the disc brake type adapter plate for cover mounting . Disc brake side doesn't appear to have the holes to mount brake cover or the inboard big hole for the brake operating shaft in cover. Someone went to the trouble to drill and tap for mounting the unit on the left unless left was drilled and right not unless I'm missing something. First one seen like that by me. last 3 engine serial numbers are the same as last 3 on tractor 99.9% of time for when that tractor was built.
  16. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Can't see the back plate in picture but don't look like the transmission is drilled and tapped on the other side to use a regular M brake cover. 12 inch clutch plate will come out the bottom. They say a 12 inch pressure plate won't, but never tried. Unless a M has extras in the way I split even for a 11 inch instead of going under.
  17. M or SM, based on ID plate

    H was changed to disc brakes, SH flywheel and clutch size, starter with switch on it operated by a pull rod. Standard axles like a SH, longer than H, crankshaft journal bearing SH size at serial 391358.
  18. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Late M serial changes. 291050 crankshaft journals changed to SM through 450 size. 279323 transmission input shaft and housing changed to use a bigger front bearing. 294708 gas Manifold changed to type a original SM used, also 12 inch clutch flywheel setup started with sealed pilot bearing used. 294978 gas cylinder head changed to SM type and valve rotators used. Hydraulic units were changed so housing would clear pressure plate before the 12 inch clutch started. Disc brakes 294226. Numbers are for a regular gas M. MV, diesel and so forth can be different. MD first disc brakes was 285505 but for some reason MD builds slowed down around that time and very few were built below 294226. One good thing about a M&W clutch on a disc brake model if ever wanting to remove and change back it can be done without having to move the bull gear like a band brake model.
  19. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Block cast # 6722DJ is a 248 block. If you look over top of the coil and find the engine serial number stamped in the block it will start with M engine prefix letters. Engine # should be 13,000 lower than the tractor serial number. Tractor was made the last month of a regular model M. March 52. With the M&W hand clutch it now has a band brake on that side.
  20. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Factory disc brakes along with serial number makes it a late M with a low number built with factory disc brakes.
  21. MD part number help please.

    IH made several idler gear packages on the idler gears. Part number 264364R1 would be correct for a engine number 20984 up. But IH replaced that number with a package 264668R91 and the package contained gear 264664R1. Package also contained 252862R1 snap ring, 256820R1 idler shaft bolt, 263561R1 bolt washer, 264661R21 idler shaft with dowel, 264662R1 Shaft spacer, 264663R91 idler gear bearing, cotter pin and slotted hex nut 1/2 fine thread. Would need to check if there was a package for the 264364R1 gear for some engines below the engine number 20984.
  22. Fast hitch for tractor pulling

    Maybe he has the hitch type that was first for a 400 but above someone mentioned the hitch mounting up under the tractor in the same place as a swinging drawbar anchor and Farmall 400 answered that and didn't disagree. first type fast hitch didn't use the anchor holes under tractor. Think you can only lock the front part on that hitch, If I remember right IH offered a link to put in place of the hydraulic cylinder on back to make that hitch solid if needed. Dave
  23. Fast hitch for tractor pulling

    When using a fast hitch with traction control some places make you put the two lift links in holes at each side of the lift shaft so the hitch won't raise or lower. Then you make changes to drawbar to get legal height. Even if you put the traction control handle full down you can still raise or lower hitch unless the lift links are transferred to stationary holes. Unless my memory is failing there's no way to lock hitch from up and down unless the lift links are transferred. Dave
  24. Farmall h live hyd pump

    If you can get all three bolts loose on the pump manifold it comes off. Two O rings are used for a seal between manifold and pump body. If you remove the pump turn engine so the distributor rotor is turned straight up or anyway you can line it back the same direction when going back. Also see how the distributor drive slot is clocked if you remove the distributor from pump and install it back the same. Do not turn engine while off. Really the pump can be installed however the gears mesh and distributor can be timed. But easier to do by noticing line up before hand unless you are used to putting a engine in time. Dave
  25. Thanks for the post, last rubber ones I replaced didn't last long. Dave