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  1. Picture not real clear, but looks like you got a Super M. Maybe a stage 2 without engine driven liftall. Dave
  2. Adding to redturbos post, the gas and diesel pumps have a different mounting bolt pattern also.
  3. If one is in the front wall of the transmission it's a expansion plug, cup type if I remember correct. Measure the hole diameter to get a replacement. Got one from napa in the past. Never had the plug where idler gear was drilled out but you can get small expansion plugs down to at least 1/2 inch diameter from napa if you get the right parts person. Dave
  4. They have the aluminum or pot metal retainers and felts, Unless it was updated to the rubber type seals that IH was pushing at one time. Will have cast iron retainers if so. May be a problem if updated and the seals can't be found because the spiral groves in the crank had the edges dulled with the update. Going back to felts will be compromised. True up the aluminum retainers and shim behind felt if not tight enough to crankshaft if the mains are okay. Dave
  5. 49 M was a fiber pulley in the time built period. Cast pulleys on M, SM series tractors were used around the 52 to 54 time period because IH lost a supplier of the fiber pulleys. Off the top of head I don't remember the exact time period used before going back to all fiber pulleys. Dave
  6. If building the engine to C-169 specs you may want to look for a 300 or 350 carburetor. They use a # 25 venture on gas models compared to a # 23 on a SH. That's a 1/16 bigger air flow opening than a SH. Looking for a governor and going to change carburetor size? look for a SH through 350 governor. It will have the correct governor tube to carburetor length. But a 300 or 350 will need the H type throttle lever installed to use on the H. Don't know if it will hurt but a SH up has a bigger opening on air cleaner and pipe to carburetor than a H. Dave
  7. farmall 400

    Hope you get her going and good luck. Redturbo bracket you think is missing is only used on diesel tractors.
  8. W-6 already had engine driven hydraulics if equipped with hydraulics before your W-6 was built. SM tractors starting at serial number F-28175 or L-504802 could be equipped with the IH type engine driven hydraulics. Some were still equipped with a belly pump after the serial numbers. Before the above serial numbers and SW6 serial 3951 the SW6 used the bath tube frame and SMD and SM used a different center housing for each tractor. Starting at the above serial numbers all three tractors started getting the same center housing with 3 bolt starter mounting. MD and SMD already had 3 bolt mount before the serial break but placed the starter a different distance from flywheel than at the start or SMD serial 28181. SW6 tractors like W6 came without a drive dog or countershaft front seal and retainer on countershaft to drive a belly pump. But since the SW6 with frame rails used the same center housing as a SM a dealer or someone added the pump and drive parts to the SW6 that IH only used a engine driven pump on when equipped with hydraulics. When IH started putting 12 inch clutches in late M tractors and the supers the belly pump housing casting was changed a little at the front to clear the bigger pressure plates. Housings for 12 inch clutch casting number suffix is EE. ED or lower is for a 11 inch clutch. EE works on both 11 and 12 inch. Dave
  9. M tractors came with the drive dog and seal on the front of the countershaft. When engine driven hydraulics were offered on SM tractors the seal and drive dog was eliminated and used the same nut washer and cover as a W-6. Countershaft hydraulic liftall attachments for SM after a serial number break for chassis changes to equip one with a engine driven pump, Included the parts needed to drive the belly pump if equipped. Engine driven hydraulics were used on the SW6. You must have one with frame rails that someone installed a countershaft driven pump. If so the drive coupling and parts are the same as needed for a M. One thing that probably won't affect you unless you have a late M is a belly pump for a 11 inch clutch won't clear the 12 inch clutch on a late M or SM. Dave
  10. Hard to tell. He doesn't care how many of his citizens are killed in retaliation if he has a safe place to hide. In some ways he and the president are a lot alike. Both spout out harsh words and nobody can guess what they will do.
  11. Hope you enjoy and good luck. Dave
  12. On the subject of getting in harms way. I didn't vote for H.C. and didn't vote for Trump because I think he used a poor excuse for not serving during the Veit Nam era. when I had class mates and friends that didn't come back. His medical reason is kind of shady. Wished for another candidate. Did agree on his not wanting to get involved with other battles unless we were threatened, but now look. Sure I wish we could help everyone. But this country is in debt and spending all kinds of money and life's at places that won't pull there own weight or don't care about us. Countries that can step up should take the lead sometimes if they want are help. I say spend money in this country on trying to stop the killing here and build up the Military and other things here and let it be known, you leave us alone Or we hit hard to win and no holding back. Dave
  13. Thanks fellows.
  14. See we were born on the same day to many years ago. Dave
  15. Pete think he has a PTO hydraulic pump for loader with splines all the way through. Trying to push pto shaft from pump or pump from shaft from rear with chains to base of jack. Dave