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  1. Anyone know the commission rates for selling items? Thanks
  2. Super m lp or diesel

  3. 1939 farmall rims

    On a computer put mouse over nosih picture, should be a box come up. Click on message.
  4. Bigger main Jet

    Only had one of those on a tractor running, but they had modified it. Had the main seat to .070, air bleed opened up and a # 30 venturi. On a SM that run good. Have a SMTA with the regular kit but not finished it to run though. Bought some cores over the years with the changes. Bought some cores cheap because they couldn't get tractor to run right. Check and find the passages blocked in some without corresponding other changes. First post size I posted was a modified carburetor other than the nozzle. They used a small main seat .053 and small air bleed .037 with big nozzle. Sorry for the mess-ups and my file system and memory is lacking.
  5. Bigger main Jet

    superih thanks for getting me to double check so I can correct, just finished checking. Had my pages mixed up. Sizes for nozzle I give in other post is for a 361094 power improvement carb kit. That kit used passage plugs to eliminate the throttle shaft slot from passing air. 374261R92 for fire craters. Main seat .063, also used a different fuel adjusting screw. Idle jet .022, air bleed .063, nozzle tip .111, top hole .055 to .056. middle .062 to .063, bottom .070. Measured jets again from a 374261R92 today to double check. Find holes in nozzles can be drilled just a little different size from same number nozzles at times.
  6. 1939 farmall rims

    Think some 2 piece other than some narrow width 36 inch 2 piece rims were available after the 1250 serial number posted. 1250 would only be in the second or third month into H production. 36 and 38 rims both work on the same wheel for the most part. Was a nice set not rusted bad for sale near me this summer. Think there sold now.
  7. Bigger main Jet

    From measuring new carburetor parts kits that was used with a M fire crater package. Also found that nozzle with big top hole and big tip in modified carburetors with # 30 venturies installed. Will double check my numbers in case I put a number down wrong. Don't think it's wrong though. I write down the size of most parts in carburetors I have apart or parts I install and have that discharge nozzle size listed several times. Still have one new kit I could double check also. IH made a mistake on the main seat in early fire crater carburetor packages and supplied a smaller main seat than .061 and sent out a bulletin to correct ones sold. If I remember correct they were .058 or .059.
  8. Bigger main Jet

    Fire crater parts for a M carburetor. Main seat .061, discharge nozzle or jet tip .111, top hole .055, middle .062, bottom .070. idle jet .022, air bleed .063.
  9. Engine kits

    Adding to what Randy said, probably a slim chance the engine still has the original 4 inch bore pistons. Most likely to find a 4-1/8 piston.
  10. 1939 farm all h

    Don't know if you can find a original type shut off. Original big tanks on those models into early 1940 had 1/4 pipe thread outlet and the most H tractors used 3/8 pipe thread opening. Don't know how tractor is plumbed now. If only using the big tank a generic shut off or strainer can be fitted. If going for original that won't do though.
  11. National anthem protests

    If Trump and the news channels didn't put the protesters front stage across the country the whole thing would have probably blew over aside from a few players. Can't believe Trump stuck his nose in to the mess. How many deferments or medical reasons did he get when they were drafting people during the V war. Some of the most patriotic soldiers never say much about what they did and wouldn't tell someone else what to do or not to do.
  12. 300U Engine Question

    Not saying it can't be done, but the utility tractors use a different front engine cover, a front crank pulley with the timing marks in a different place. Parts can be installed on other 4 series engines but utility engines had some 1/2 inch diameter bolts retaining the front cover because of no frame rails and support of front end. Row crop H, SH, 300 and 350 tractor engines used a 3/8 diameter holes in front cover to block. Some row crop steel plates between front cover and block work and some don't. Dave
  13. Front wheel weights 6788D M,H etc..

    Seem to be more in areas of US where the A, B ,C and later series of tractors were the most popular.
  14. Super MTA ground?

    All were built positive ground.
  15. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    More like a sharp rap than a dull knock. Yes some scaring on bore but not bad as I would expect. Look like the engine ran a long time like that. Engine did run smoother on gas than diesel and suspect the coolant on left side may deaden noise because it was more noticeable on right.