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  1. 300U Engine Question

    Not saying it can't be done, but the utility tractors use a different front engine cover, a front crank pulley with the timing marks in a different place. Parts can be installed on other 4 series engines but utility engines had some 1/2 inch diameter bolts retaining the front cover because of no frame rails and support of front end. Row crop H, SH, 300 and 350 tractor engines used a 3/8 diameter holes in front cover to block. Some row crop steel plates between front cover and block work and some don't. Dave
  2. Front wheel weights 6788D M,H etc..

    Seem to be more in areas of US where the A, B ,C and later series of tractors were the most popular.
  3. Super MTA ground?

    All were built positive ground.
  4. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    More like a sharp rap than a dull knock. Yes some scaring on bore but not bad as I would expect. Look like the engine ran a long time like that. Engine did run smoother on gas than diesel and suspect the coolant on left side may deaden noise because it was more noticeable on right.
  5. 450D engine noise, gas start diesel

    Couldn't believe what I found in one similar to yours. Broke rings in two groves on 2 cylinders. One ring broke in two places and had worn the ring gap 1/2 inch wide at the end of break. Ring pieces still in grove. Didn't run to bad and the oil rings were holding. Dave
  6. Old flat belt pulley identification

    Didn't Massey Ferguson use M-1 numbers? Ever one of those around?
  7. Early H difference

    Someone has the bracket mounted to top and pipe for tractor seat serial 15697 and lower. That seat for a IH should have a bracket on pipe that has several holes on each side that bolt direct to top cover. Dave
  8. Early H difference

    That serial number is a 40 model. When the transmission covers were first changed from the ones with drop slot in top they just had 2 mounting bolts for the seat. Checked that out before but don't remember exactly when 4 seat mounting bolts started. From what I remember at least by 43 or before.
  9. Early H difference

    Is the lever out of PTO housing on right. All 3 types of IH ones had lever on left of PTO. PTO operating rods could be modified or put about anywhere. Seat looks like the type IH started using after they went from the trough in transmission cover. It could be on any H tractor after that but what IH called the hydraulic seat were more commonly installed as tractors got later. If I remember correct the first hydraulic seats installed or sold by IH started in 47. First type had shock behind seat and other type had shock under seat. Aftermarket had them out before then. Lots of things point to a early forties H. Did have a 41 H with curved pipe seat on farm growing up with a shock mount kit installed behind seat. Dave
  10. Webster priority valve

    Cant remember the markings or if Webster valve was exactly like yours. If like ones I had, holding valve in right hand with two ports at top and middle like port down and relief port to left arm. Top right is pressure from pump opening, top left pressure to PS, bottom port pressure to other hydraulics. Relief opening goes to reservoir or no pressure opening in system that picks up suction or another line to dump in reservoir. Same place power steering return dumps works. Think on the 3 port Webster the side with 2 ports is pressure and priority flow. Other side is to other hydraulics. Use that one with a pressure relief somewhere in system so that steering or other hydraulics are not over pressured. Dave Found one to check, FV-3120 four port. PR = pressure from pump. REG = priority flow or to PS. BP = outlet flow to pressure or operate other hydraulics. Pressure relief port not marked. Would think a 3 port priority would have the same 3 markings.
  11. Farmall M Factory Wide Front End

    Notice the general location below farmall tom picture in upper left corner of the post.
  12. last one

    Picture not real clear, but looks like you got a Super M. Maybe a stage 2 without engine driven liftall. Dave
  13. 400 D hydro pump

    Adding to redturbos post, the gas and diesel pumps have a different mounting bolt pattern also.
  14. MD transmission question.

    If one is in the front wall of the transmission it's a expansion plug, cup type if I remember correct. Measure the hole diameter to get a replacement. Got one from napa in the past. Never had the plug where idler gear was drilled out but you can get small expansion plugs down to at least 1/2 inch diameter from napa if you get the right parts person. Dave
  15. Rear engine seal on WD 9

    They have the aluminum or pot metal retainers and felts, Unless it was updated to the rubber type seals that IH was pushing at one time. Will have cast iron retainers if so. May be a problem if updated and the seals can't be found because the spiral groves in the crank had the edges dulled with the update. Going back to felts will be compromised. True up the aluminum retainers and shim behind felt if not tight enough to crankshaft if the mains are okay. Dave