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  1. Some of our land is hard to spray by plane. Curvy bushes and some pretty steep hills. Rate was 9.25/ac. Not terrible but add all the factors up it just worked out better to do it ourselves. Was a good test for the sprayer too. Pretty happy with how it worked. Found one little oil leak I have to fix. Just a fitting leaking I think. Yours is sure a lot riper then ours. At least a week away yet on ours. I don't notice the smoke during the day but it does show up against the sun at dusk. Been a rough summer for some in bc that's for sure.
  2. Got the canola all done tonight. Just over 3 hours to drive 20 miles round trip fill once in the field and spray 200 acres. Definitely quicker then the old spra coupe lol. Guess that's cheating a little bit as it was full before I left but still a bit of a improvement lol. Helped too that I could spray through most of the sloughs probably could've gone through them all but why take chances Spied a spray plane working as I was coming home so I stoped at the intersection to avoid getting buzzed on the road by him tried to snap a pic of him and the sun in the same shot this was the better one that came out lots of guys are spraying now most are probably a week behind at least I know we were there's some visible damage to the top pods but hopefully we get them all now
  3. Nothing here at all. Clouds were brewing up a couple days ago but never made it here at all. Been working away at the canola. Got another 200 acres to do tonight. Hope every one of them little black worms suffers. What a pita. Sprayers been working good except for one little hiccup. Was spraying last night and the overtemp warning went off. Brand new motor your mind tends to think the worst. Got out and checked everything over and all seemed fine. Checked it several times with a laser thermometer and it showed normal temps. Let it cool off for a hour or so and checked it again. Was still saying it was hot so it had to be the sender. Stupid thing has 3 of them on there. The one had a switch in it for over temp though. Finally tracked one down this morning after being in the phone for close to a hour. Only one agco in Canada had was in emerald park just outside of Regina. Have a plug in place of it now and running without it. Don't like it but what do ya do. Few pics from last night. Canola is up fairly tall most places and plenty thick. Pods are a little short though and there's some worm damage already so it's hard to say how it will all turn out.
  4. Its like a box of cracker jacks. Everyone has a different surprise only once you open enough of them eventually you'll find the same prize lol. Least your overhaul times should be speeding up with all the practice.
  5. There's some soybeans not far from here that haven't even started to pod out yet or they have just started in the last few days. Gona be a late fall for those guys. Went crop checking tonight and it looks like we'll have to spray most of the canola. I've been watching the stuff at home real close and the rest once or twice a week. Furthest stuff was just over a weeks since I last looked. Well tonight the buggers were there and eating. Could see the damage already on top of the plants. Not what I was wanting to see that's for sure. Not sure if I'll take the rogator or bring a plain in. Gets expensive in a hurry but trampling crop isn't the best either. We'll figure something out I guess.
  6. Im not sure if they're short or if they"re buying it up for bunge or someone of the like. Either way I'm not complaining lol. Wish we had another 10 or 15 thousand bushels to haul lol.. Been looking at swathers but I doubt we'll bite on anything this fall. Would sure like to get something nicer to run then the old versatile but I know it'll get us through one way or another. Got the Massey torn appart right now. Found the top paddle shaft where the electric clutch is both bearings were in bad shape. Was quite a bit of play in them so I tore the feeder house off today and got the shaft out. Little bit of work left on the IH and I think that's all that's wrong with the massey. Should hopefully be all ready by the end of the next week.
  7. I kind of thought that was the case but didn't know for sure. Dekalb has quite a few variety's out here as well. Pretty much all round up ready though.
  8. Looks good ralph. ya shovelling isn't much fun that's for sure. Last semi load of oats we always have to shovel on from the flat bottoms. I'm kind of on my own now too as far as shovelling goes. Moms still recovering from surgery and dad's back doesn't like it anymore.(or so I'm told ) I always try to get my flat bottom stuff out in the winter but dad's always seems to be on the hottest day of summer.
  9. Viterra here actually has a 12 dollar special on right now. Cleaned out the last of our canola the other day and trucked it in. New crops not to far away could almost sneak a load or two in on it lol. Want to stay friends with the grain buyers though so wont try it. Got a few more loads of oats to go out and then we'll be pretty much empty. Stuck at 2.75 for the last bit. Should've had 3.00 but I guess we can't have everything perfect lol.. Told the buyer 3.00 would've helped out my drone fund, he didn't have much sympathy though lol.. Didn't make it down to ritchies at all. Watched a bit online. Probably just as well we didn't go. Prices seemed to be pretty strong for the most part. Went to Rosthern today to a small farm sale. Was supposed to look at a 2010 Case IH WD1203 swather too but it sold on the weekend I guess. Had a disc at the auction we were kind of looking at but it went plenty high so we came home empty. No crop down or sprayed that I saw anywhere today at all. Nothing even close here at home yet. Oats are all milk yet. Barley is still filling. Canola seeds are starting to firm up but it's at least 2 weeks away or more yet. Still hoping for one more shower. If it doesn't come in the next week or so it might as well not come at all though. By then what's in the heads is probably all there'll be for the most part. Getting to be some awful big cracks in the ground now in the field. Will have to be careful fixing. Might lose a wrench down some of them. lol.
  10. Nice pictures and machinery. Looks similar to a lot of operations around here with a a few differences. What varieties of canola are you growing over there. Is it all non gmo? I have a topic posted on the coffeshop side with some crop pictures. There's a few others that post there reularaly as well with crop pictures and equipment pictures. Some of the same crops your growing only we get one a year lol. Must be some pretty nice dirt to be pulling off those kinds of yields. Averages around here are 40-65 bpa on wheat. Canola is around 35-60 and barley is around 70-100.
  11. Rain all around us yesterday and last night but almost nothing at the farm here. Deck was wet this morning but the vehicles and ground were dry by 8:00. Went to schapansky' auction for a few hours today. Everything we wanted went high though. Thinking about going to Ritchie's tomorrow for a while but I don't know if we'll make it or not. There's a rake-up pickup in a cat platform that I was eyeing up. Our rake-up is giving us a bit of trouble so we're kind of looking for something else to put on the 2188. Put a couple new slats on 2 years ago and one is almost broken off again now I see. Would like to find a good used swath master but haven't seen any good deals yet. Crops were a little further ahead right at tisdale. Couple fields of barley by star city too that were getting close.
  12. That's what some of the canola on the sand looks like here. Soon as you get to where there's a little better dirt or at least a hollow where there was a little more moisture it picks up quite a bit though. Been talk of diamondbacks but so far no ones been spraying here. There's also thirps in the barley. Never heard of them before but apparently they've been around here years ago. I haven't seen a lot in ours yet but need to do some more checking. Such a tiny little bug they're hard to even see. Few test plots of soybeans around here. Not sure if it's a crop that will take off or now. Would be nice if we could do a beans canola rotation. Maybe put a little extra money in the bank that way lol. Took these pics a couple nignts ago. Barley is filling but the roots are starting to get dry now again oats are filling too but have a ways to go yet Rains keep coming from the north and west but they run out before they get to us
  13. Back working now again. Deleted history and now it's good again. Now where'd I put that list of passwords lol.
  14. it must be something on my end then. Was hoping to avoid relogging into all my different accounts lol.. Works fine on the computer and I've always stayed logged in on both so that should be a issue. Thanks everyone.
  15. Anyone else having problems posting from their smartphones? Ever since yesterday afternoon I can't post from my iphone any more. It shows that I'm logged in yet but I can't access my profile or reply to topics. I can start a new topic but the box to type in isn't there either. Not sure what's going on.