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  1. There are stop leak products from duracool and redtek. I'm not a fan of them though. They tend to gum things up and make a mess. Most of the mechanics around here shy away from it. One I know that used it in a dodge diesel pick up and it made a awful mess. Took a long time to get the system cleaned and repaired afterwards. Others results may vary. I'm working on our rogator now and I see by the tag that a couple cans of red tek and a can of stop leak were added. It's low again so it obviously didn't work in that situation. Get to do some work on it now and see what it's like inside I guess.
  2. Getting closer to getting the new sprayer running again. Been a long slow process. Did a complete rebuild on the motor with a different block as ours was cracked. If this rain keeps up I might even get to use it in crop lol.
  3. Wild oats are the biggest enemy doing that, that's for sure. Have done little bits here too in the past one field we're actually still trying to clean up. Little 7 acre field that somehow got seeded 3 years in a row. Was going to spray it twice last summer when it had LL canola on it. That was right when I got burnt last summer though so it didn't happen. Seeded barley on it this year. Seeded extremely heavy as I had seed left over so we'll see what it looks like now when I spray. You'll have to plant some trees and build some cabins there Ralph lake front property's on the rise lol. We've got a few smaller sloughs on our land that join up in the wet years. Drained some of them a few years ago and gained back a little but it's still wet in the bottoms. One ditch is starting to silt in a little already though.
  4. Few pics from the last couple of days of seeding. Dad managed to plant the harrows one more time. Managed to unhook the tractor and drive it out but just barely. Harrows were sunk to the top of the frame and the tractor was almost hung up. Took about 5 hours of washing this year to get the poor versatile cleaned up. Dirtiest it's ever been I think. One quarter there's a washout the full half a mile long. There's one low spot where you can kind of get through. Was across it a few times and nearly didn't make it a couple of times. Just about stalled out the one time. Had to go down a gear once the tractor was through. Last pic is the last little triangle I seeded for 2017. Felt good to have it done finally.
  5. Good to hear from you again wheatking. Kind of why I started another post. Catch up with the locals again lol..Seems pretty well everyone I've talked to has had a bit of a rough spring. Lots of people getting stuck and alot of land that will not even get seeded. Much bigger problem in that regard then what I went though this spring. Once I got all the problems sorted out things went somewhat smoothly then. Least till the last 30 acres. That took about 3 days to finish.lol.. Hopefully we get a decent fall so things dont freeze and we can get it off dry and good quality. Actually still have one neighbor that's out seeding yet. Kind of foolish if you ask me but I guess. They seem to be getting further behind every year though. More crop out in the spring and later seeding every year is a bad recipe I think.
  6. Snaped a few pics from our north quarter. Always nice up there in the bush. Makes spraying a bit easier too even on the windier days.
  7. Next few pics are from my rented land. It was horribly wet this year. I fully expected to get stuck multiple times seeding on it but much to my surprise I got through everything that I could without getting stuck. Lost about 15 acres. part of that was thanks to some unfriendly water drainage coming onto my land. Guy next to me dug a ditch through a old road and drained a bunch of water right through the middle of mine. Land owners were going to take their track hoe over and plug it all up but I don't think they've done it yet. Hopefully they get at it soon though. Land borders the Sask River. Can see the valley in the one picture.
  8. That's a pretty stout loader tractor bitty nice tractor to work with I'm sure. That's a nice video Ralph. One of these days I'm going to get me a drone. Hopefully this summer. There's some older new stock DJI phantom 3 drones out there pretty cheap now but I hate to buy something older too. Technology has improved quite a bit I would think and the bigger thing is product support may not be there much longer for some of them. The Autels like yours never did seem to drop back down in price like they were when you bought yours either. Course our dollar exchange wasn't doing us any favors either.
  9. Thanks had a few tire kickers so far but no takers. Prices are a tad high maybe but trying to recoup what I can. Sunk a pile of money into this motor that we just built.
  10. I guess our rough cut lumber should be worth more then planed then cause there's more wood there It's scarey what the world is coming to. Sad part is if they sold them all rough lumber someone would probably try and sue because they got a wood splinter in their precious little hand.
  11. Wow you guys won't go hungry for a while anyways lol. Nice little break for you I'm sure. Those smokers sure make some tasty meals. Pellets are sure expensive here though.
  12. Well thoguht I'd throw a few pics up here tonight from this crop year so far. It's been a bumpy spring so far. Lots of break downs, delays and weather problems. To we to dry and now getting close to too wet again. Having problems getting spraying done now. Every little cloud that passes by seems to drop at least a few drops of rain as it goes by. First day out seeding this spring. Got the autosteer dialed in fairly well and everything was going along great. Got about 40 acres done and the first problem of the year popped up. Electric switch for the clutches on the air cart started acting up. Figured ok no biggy 20 dollar switch and I'll be back up and going again. Wrong. 92 dollars and some odd cents. Just for the switch itself in the picture not the black box and wiring. Simple rocker switch that's off, on and all on. Day was pretty well shot by the time I got everything going again so we shut down for the night after a hour of two of seeding. Got a little bit of a late start the next morning again and after a few hours of seeding this big brute of a storm started to roll through. Few minutes later this funny little white cloud appeared. It kept moving up and down in the sky all while changing shapes. At one point it looked like a great big long funnel cloud coming out of the sky and trailing along the horizon but I'm sure it wasn't. Was just a odd sight that day. Managed to dodge it all till that storm hooked all the way back around us and came back at us from the north west. By that time it had tamed down quite a bit but we still ended up with a couple tenths out of it. I seeded through the rain for a hour and a half or so and decided I better quit and go home. Field was starting to get pretty muddy by then. Got going shortly after noon only to have this happen a hour or two latter. I'd seeded through this very run the day before and while it was wet I didn't have a whole lot of trouble with it. That trip just wasn't my lucky day. It's on a run that's half way up a hillside. It's usually dry and no problem seeding through it. Tractor broke threw the crust and it was just mush underneath. Front caster wheels on the air drill turn into dozer blades as soon as the tractor spins. No problem just a mile walk home cause there was no one there to pick up the phone.lol. Oh well as a friend said I needed the exerciser anyways Back at it again with a little help form the john deere to pull me out. Ran into problems later on that day with the hydraulics. Fan speed started to fluctuate so I winged up and came home.Did some investigating and had good pressure from the tractor pump. Ok it's got to be the fan motor. Trip to Prince Albert which is about 45 miles one way. New fan motor and a couple pails of oil. I tore it appart while mom and dad went for parts and was pretty sure I'd found the problem. Was one little pin that was broken on the tip where the pistons sit in Now we've got er made right? Nope fan speed still only runs up to 3300 rpm. Alot more then before but still only 2/3rds of the way there. More investigating and now the drill is slow to lift and it will not lift the wings like it should either. By this time things are getting a little expensive but there's only one thing left to do and that's change the hyd. pump. Drive the same 45 miles back into town just before closing to get a new pump and a bunch of filters. Now we can give er and get things done. two hours into the next day my favorite switch burnt out again. It failed differently this time so we thought we had a dud. None in stock at our dealer so we had to make a quick trip to the manufacture. Luckily they're only 55 miles away. Dealer warrantied it and we were off and running again. Finally finished that field up the next morning. Figured ok the worst is over now we can give er. Switched off the oats and onto Canola as Dad wasn't sure what to seed where at that point. Got about 60 acres in and the switch went again. Shut things down then and started to do some very thorough investigating. Talked to a few other people and got some advice. Came home did some more testing on the clutches and looked the wiring over very carefully again. Only thing I could find that was slightly suspicious was one pin in one of the weatherpak connections was quite fully seated. Pushed it in all the way for sure that time and I moved the power supply wires for the air cart to a separate battery. Finished up the canola at home that night. Next morning we geared up to move to my rented land. Got filled with NH3 before we left and had a chat with the driver. He sudgested adding a extra ground wire from the connection at the clutches to the frame on the air cart so I did that too just as a preventative measure. Seeded another 500 acres after that with no more trouble so either there was something wrong with the ground circuit or we got 2 faulty switches. Got some more pics I'll post tomorrow night. Getting late now time to go to bed again lol.
  13. I bought some stuff on clearance from the local clearance and damaged goods outlet. Wish i'd bought a few cases of it it. It's meguiars nxt generation soap. It really works well Makes a nice lather and rinses off easy. Smells nice too as you're washing. Was in a purple bottle but haven't been able to find it on shelves anywhere.
  14. New file size is sure handy thanks guys I resized them anyways to save bandwidth but it sure makes life easier.
  15. Hi everyone have a question here that I'm hoping some of you may be albe to help me with. I'm finishing up the motor project in our rogator high clearance sprayer and I have a bunch of parts left over from the spare motor. Just looking for some advice on what some of the parts may be worth. Not trying to advertise on here cause face it who's going to buy 20 or 30 lb plus parts from the great white north lol.. I've got a few ads up right now and have had some interest in some of the parts but everyone wants it as cheap as possible.(just like me I guess lol) Motor was a good running 5.9 cummins out of a 2002 235 hp dodge truck with only 127,400 kms on it(just shy of 80,000 miles) I've got basically everything you'd need to make a 5.9 run except for a block. That's all that I needed from the motor. I've done a little bit of looking on ebay but prices seem to be all over the place. Even core values are all over the place. Any input's appreciated Thanks Ryan