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  1. Songs about farming

    That is a really good song too. Heard it for the first time this summer. Tells quite the story for sure.
  2. Songs about farming

    Kelsey Fitch Lights of a combine. Sawyer Brown down the dirt road kind of a rural song, not quite farming though Montgomery Gentry Daddy wont sell the farm. There's a pile of them out there but these few are coming to the top of my head and haven't been mentioned yet.
  3. Not a member here hopefully

    Technically speaking here every attachment must have a chain on it even if it's attached to the equipment. Certain instances I can see it but alot of times it just seems a little silly. Anything heavier regardless of distance I chain to the hilt. The skid steer I will usually just put two chains on it. If I'm travelling further afar it too gets chained at all 4 corners. Like others said that could've been alot worse.
  4. Snow in South Texas

    Texas and snow aren't the first things that come to mind when I think of the two that's for sure. Had our coldest day here this week, was down to -9°F. Warmed back up to thawing now again though. Still have 4-5 inches of snow here in the fields but not really enough to go snowmobiling.
  5. combines in your life

    I'm 33 so I haven't seen a lot in my day either. First combine that I remember is the gleaner M that dad drove till it almost wouldn't go anymore. He bought a 6601 pull type and ran that for about 5 years and then traded it on the 850 Massey. That's the combine I know the best as I've been running it for over 20 years now. 5 or so years ago we bought the 2188 and kept the Massey around. 2188 is my favourite to run of course lol. Debating ourselves too weither to look for a lower houred 23/2588 or a slightly higher houred 8010.
  6. 10 ton bottle jack

    I bought one a year ago at a Canadian tire store(sort of like harbor freight only more automotive stuff with it) First one I had to take back, lifted the back of the 4wd tractor a wee bit then it just quit. Got a second one and I've only used it once so far and that was only on our skid steer so not a major task for it. It's rated at 20 ton. Think I paid 90 bucks for it. We've got quite a bit of enerpac stuff here too. They are excellent tools but they are very spendy. Have a 50 ton for lifting the cat and then sever smaller 10 ton for different jobs. Even have a ittle 1" enerpac jack rated at 10 tons but it developed a leak in the bottom of it that I haven't been able to seal up yet. Would like to get a air over hydraulic pump for them but haven't splurged yet. Also have a 10 ton pull back ram that we bought at princes auto for 90 bucks. Seemed like it might come in handy someday. Haven't used it yet lol.
  7. welp it was nice wile it lasted

    Not much for snow here yet. Barely enough to go sledding yet. Wasn't to bad a couple weeks ago but it has settled/melted quite a bit since then. Lakes are froze over decent now. Brother pulled his new boat lift home today across the one lake. Winched it up onto a trailer and drove the quad and trailer back along the shoreline.
  8. Hunting story

    That's something that is always in the back of my mind during hunting season. One poor guy at Prince Albert didn't make it this fall. The family has had a bit of a bad run the last few years. The father was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago and now the son was killed by a bullet during hunting season. I don't know exactly what happened but the fellow that had shot the bullet was also the one that called 911 and stayed with him. No charges were ever laid and the rest of the story was never revealed. Still a sad story though. I do alot of driving around on the sled and quad and even just walking around our own yard/field within a 400' range of the house. There are always hunters in the area during hunting season. Can quite often hear gun shots. You just kind of have to hope they know what and where they're shooting. We also don't do much for logging during hunting season.
  9. Hi. Rocko59 here

    Wow good to here from you Been a long time that's for sure. Good to hear things are going well for you. Not to many of the originals posting much anymore but I think lots still check in from time to time.
  10. Life in Alaska

    Looks great. Still not enough snow to really get out and go here. Put about 40 miles on the sled last week but it's blown around alot since and settled quite a bit too. Waiting for snow now again. Woking on both sleds right now though so that's ok too. Going through my Nytro pretty thoroughly, hoping to do a big ride this winter around 300 miles north of here. Hoping to do a week trip maybe more. If all goes well it should be a good ride. Some places are very remote though so I don't want any breakdowns if I can help it. Been trying to get set up for luggage and extra fuel.
  11. What have many become? Morons...

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday have really taken off in Canada the last few years now.I do some shopping and try to catch the deals when I can. I find it's getting to be alot more hype now than anything. If you watch the sales closely things aren't really a whole lot cheaper now then they are the rest of the year. I bought some shoes from Cabelas tonight as well as a couple pairs of jeans from Amazon. Both should be here within a week or so. Online shopping is taking over alot of buisnes. Same price delivered to my po box as it is if I drive 40 miles to go and get it. Biggest plus is I don't have to deal with all the crazies although I don't think we're as bad here yet as some places.
  12. New Sled

    It's crazy how famous Lary Enticer got last winter. Guy I know here has a yamaha shop. He got his picture taken with him just for the heck of it. I didn't find out if it had anything to do with the dealer days they were having in red deer though. His poor ol body sure takes a beating. Thinking by the time he's 25 he'll be ready for retirement lol.(he's only 21 or 22 now) Enjoy the new beast. They can sure travel in the deep snow hope it works good for ya. All we need now is some more snow. Still not really enough here to ride yet. I've put on about 40 miles but it's been a little patchy.
  13. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    Lots of them around here too. Has been for the last 10-15 years now. Prices seem to hold around the 3-4,000 for a 40'. Ritchie bros sells a pile of them through their auctions every year too. I've considered one for storage but wjen I look st the cost and I look at the lumber we have from the sawmill I can't help but say to myself wouldn't it be cheaper and better to just build a garage. Downside of that would be it's maybe taxable I suppose. Don't think anyone's found a way to tax shipping containers but I bet there's people out there working on that too. If I were to get one I'd put doors in both ends and maybe even a roll up door on either side.
  14. 2017 crop pics

    Yup she's a little chilly out there now. Was out today trying to put tin on the other house that's got a fairly steep pitch. Wind was causing grief so we gave up and worked on the garage instead. Only 8' to fall off the roof there lol. Supposed to be downright nasty tomorrow I've heard. Getting colder at night too. Below zero Fahrenheit now they're calling for.
  15. 2017 crop pics

    Looks chilly out there lol. Took this pic coming across the south Saskatchewan river on my way home from Prince Albert today. Was surprised it's all froze over already. Don't think I'd get far waking on it yet though. Sadly I'm sure there will be one or two more people go through the ice in the next week or two. Always at least a couple people don't make it this time of the year when they're tempting fate on the ice.