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  1. Good to hear you're hard at work Ralph. Very little going on around here yet. Maybe 1% now in our area. I'm hoping to get going tomorrow. Been out harrowing trying to dry things up a bit. Find a few of the soft spots that way too. Neighbors have been out combining and getting stuck doing that too. Last year we were kicking our feet back enjoying being all done. This year we don't have a kernel of seed in the ground yet. Just goes to show no two years area alike. (Except for the being wet part it seems)
  2. Reminds me of my youth. Wasn't really out of the norm for here. I started operating equipment when I was 7 years old. Used to drive the tractor when I was younger but not by myself. At 7 I was on my own. Friend of mine got pulled over by the cops when he was running a ts14 scraper. He was 8 or 10 years old. He stoped when the cop was there then asked his dad what to do. His dad just said go back to work lol.
  3. Mader656 interesting. That wasn't around yet when I did my duramax. Technology keeps advancing I guess. I knew that you could use your Bluetooth with a obdII scanner but didn't realize the aftermarket guys had gone to that as well.
  4. KoO

    He was on here about a month ago. And yes he's on Facebook fairly frequently. Hasn't fallen off the face of the earth yet I don't think lol.
  5. its not necisaraly smarter then the engineers but more so defeating some of the emission requirments that those engineers have to meet. Also a lot of the newer tractors are essentially the same components just upgraded hp with little differences here and there. This isnt exactly a new practice used to be guys would turn the fuel screw up and hope for the best. Most never even put a pyrometer gauge in. Now you just hook up a laptop and you have all that information at your fingertips live. There are definite gains to be made whether it be in your pick up truck or tractor. I don't profess to be a expert on these matters either but I do believe in some of it. I personally like the more in depth custom tunes that can be done today rather then hooking up a little black box that is a universal upgrade. My truck is tuned with efi live just for the emissions. I could've gotten more hp and a exhaust brake but decided to keep it as close to stock as I could.
  6. you might want to look into a company called eko tuning. They do actual dyno results onsite and custom build a tune to suit your needs. Guy I used to know in school does it here locally and says it works well. Don't have any first had experience with it aside from what he's told me.
  7. I actually considered that when I did my D7e but was hesitant as I didn't know what else might be in there that may react.
  8. They took all the phosphate out of the detergents so I don't think they work as well as they used to. I've used the cummins stuff before as well as a couple flushes of calgon before. Never had the motor appart to see how it actually did but the coolant stays clean with no oil so it must've done some good. Always follow with. A fresh water rinse before topping up with coolant.
  9. Beautiful country there and quite the show he put on. I'll never forget the show at wetaskawin Ab. A few years ago. They had everything ever made at that show, couple of steam engines that they were running in a very hot day. Was around 85F. The one let off a bunch of steam just as we were walking up to it. Turned the sky white even as hot as it was outside. Makes you appreciate the power that is biottled up under all that steel. Been through that area a little bit it's very nice country if you can stand all the tourists. Lake Louise is as far west as I've been in Canada.
  10. Had some given to me and I dished some out through the years so it went both ways for me. Grade nine early grade 10 kids were quite often the worst. They though they were the kings and queens of the earth. If you weren't in their league they wanted nothing to do with you. Fast forward a school year though and most of them were actually nice people again. I went through the same thing to a certain degree. Grade 12 I actually ended up sort of the enforcing officer on our rural bus. Had a terrible bus driver that did nothing for discipline and most days it was chaos. I was old enough that most of them didn't try and bother me or my friends but some days there was kids going home with black eyes. Principal actually came with me one day on the bus and tried to straighten things out. He said after that do what you need to I've got your back was his words. If I saw younger kids being picked on or bullied for no good reason other then they were smaller of different I'd usually step in and try to put a stop to it. There's bullying and then there's tormenting. Like sledgehammer said with social media, computers and smart phones it's even harder to get away from it these days. Boys will be boys only cuts it to a certain point I personally think.
  11. Had a run in with a dodge dealer a few years ago. 94 dodge diesel had a brake line start leaking when we were in town. Being the safety conscious people we are we took it to the local dodge dealer as they were handy(first mistake). They fit it in quickly and then proceeded to start replacing parts. Found a brake line in stock in town that was no problem. Put it on and then started bleeding the brakes. Snapes one bleeder off. Ok well that could be a fluke proceeded to the rear(which I still don't think was even really necisary) and snapped both of them off. What started out with a 50 dollar hose and a half a hour of labor turned into a 500 dollar bill before it was all said and done plus we had to rent a vehicle to get home as they had to order parts in. Hindsight we should've just drove home carefully and put it up on the hoist at home. Would've been up and running for 50-75 bucks. (We buy wholesale through our napa so we pay the same as the dodge dealer did. ) no disrespect to the shop mechanics on here but I have little faith in other people working on our stuff. Been burnt to many times before with over charging and poor workmanship.
  12. Duratracs are probably the most popular tire around here. I've got a set of safari tsr's on my truck. They didn't wear great but they're a great tire in mud and snow. The duratracs are supposed to wear better. Guess we'll see. Dad has a set on his truck and I bought a set last fall on sale to put on my truck. Just about 60,000 Kms on my safari tar's on mostly gravel roads with a load on most of the time. Hopefully the duratracs will be as good in the snow but I have a suspicion that they won't be. 275/65r18 on my truck.(duramax) my cost on them was about 1200 after taxes and fees. Got a 100 dollar gift card to Canadian tire though on top of that.
  13. Looks about the same here too this morning. Not what I wanted to wake up to that's for sure. Close to 3 inches I think
  14. Sights look a little different here now. Snows pretty much officially gone now. Took this pic last night of five elk strolling around in the field north of us in a pasture Nephew was out to the mountains last week apparently and spent some time sledding in BC. Would be lots of snow there yet I'm sure.
  15. With a souped up 5.9 cummins it would be a pretty slick rig to drive around in the summer. Wonder if I could still plate it as a grain truck with Farm plates