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  1. Swathing

    Heston made them if I`m not mistaken. We had one of the older international pull types here for years. Forget who made them but everyone sold them under their badge. Worked good as long as the crop wasn`t laying down to bad. The pitman drive shield would bulldoze dirt as soon as you got close to the ground. Just something about the angle. Course when it was wet it was 1000 times worse. Cut many acres with it though, Almost burnt one barley field up because of it though. Something had broke on it so dad was welding on it. A spark caught the one canvas on fire. Burnt the canvas to a crisp in a very short order. Dad unhooked and put the fire out with the front end loader. I was combining 2 and a half miles away and I could see the black smoke.
  2. Shipping Woes

    I've had lots of parts shipped here from the states. My last order from rock auto arrived a little worse for wear but everything else has come in good shape. Rock auto ships via FedEx to a Canada post depot and then Canada post picks it up from there. UPS is very costly for us to use thanks to their high brokerage fees so I've never used them before. I've heard some stories about damaged freight though. The CNH depot in Regina sends any damaged hydraulic parts to the closest hydraulic repair centre for inspection before it's received. Guess they got burnt a time or two before.
  3. 2188 led lights

    http://www.thecombineforum.com/forums/7-case-ih/237337-2388-new-led-lighting-wow.html This is the thread I was talking about from a few years ago.
  4. 2188 led lights

    yea you could be close to half the cost of a led/bulb so why not upgrade. I replaced a couple of the small rectangular ones. Just the bulbs actually One in the grain tank had burnt out and then the right side one on the hopper went too. Case Ih was 20 bucks for the bulb. Napa was 7 lol. Other option I guess woudl be to throw a curved light bar up on top the cab. They're getting cheaper now too.
  5. 2188 led lights

    There was a post on the combine forum a few years ago about a guy that put all led lights across the front. Said it made a world of difference. I've been curious to try it on ours too but am afraid of ending up with junk lights that constantly burn out.
  6. For you old gleaner fans

    I'd tend to agree. There's a few gleaners right around us here at home. We almost bought a r65 a few years ago. We have a very good dealer 12 miles away that stocks almost enough parts to build another combine lol. Any combine will make a cover crop if you push it to hard or set it wrong. I wouldn't be afraid to own one anyways.
  7. green redneck

    You could always spot a southern tractor on the dealers lots here. It would be the only one on the lot/country side with a 3pt. No one ever really used them here. Now new tractors come with them ironically. At least the 100-150 hp category and under.
  8. For you old gleaner fans

    Gleaner M was as close as I ever got. Had one for quite a few years. It was plain wore out when dad got rid of it. He was eyeing up one at a auction this fall when they couldn't get anyone to bid on it. Running working M with a 350 motor in it. Actually ran real nice too. They finally did get a few bids on it so I was safe. I didn't have to drive it home and fix it lol.
  9. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Lol that sounds like a few places I know around here too.
  10. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Politics ehh seems everyone has a battle with it in some shape or form least it was good for buisness for you though. Good to know though.If you see a couple of Saskatchewan plates on snowmobiles driving around don't run them over it could be us lol.
  11. 2017 crop pics

    Prices were always thought to be cheaper in the states then here. Especially on glyphosate products and similar. Now that the patents gave run out on alitnif these chemicals the generic brands have been copying the formulation and selling it for half of what it used to be. There's some group buying companies like farmers of North America that claim to be able to get cheaper fertilizer and spray but we've never really bothered with them. Have seen some shady stuff go down with smaller sized group buying groups so don't have much faith in them. Fna may be a good company I don't know. What we do works so we don't bother with them.
  12. 2017 crop pics

    Prosper is on the do not grow list here I believe. Not registered or chemical residual. Not sure what the deal was just know if you sell it here you might get one heck of a bill. Cardale wheat was probably the easiest thrashing wheat we've grown. Yielded not bad and the straw cut up easy. It's a bearded wheat.
  13. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Is that on the railbed heading towards Puktawagen? Thinking hard about a sled trip up to flin flon from home here this winter. Friend of mine quite often heads up towards Puk. Neither of us has been to lyn lake before though.
  14. 2017 crop pics

    Garden was poor here this year. Normally we carry 8 or 10 big boxes downstairs and end up carrying 2 or 3 of them back out in the spring to the bush. This year I think there's only 3 boxes in total down there. We'll be out by Christmas time lol.. Protein is down all around here too. Bushel weight is crazy high though they've been saying. 65-70 lbs. 55-58 lb barley too they've said. Haven't weighed ours at all and didn't have any wheat. We hardly got any rain at the farm here. Less then a tenth actually. Go a few miles south and east though and they had 2 inches. Crazy how it's been going around. Few miles west they were combining the next day again. North of the river didn't have any rain either they said. Going quadding tomorrow up north so hoping for good weather for that. So far it looks like we're going to get lucky and have some nice weather. Been planing the trip for almost 3 weeks now.
  15. Chinese oil lines.

    I learnt my lesson over the last couple years. Avoid Chinese transmission lines at all cost. They either don't fit or don't hold. 94 dodge diesel turned into a big ordeal over a 100 dollar set of lines. Finally ended up going to my local hyd shop and had some lines made up to work. Used some compression fittings and it hasn't leaked a drop since.