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  1. 1086 transmission trouble

    pull the pin on the transmissiom brake and try it........... does the ta shift ok?????
  2. 1066 with spare parts in hydraulic filter housing

    looks like a shifting cam roller. does the shifting seem sloppy for either the range tranny or the speed tranny. both use the roller for shiftforks.
  3. TA

    don't need a wrench for the clutch carrier. one of the slots on the nut will have a lock tab that will have to be bent up to turn the nut with a punch and hammer. usually not that tight. the planet carrier and ramp and roller unit removes from the rear. be sure to mark the unit before removing and the planet gears are all timed so be sure to find the marks on them
  4. TA

    I could rebuild it for you, but it would have to be after deer hunting season
  5. TA

    does it grind in high or low range or both and has it ever stopped moving in low. does the tractor grind while moving or in neutral. i'm probably around 50 miles from oxford
  6. TA

    do you know, is the ramp and roller bad or direct drive clutch. does the tractor stop when you pull the ta handle to the ta position or slip in direct drive
  7. 656 hydraulics

    are u using hytran oil...... had one a few years back with the same noise you talk about. changed his oil to hytran and the filter and the noise was gone. don't remember what oil he was using but seemed to be a higher viscosity
  8. TA

    yes what model tractor u got
  9. My daughters new Tractor

    congrats to your daughter, what a great story. love to see the young ones involved with these great machines. i'd be putting her name on future raffle tickets
  10. welcome to the forum.... first off, make sure the clutch has free play, at least an inch from where the pedal contacts the platform. also sounds like you need to change the hytran and filter
  11. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    cant see them coming to Detroit. they never find enough people that want a job, there happy with their welfare, ,,too lazy to get a job.........
  12. corn is late , really late

    corn here was between 13.4-- 17 before the rain this weekend been a real dry summer. this is our first rain since early august. way ahead of schedule...
  13. NAVISTAR, the rebirth of IH

    the road commission here has had ford tandems then sterling and now have and continuing buying Navistar tandems. they have been good trucks so far.
  14. National anthem protests

    they say this is their form of freedom of speech. well my freedom of speech is they are all a bunch of *&^&*&^%^&. they should all go to north korea and see how they like it. Thank a veteran today and tell the nfl to go where the sun don"t shine
  15. Farmall m serial number ???

    I also have a 51 M that my grandfather bought new. great buy and good luck with her.
  16. Hope my flags annoyed my deere neighbours

    great pics. awesome weights on that cart
  17. 986 transmission/ brake trouble

    do you have free play in the clutch linkage???? remove the bottom cover of bell housing and make sure throw out bearin is not tight to pressure plate fingers. does TA shift ok?? maybe be time for new clutch. brakes---- make sure linkage is free from pedals to brake valve.
  18. 966 steering issue

    try 5 gallon over full and see what happens, maybe the oring between the speed trans. and rearend bad????
  19. 1086 Transmission problem

    maybe sometimes the shaft that goes threw the cover catches the cam in different positions. is the linkage from under the seat tight.something isn't slipping from the quadrant is it?????
  20. 1086 Transmission problem

    can u feel detent for shifting cam for all four speeds. had one a while back that stripped the halfmoon key for the shifting cam under the speed trans cover
  21. finally got the weight right on my run last night

    awesome run.... congrats and keep up the good work
  22. Hydro 70/100 stories

    no torque converter. they have a flex plate mounted to the flywheel to drive the hydro. they also have high and low range trans.
  23. MTD 782 Hydro chatter/vibration

    had a 1450 that had a chatter a few years back and it was a couple bad pistons in the hydro pump. it would chatter real bad when going up hill. throttle back on flat ground and it wasn't to bad
  24. that's one awesome cub there. I like it. don't think my 169 would stand up very well to it. probably could handle a little more than a 48" mower
  25. Farmall bearing failure rear ends cracking

    had to smile reading these posts. back in the early 70's had to go out on service call for an M that would not move. it was mid winter and farmer thought tranny was locked in two gears and would kill the engine when he tried to back out of shed. I removed the drain plug and nothing but ice. we got space heater under the rearend and next day was able to move it. got it to the shop and drained about 3-4 gallons of water before we got oil to drain. long story short had to replace all bearings because of rust and pitting. he was lucky it would not move or he would have punched a hole in the case. by the way he bought it new in the 40's and had never changed the oil in the rearend.