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  1. 885XL experimental?

    Be interesting to know how it differed from a regular UK market 885XL fwa Those had the XL cab and ZF front wheel drive.
  2. A Rich Vein of IH tractors ( Pics)

    The same no compromise decal and "IH magnifying glass" are on all the tractors/combine, was this IH decaling from new, or owner added?
  3. CIH offset tractor 265

    265 was a Mitsu build, whereas the 274 was a Kimco build.
  4. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    Probably got 8000 or so hours on the 495, hour meter broke 15 years ago though. Did an inframe and injector pump maybe at "7500" just cause it was smoking upon start and getting slow to start. Clutch issues should be minimal depending on operator and if it wears a loader. Dry clutch, simple design. We've only done one clutch because it wore out (loader on tractor, 11 years use on original clutch) But we've had to do others since, but not because they wore out, but because of seals letting go and letting oil inside the clutch housing.
  5. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    I've seen far more with the "shuttle shift" than the T/A. I've driven a select few with the T/A. It was standard on the 885 / 895 etc unless shuttle.
  6. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    Case IH did offer the C series which were the back end of the old ROPS station Doncaster tractors with a Perkins engine. C50/C60/C70/C80/C90/C100 McCormick built the C series for a while, but I think when they stopped building in Doncaster that line died.
  7. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    Approx: 1978 early 84 series white & red, inline shift transmission, lever on column if "T/A". Kimco 4x4 1982 mid 84 series solid red, H shift pattern, lever on column if T/A (these were the IH 85 series overseas) ZF 4x4 1985 last 84 series, black and red, same as mid 84 series but Case IH decals 1985 early 85 series, black and red, Case grill, H shift pattern, ZF 4x4, lever T/A 1987 late 85 series, center line 4x4, H shift pattern, electric shift T/A. XL factory cab option 1991 95 series, new grill and dash, H shift pattern, , electric shift T/A case international all same height, XL factory cab option Still run a 495 here, parts easy to get. Baled a lot of sqaure bales with it. IPTO and gearing are perfect, synchro shift, easy to gear back in a heavy windrow while still turned to watch baler pick up
  8. Case IH 385 black smoke?

    They do smoke and will roll coal, experience with D179 in next size up. No smoke when working normal, but load it good, like pulling a grade and watch "the power"
  9. Case IH calendar

    I saw sales literature showing a work light kit for a square baler and thought that was the dumbest option ever since hay would be too damp to bale at night! Since learned that it does get TOO dry in places.
  10. hydro 84 clicking noise from below my feet

    Plugged fuel filters? Clicking can't be good, does it matter what gear your are in or engine rpm etc? Might help someone diagnose.
  11. For those un-talented backers out there

    Lots of free entertainment. Watched a big 5th wheel on a 3/4 ton get backed up by total stranger reaching through open drivers window and steering the truck as he walked alongside it, owner just pushing gas pedal....
  12. You look around an old farmstead, almost every tool and machine prior to the internal combustion era would last permanently and require nothing other than manual power to run....good luck with anything made today not needing power and lasting more than the warranty period.
  13. Hydraulic Reservoirs and a W-4

    Was the separate reservoir because hy oil and trans oil were different back then? Not Hy-tran? Personally I'd have the reservoir where the belt pulley is, especially if you aren't using any belt stuff. I would think a live remote outlet more useful today than a belt pulley. I think even with the lowered tank you aren't going to be able to use the flat belt anyways. I've run flat belt stuff with a W-4, the belt will likely contact the tank at some point unless you are careful :-)
  14. Bad rear axle bearing 495

    Might have someone do this one by the sounds of it. Not worried about getting it apart....just about getting it back together.
  15. Bad rear axle bearing 495

    How do you install a grease fitting and where? So the job takes some o rings, sealant between trumpet and frame. How much hyd oil is lost? Better just to drain anyways?