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  1. Dipstick is hyd oil, filler is the cap you mentioned, large pipe plug
  2. Looks like the right hand turn at the lights gets many of them. Must be a rental depot nearby? think they would warn them given how many rentals get trashed. The straight line ones even have a "over height when lights flashing" sign. Makes me want to measure the top of my RV now.... I'd rather keep my A/C.
  3. Looks like width is 69" on MX4800 with 14.9's, put a narrow tire on back, likely gain some. L3901 55.1" wide plus hydrostatic option..no worries on going slow then
  4. Better be mint on like new tires, price sounds ok.
  5. MX series Kubota.
  6. No experience tearing into the pump, but interested how the loader is plumbed, i.e. perhaps the way it is connected is causing system to work extra hard, have joystick mount on a smaller 95 series and if you remove the valve (comes off with loader) and don't hook the hoses back together the system gets mad in a hurry.
  7. Best one I saw was a 60 HP utility that was a factory open station with folding rollbar. The guy took off the top ROPS hoop and built a plywood box around the operator's station and welded frame work to the lower ROPS bars. Complete with the orange beacon on top too. Tractor dealer in northern NB I think got every single plywood cabbed tractor that was ever traded in going from the "used" flyer that used to come in the mail. I was going to suggest to them they adopt the "Plywood Cab Specialist" in their marketing. People would trade in their 1970s/1980s 2wd with plywood cab and buy a new Korean compact.
  8. The 84s with the "STOP" button on top of the dash (top left corner) don't have a "start" position. Either engine run (down) or engine stop (pull up) Block heaters were not factory, they will have nothing to do with the clutch safety switch. Easy test for the heater plug is to plug it in and then quickly unplug it, (do in dark when it's cold) you will see the connection spark, at least shows the heater pulls power. Block heater has to be plugged in 2-3 hours to really make a difference.
  9. Think it's law here that any tractor an EMPLOYEE operates must have ROPS on it, but I think there was a "if built after 19XX" or something. I know it took in some of the smaller IH's that were sold new that didn't normally have ROPS fitted when new. OH&S laws are coming to farms whether people like it or not....
  10. If it's a later one without the fuel control lever (the T handle above the trans tunnel) Just open the hand throttle slightly and crank. If it will not go, you either need block heater or ether. Ether system was the factory cold start. Have a newer 95 series and it will start without ether or block heater down to the high twenties with out complaint.
  11. Always wondering on these ROPS retrofits if people put seat belts on as well. Have a MF here, has a factory made MF roll bar, but did not have a seatbelt! Seat was replaced at sometime prior to purchase, so hard to say if it ever had a seatbelt. (It does now)
  12. I've driven 276 with 1501, no power steering. You are ok as long as you are rolling, otherwise you aren't turning the wheel.....
  13. Tractor will play with a 2 furrow 3pt plow. 2x12 or 2x14. Will pull 3 furrow, but traction may be issue if wet.
  14. Peat bog likely Northern NB or Quebec. Run duals or triples on all 4 corners.
  15. I am on PEI every now and then. PEI has lots of Potato farms, so in turn small grains that are rotated with the potatoes. Cavendish Farms (Irving) has a large potato plant there. Dairy and beef farms as well, vegetables and wild blueberries grown as well. Beef processing plant present as well. The Confederation Bridge is open 24/7 in both directions and you can be pretty well anywhere on PEI from the bridge within 2 hours. Trucks roll steady on and off the island. The Amish have moved in to the eastern part to farm in the last year. Cheaper land than Ontario.