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  1. 4230 range transmission

    4230 replaced the 895/885 etc. McCormick C series C90 should be close
  2. H and 46 baling hay

    Small wagon! Baled with W4 very little, no fun without live PTO.
  3. "I`ll be honest with you"

    If I went to buy something and the guy spent time detailing his faith in the good book and lord above as a reason to buy it, depending on my mood I'd either leave or preach the revelation I had just been divinely inspired with.
  4. Busted Up Massey!

  5. IHC top ten produced tractors?

    Those small 2xxx series like the 2350 would have been sold worldwide, but who for all we know they had gaps in the serial range, i.e. rounded up the starting serial number for each year made.
  6. What is an R-1W tire?

    Radial R-1W = wet traction
  7. Got an old 5 ton gear from the 50's that has 5 bolt 16" rims, used to be really hard to get used tires for it...now it's easy. Been hoarding used 15" truck tires for the others (6 bolt 15") The new 6 bolt gears come with 16" used truck tires as base tire.
  8. Replacement Fenders for 884

    Try a dealership that sold IH / Case IH when 84/85 series was new. 84 / 85 series fenders used to be somewhat common here in Canada since they got removed when brand new to install a SIMS or Laurin cab. I was at a dealer close out auction about 10 years ago, they had many sets of take off fenders stored away, along with full sets of ROPS. I am also kicking myself for not buying a mint set of 85 series flat top fenders advertised for $200 a few years back....didn't want to drive the 4 hours for them.
  9. 84 series wiring problems

    I'l wager some guesses: I think the orange light may have been added for parking brake warning? The round thing might be the "warning light control module" Supposed to make the parking brake light flash, at least on 95 series and it looks just like it, mine had a sticker on it. Ground might have been extra, doesn't look factory, may have been something removed. The green wires would near where the hi/lo beam switch is on the 95 series.
  10. 2455 IH loader

    I've seen stickers all over on the 2250 loaders, both in size of 2250, International and the IH logo. So I didn't think there was a "correct" placement lol.
  11. case 485 forward clutch problems

    Forward clutch pack is toasted. No experience fixing, just heard the same story from others, works good in one direction, no travel in other, than it's the clutch pack. The clutch interlock was to prevent "clutchless shuttle" since the main clutch is still dry and the F/R wasn't designed to do that...I'd fix that.
  12. 885XL experimental?

    Be interesting to know how it differed from a regular UK market 885XL fwa Those had the XL cab and ZF front wheel drive.
  13. A Rich Vein of IH tractors ( Pics)

    The same no compromise decal and "IH magnifying glass" are on all the tractors/combine, was this IH decaling from new, or owner added?
  14. CIH offset tractor 265

    265 was a Mitsu build, whereas the 274 was a Kimco build.