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  1. I had to start "I'll sell it to you for XXX $, tomorrow, but if I don't get paid by tomorrow next guy gets it" I've had too many no shows/no pays selling stuff.
  2. That is terrible.
  3. Yes, when the 84 series went "solid red H shift" in the US, that is when they went 85 series over there.
  4. ZF-5 swap. Granny low & OD.
  5. "powerpull" or "pow r pull" or something ertl called them, I have a 55 series Deere like that, never got the IH one :-(
  6. Sometime around 1997 to early 2000s when CaseIH sold the plant to McCormick. McCormick built them in McCormick colors and decals for at least couple years anyways.
  7. 4230 newest model of the 895/885/884 tractors C90 is the Perkins powered CaseIH replacement, clutch back same/similar. McCormick C90 would be similar.
  8. Given how the 2200 mounts the valve to the tractor/loader tower, the factory setup with the single lever joystick is as simple as it gets. Hope you saved the single lever linkage, I fixed the one here for less than $10 in bushings and ball joint ends from Princess Auto. Tight as new. Even with new linkage the "angle" functions of the joystick still aren't perfect, but are no different than any other joystick loader I've used. You can curl the bucket back as you lower, but path of least resistance still takes effect.... Easy enough to put any open center dual spool valve in place of the original and have two levers, see surplus center has them with joystick already fitted for $300 or so. I drove an older Deere that had the valve set up like a 2200, valve was replaced with a generic two lever. It did not "feel" right and the dumbasses put the float on the bucket CURL side since they couldn't mount the valve and levers the right way for the float to be on the boom.
  9. Nice rig. Got to plow with a rollover plow once for a few minutes, neat to operate compared to conventional.
  10. Dipstick is hyd oil, filler is the cap you mentioned, large pipe plug
  11. Looks like the right hand turn at the lights gets many of them. Must be a rental depot nearby? think they would warn them given how many rentals get trashed. The straight line ones even have a "over height when lights flashing" sign. Makes me want to measure the top of my RV now.... I'd rather keep my A/C.
  12. Looks like width is 69" on MX4800 with 14.9's, put a narrow tire on back, likely gain some. L3901 55.1" wide plus hydrostatic option..no worries on going slow then
  13. Better be mint on like new tires, price sounds ok.
  14. MX series Kubota.
  15. No experience tearing into the pump, but interested how the loader is plumbed, i.e. perhaps the way it is connected is causing system to work extra hard, have joystick mount on a smaller 95 series and if you remove the valve (comes off with loader) and don't hook the hoses back together the system gets mad in a hurry.