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  1. Great pics, should be easy to put the loader on...use the crane to hold it in the air while you drive the tractor into it, will take a lot of shiming and prying, but you get the holes lined up.
  2. CaseIH actually did sell a "Case International 484" for a short time right after the merger, it was identical to the "International 484" except the red/black/silver colors and "Case" decaling. still had the IH style grill.
  3. Lol on the graffiti!
  4. Linkage likely seizing up, take off the panel by the parking brake handle (If ROPS) and you can see the rods and pivots.
  5. I bought a new King Quad in 2001 here in Canada. Drum brakes. Seems to me the 2002 and 2004 had front disk brakes (no 2003 model) 15 speed with diff lock :-)
  6. I'll narrow it to 1987 to 1990 since the 485 did not get 4x4 until the centerline drive axles came out. 1991 would be 495.
  7. 60 PTO HP and above is "zero rated" Require license plates here. DMV makes sure you paid tax if under 60 PTO, if you didn't you have to pay the tax amount to them before you get your plates/title.
  8. W4 fairly common here, W6 somewhat rare. If you've got a B-414 to play with and work on, you won't find much for the W to do. Gearing is poor anyways, four horse work speeds and huge gap to a respectable road gear. Ours was the main tractor on the farm back in the day. Basically sits in the shed now, only work it does is yarding a few logs once in a while, can't really be beat for woods work, basically a tank with a built in power saw holder.
  9. All the original MX Maxxums are the "5.9 cummins" 6 cyl MX80 MX90 MX100 MX100 MX120
  10. You've likely tried this, but if the draft lever is pushed all the way ahead, the position control should work. If the draft control lever is pulled all the way back, position control won't work. I am guessing it is more complicated than that.
  11. Now we're talking. BOOM. That'd make a ditch in a hurry! Generally, unless you can find a complete loader (mounts, valving, bucket, boom) off an identical tractor, it's often not worth the cost trying to "make it work" But I certainly respect where you are coming from.
  12. You need to be looking for a good loader tractor, rather than a loader for your current tractor. Yes lots of work got down with them, but lots of work got done with a shovel too :-)
  13. If that 454 is a piece of crap and the 444 is nice, no brainer to get the 444. I've been around both Bradford & Doncaster tractors (Louisville variants shown) and agree the 444 is likely more maintenance abuse friendly. No parking brake to leave on and grind up into the hyds. 444 shown is the older tractor, closer to a B-414 from what I understand. The 444 in the rest of the world was sold up until 1977 or so and is the same as the 364 sold in the USA.
  14. Everything equal, the 454 is a much better tractor than the 444.